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Learn how to provide an exceptional, seamlessly connected consumer experience

Delighting customers with a seamless and exceptional digital experience is now critical to business success. Customers are device agnostic and expect a great experience no matter what device they engage on.

As technology is getting more powerful, accessible and cheaper, much of the innovation is now focused on getting this tech to communicate to work for customers and transform the travel experience.

  • Focus on User Experience – what key features are consumers looking for? Are you meeting the demands of your consumers better than your competitors?
  • Consider all customer touchpoints across the journey– feedback, reviews, social media and more. Where can you add most value to your brand?
  • See how IoT is enabling companies to collect and integrate large data sets from different sources to personalise traveller experiences
  • Learn how data from these connections is helping marketers deliver more personalised campaigns to engage the customer and improve the travel experience to build loyal users

Position Your Mobile Strategy for Success

Mobile is being used more and more every year see how you can build a communication and omni channel marketing strategy with mobile, desktop, and other platforms integrating into each

How can hoteliers and airlines, restrained by cumbersome operational and IT structures, compete with the nimbler digital native brands?

  • Payment models are changing, see how you can make this easier for the consumer, with one click, bio-metrics payments and wearables all being used
  • Mobile has changed the way people receive marketing – discuss the use of real time in the moment marketing and chat boxes. How do we see text based communication shaping the way we communicate with brands?
  • See how app to app conversation or built in APIs can keep the consumer on one app till the very end making their experience a lot easier. What is the best solution to maintain your USP?

Effective Customer Engagement in a Connected World – the devil is in the detail

How well do you know your customer? How well do you know your competitor’s customers?

Hear ways in which travel brands have successfully used the customer’s data footprint at their disposal to provide a better customer experience and drive repeat stays.

  • Understand the importance of micro-moments to capitalise on new opportunities to engage customers
  • Uncover little known crucial engagement metrics to help understand long term customer relationships
  • The need for internal unification: discuss the importance of a comprehensive data management system to view a customer’s journey – what engages them and keeps them loyal?

Apps and API in Travel – where are they being used right?

Smartphone usage is constantly increasing and with easier access to data on the go there has been an increasing demand for travel related mobile apps. Estimates say business travel is a 1.12 trillion global opportunity for apps and services.

We today have apps for bookings, planning, travel expenses, forex, price comparison, tracking, reviews and so much more.

Discuss how important is an app to your brand, what are todays leading travel apps and why they work? Learn about the leading APIs for the travel industry like Uber having integrated with Google Map, Transit App and Trip Advisor or Skyscanner who is one of the few who has provided access to its API to developers for free.


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Connected Traveller Europe

Turning Information into Action and Integration

According to a recent report, the travel industry is leading the way in IoT implementation, with average spending per company reaching $128 million in 2015.

This session debates the need for actionable data, breaking down silos, inter and intra company communication, multichannel communication to make sure you are delivering the best experience to your customer.

  • Connecting smart devices, systems, process and people with new tech, is streamlining the back end operations of airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, ground transportation and railway fleets
  • Multichannel needs to be integrated, customers like to contact travel brands through their channel of choice. See how brands are using data and tech to develop cross platform interaction with their users

Airlines making sure they offer you that little bit extra

  • Hear how Airports like Ryan Air are working on partnerships and data sharing to build on their service offering
  • Airlines are pushing direct sales to their customers to build richer partnerships and loyalty, by offering better online deals for seat allocation, upgrades and lounge access all available on their portal
  • Joining forces with taxi companies, car rentals, hotels and banks to offer their customer the best service to keep them returning
  • Managing data privacy and who gets what is crucial to the partnership – see how this is managed and what data is exchanged. Are there any benchmarks?

Airports: working with the eco-systemto create this seamless journey

  • Airports are going digital with facial recognition tech, open APIs to integrate with the rest of the eco-system and beacon fitted terminals – but what does this mean to the customer journey?
  • See how airports are using indoor mapping services to help passengers with their journey but also manage passenger traffic in terminals as well as upsell services to generate revenue for the airport and their retail partners
  • Airports are partnering with their local airlines and others to develop and offer better services to their passengers - quicker check in, apps, Wi-Fi, loyalty programs to build engagement and provide relevant information

Ground Transportation – Car, Rentals, OEMs, Taxi and P2P Car providers coming together

Get an update from leading taxi, car rental, P2P car clubs, public transport and car sharing to see how they are building their brand presence and customer portfolios by leveraging mobile and building partnerships.

Discuss how they complement the larger network of airlines and rail. Hear what partnerships are in place and how they are developing app to app conversations between themselves and other verticals to make it one step simpler for the customer.

John Robinson, Senior Manager UGC,
Rich Kemp, Head Creative & Social Media,

Connected Rail Sets its Tracks

Railways are working to excel and meet customers’ expectations from smart ticketing and wifi to integrating with other travel verticals to build a more holistic travel experience.

Hear from leading railways operators across Europe on how they are integrating their services with big data to enhance passenger experience and the digital solutions they have invested in to make the journey that bit better.

Discuss what you think the passenger wants from rail and learn how this seamless experience could drive your business and profits.

Airports and Airlines Partnering with the Eco-System.

Airlines and airports have been quick adopters, using smart technology to track passengers across terminals, indoor mapping of spaces, encourage loyalty programs and push notifications using the constructed data to make the experience seamless for the customer.

Smart Hotels, Resorts and Theme Parks Talk Tech that’ Worked

We already have them monitoring guest traffic flows, providing personalised stays, so let’s hear from some of the world’s most tech friendly hotels what the benefits to them and their consumers are.

  • Technology moves very quickly from wearables to biometric payments to even robotics and virtual reality finding a spot. Keeping up to speed with this innovation can be tricky. Learn from hotels what they are looking to invest in and why?
  • What digital tools have hotels benefitted from? Hear how data sharing and creating bespoke packages for consumers has built the consumer experience to better engage new and loyal users
  • How are different hotels investing in IoT, from budget hotels to large chains, what are the tools that work best to deliver value to the customer?
  • Discuss partnerships between hotels and the broader travel verticals like airlines, care hire, restaurants and more to build that seamless travel experience for the customer

On Trip Entertainment for the Connected Traveller

Travel is shifting from a seller to a buyers’ market. Consumers are more connected with mobile and spontaneous. The on-trip and in-destination suppliers (including restaurants, tours and activities, taxis) now have their inventory into comprehensive and connected databases that can capitalise on the growing interest from GDS’s, leading OTAs, hoteliers and other growing travel brands that want to offer more to their consumers than just a room or air ticket.

Learn how different brands are capitalising on, on-trip ancillary services such as tours, trips, dining and more to boost revenue for their brand and partner as well as build on the customer journey.

Implement Change with the Tools You Have

With brands pivoting towards customer centric platforms, services and strategies, it’s crucial for brands to recognise what they want the change to be.

This session focuses on the need to have an umbrella vision on what tools you have that work and what you need to invest in without jumping on the wagon.

Work out how to simplify your processes for your customer, help them make the fun decisions. Deliver clearer messages and make sure systems are better linked internally to offer this seamless experience.

The Regulatory Rocking Chair: Data privacy and security

For consumer centric marketing and building personalised experiences you need data, which comes from various sources and partnerships. Big data does sit at the core of connected travel but it needs to be regulated so customer privacy and security is maintained.

With a new data protection law just launched we will give you an update on what organisations need to be working towards to share their data and protect their consumers.

Learn how to find a business strategy within the regulatory framework.

Legacy Systems: Integrating the Old to the New

eCommerce and mobile is changing the world but it’s not always about ‘out with the old in with the new’. A lot of the traditional systems in travel have a purpose and have been invested in by travel brands. What we need to work out today is how to integrate these systems with the systems of today and tomorrow.

With tech savvy travel brands connecting buyers and sellers and developing mobile first solutions that compete with traditional brands it’s important that you find solutions to maintain your traditional model but adapt to the times.

Join the discussion on what technology is bringing success to brands and how you can break down silos to integrate the tech that best suits your model.

Pre, On and Post Trip – Build your Data and Boost Ancillary Revenue

From the get go today you can interact and communicate with your travellers. From booking, car hire to leg room and tour suggestions.

On Trip you have the chance to communicate with restaurant suggestions, activities that you can sell to the consumer (discuss shared commissions and revenue structures). It’s all about creating that personalised service and giving the customer what they want on one search portal be it an app or website.

Once back, it’s not over yet. It’s your chance to get feedback, request reviews and engage with the consumer to be an ambassador for your brand. Learn from the experts how.

What will the Connected Traveller of Tomorrow Want?

VR (virtual reality), robotics biometric payments and the next generation of wearables are already here. What will the connected traveller see as a necessity or a novelty to make that trip or choose your brand.

The automated experience. Hear feedback on how automatic, check-in, payment, and check-out can boost efficiency of your brand, do we think we still need the human touch?

Make sure you stay ahead of the curb and learn from these experts what technology will best suit your customer offering and best aligns with your brand.

Online Marketing & Mobile Strategies

Where should you invest your valuable marketing spend in 2017?

  • Explore the latest marketing trends and predictions to dominate 2016-17, so you can position your budget for success
  • Avoid the pitfalls of investing in passing fads – focus on the marketing strategies that will drive real value for your business

What Next for Loyalty? Reimagine Your Loyalty Strategy to Inspire New and Existing Travel Customers

The new generation of consumers don’t value your brands, they want unique experiences.

Re-evaluate what makes a customer loyal. Understand how to structure and really sell your product by creating marketing that plays to the expectations of the connected traveler.

Workshop: Setting Your Organisation Up for Digital success

Developing a robust user experience has become the ultimate battle ground for travel brands.

In this hands-on practical session, take a step back to evaluate and explore the processes involved in developing the optimal user experience.

Take a holistic approach to developing the end to end journey.

Explore The Latest Marketing Techniques to Encourage Direct Sales

The pressure to increase direct bookings via the web has led to new, innovative techniques to reward customers.

Top hoteliers are offering discounts to customers who sign up to their loyalty schemes (‘or member rates’) when they register directly via the hotel website. As the OTAs fight back, how long is this trend likely to continue?

  • How can hoteliers better align their strategies with the OTAs?
  • TV advertising is all well and good for the large brands. But what about the smaller hoteliers?
  • Learn how to find the right balance of marketing techniques for your brand

Spotlight on Millennials – Go Beyond the Hype

What’s really driving the behaviour of millennials? Explore the myths and contradictions.

How are marketers adapting their strategies to cater to this age group?

Trend Alert: Are Messaging technology & Chatbots the new game changer?

Consumers are shifting their digital focus from social media to customers using instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Messaging technology is seen as the next big battle ground for the customer. But where should you invest?

  • Learn how to move the fastest and create the most service-oriented solutions around bookings to claim mobile-first advantages
  • Employ technology in tandem with a consumer-base desire for one-to-one text interactions combined with live support via the mobile screen
  • What are the pro’s and con’s of Chatbots?

Learn How to Implement Meaningful Content Marketing Strategies (including UGC)

With myriad forms of content, how can travel marketers know what is right for them?

How do you measure the ROI of content marketing?

  • Learn how to ensure quality user generated content that’s a great fit with your brand
  • How can you encourage consumers to share their experiences?
  • Experience a destination like a local: How do you tap into local communities to grow local content?
  • Understand how to develop engaging blog and website content
  • Hear top tips including the Do’s and Don’ts of content marketing

Case Study: Going Local With Contextual Mobile Content.

As your customer progresses through their journey from research through to the in-destination experience, how can you keep the content of your mobile app relevant?

In this insightful case study, Hostelworld share how, through innovative partnerships, the use of APIs and contextualisation, they have been able to streamline their app content and ensure customers see the most relevant content in the moment depending on their location and stage of the travel journey.

Create a Compelling Brand Story-telling Approach

People don’t buy into brands, they buy into a story. See why creating a personal brand message that resonates with your audience is a lasting solution.

  • As more travel companies look to redefine their offerings around the lifestyle brand concept, often with limited resources, what strategies will they use to grow and thrive?
  • Learn how to create a story around your product that drives emotion and engagement
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of surprising and delighting customers to drive marketing and life time value?

Case Study Series: Social Media Success Stories

Hear an insightful series of case studies exploring the hottest trends in social media including -

  • How to get the most out of Facebook marketing
  • Analyse how Snapchat is evolving as the next hottest social media platform
  • The do’s and don’ts of working with Instagram
  • Explore the key barriers to offering an exceptional customer experience via social media. Do you have the right tools & staff in place to listen to your customers on their channel of choice?
  • Balance the need to reduce customer response time with providing intelligent, accurate responses in line with your brand
  • Understand the importance of real-time social media listening to shape positive conversations about your brand
  • Learn how to ensure important data insights are delivered to the right department
  • Establish meaningful KPIs for your customer care strategy

Create Useful and Functional Apps that Travelers Want to Use

Deliberate what to include in App, how to position it and how to balance providing information for consumers vs. selling to them - keeping usage rates up and uninstalls low

  • Explore the key trends in mobile app design and how consumers interact with their mobile phones in 2016
  • Discuss the killer features that should drive your mobile strategy, making sure you don't get left behind
  • Debate where apps should be positioned in your distribution strategy, from pre-booking to post-trip, and how best to roll out




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