2016 Conference Sessions

This year’s agenda has been written to discuss the potential mobile, digital, online marketing and socia media is having across Asian markets. 

The conference will focus on three pillars:


This is not the final agenda and I am open to feedback to see how we can better align this event and the discussions to the travel community.

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Day 1


8.50 - 9.00 Conference welcome

Chairman Introduction:  Stephenie Rodriguez, CEO, Mighty Media Group

9.00 - 9.35 Does Loyalty in Travel still Exist?

  • Discuss how loyalty begins at home with your employees and how that can be the starting step to engaging customers
  • Analyse the opportunities to interact with customers, the importance for companies to recognise customer service and experience and key focus points when engaging and retaining customers.
  • The incentive and rewards programmes, what works? Discuss the Hotels.com 11th night free concept and what they have learnt from it Is loyalty dead? Some believe it is and others don’t, what are your thoughts? Let’s discuss

Nelson Allen, SeniorDirector of Marketing, Hotels.com APAC

9.35 - 10.10 Pricing and Revenue Management in the World of Connectivity

Learn how you can manage pricing using the most effective distribution model to push your offerings, helping you save your costs and drive bookings

  • Analyse how predictive analytics, data and software are helping hotels and airlines better manage their pricing strategy to better manage resources and maximise revenue
  • Discuss the anti-fraud crackdown taking place to maintain and manage prices and travel brands boost credibility to offer the customer and supplier the most accurate information
  • Learn what channels have been the most effective for hotels? Discuss what strategies they have in place to push ancillary products once they make the sale

Tejveer Singh Bedi, Group Director - Revenue Management, Park Hotel Group

10.10 - 11.00 Mobile Making you Personalise to Engage!

One of the biggest challenges for the travel brands today is giving customers what they want, and when they want it.

  • With more customers looking for self service, automation and convenience see how you can position your brand using mobile to connect with the consumer and maintain that relationship
  • Capitalize on mobile data to personalize the experience for new and existing customers, to build a loyal and interactive database with tools to drive engagement
  • Discuss the value of travel brands using mobile to offer ancillary products and services like F&B, upgrades, insurance and car rentals to boost their bottom line and drive profits
  • Develop the right mobile strategies and partnerships with personalized content, incentives and real time data to create that frictionless travel experience

Moderator: Stephenie Rodriguez, CEO, Mighty Media Group - Australia

Tomas Laboutka, CEO and Co-Founder, Hotel Quickly
Charlie Wong, CEO, Zuji Hong Kong
Andy Khen, Executive Director, L Hotels and Resorts and Shanti Collection
Sam Woollard, Client Development Director, Added Value

11.00 - 11.40 Networking Coffee Break

11.40 - 12.10 Managing your Brand Stick in the Era of Social Media and Digital Marketing

  • Discuss the importance of managing customer touch points, social media engagement now more than ever. Hear how travel brands are making the most of these mobile services
  • Learn how crisis management in the age of mobile is crucial to brand reputation. See how social media and online marketing changes the engagement narrative today
  • Hear about the Life Well Travelled Campaign from Cathay Pacific and their #onedayoffline initiative, hear what the campaign has done for engagement and dialogue building
  • Special focus on localisation of social media in Asia. See how travels brands work across China, Japan and the rest of Asia to engage across regions across different platforms and social media channels to disseminate information

Dennis Owen, Group Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways

12.10 - 13.00 Marketing Changes: The Shift to Digital and Programmatic Advertising

Asia is a market where the potential for video and digital advertising is huge. See how this shift in advertising will eat into traditional formats and where you need to be investing.

  • Discuss how travel brands  need to become a data driven businesses and segment their customer data to reach the right users with the right content
  • Discuss the potential for hotels and other travel brands to measure ROI on their online advertising dollars spent to push sales – what’s working today?
  • See how programmatic advertising can impacts your strategy, see how you could build customer acquisition, direct traffic and brand awareness using this tool

Moderator: Andrea Fenn, Digital Strategy Expert

Andy Chang, Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Director, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
Jonathan Hardy, VP Sales, ADARA
Stewart Hunter, Director, Sojern 
Kestrel Lee, Executive Creative Director - Digital and Integrated Marketing, George P Johnson / JUXT Greater China


14.20 - 15.10 China: Taking Mobile that Step Forward

“China the largest APAC market and is now the second-largest travel market worldwide, exceeded in gross travel bookings only by the U.S.," Phocuswright. With this growth at stake let’s see learn how it impacts inbound and outbound travel Asia and Worldwide.

  • Discuss how travel brands can establish their footprint in China looking at mobile trends impacting distribution and key travels modes (air, rail, hotel and car)
  • Discuss how the region is managing the shift from offline to web enabled devices. Learn what tools like meta search, OTA’s  are most popular for search, booking and payment to put your product forward
  • Gain insights into how to attract the Chinese outbound traveller to your service, what tools from social media, search and SEO can you leverage to tap into the largest travel market in the world today

Moderator: Andrea Fenn, ChinaDigital Strategy Expert

Simon Gao, Senior Marketing Manager - Greater China, SkyScanner, Tianxun
Kestrel Lee, Executive Creative Director - Digital and Integrated Marketing, George P Johnson / JUXT Greater China
Sam Woollard, Client Development Director, Added Value

15.10 - 16.00 Japan: Land of the Rising Tourist Numbers

In Asia, Japan is ranked just behind China in terms of the number of outbound travellers. Land of the rising tourist numbers – how are Japanese airlines and hotels marketing and making their presence felt to international tourists

  • What technology and social media tools are travel brands adopting to make Japan more accessible for the international and domestic tourist?
  • Discuss how brands can leverage Japanese specific online marketing and social media platforms like Line Corp to target the local audience to travel internationally and locally
  • How are the local and traditional Japanese ryokans adapting to the inbound travellers, learn how they manage bookings, what OTA’s are being used and the need for translation across online and offline marketing
  • Discuss how travel brands are using online marketing, social media and mobile to get on the inbound travellers radar – what is working today?

Moderator: Halona Padiachy | Director – International Partnerships, | Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

Aya Aso, CEO, Agora Hospitalities
Akira Mitsumasu, VP, Marketing and Strategy, Asia & Oceania Region, Japan Airlines
Yuhi Fujimaki, Vice Manager, Media Marketing Group, Travel Business, Rakuten
Tomohiro Okada, Manager, Business Development Division, Loco Partners, Inc.
Kenichi Shibata  COO Venture Republic


16.25- 17.00 Creating that Seamless Travel Experience to Make your Brand Stick

Discuss how brands can reinforce their position in the connected travellers journey – with partnerships, the right online channels or onsite services to create the best possible experience

  • Social Media takes centre stage: Discover how brands are using social media channels like Instagram, WeChat, Facebook and more to constantly stay on their customers radars
  • Gain insights into the use of CRMs, creating a customer centric platform and ecosystem to tailor make options and generate specific content depending on the traveller and that journey
  • See how you can position your brand to have cross device and cross platform experiences and interactions maintaining consistency of brand behaviour across all points from marketing, pricing, and customer service

Moderator: Stephenie Rodriguez, CEO, Mighty Media Group - Australia

Danny Kim, APAC Travel, Google
Chek Lim Cheng, Partnerships, TripAdvisor APAC
Claudia Cheung, Social Media Executive, Cordis Hotel HK

17.00 – 17.30 Changing expectations of the Asian Traveller

 Get an update on why the expectations of the connected Asian traveller are going to change and impact your business. See how you can plan to stay ahead and partner with the right people to make the most of this lucrative market.

  • The new mobile travel customer is demanding, pushing for convenience and personalized service, hear top tips to adapt to this behaviour change and align your strategies
  • Discuss how millennials are impacting the Asian travel market, how are travel companies advertising and marketing to their needs whilst managing existing clients
  • With mobile taking centre stage what content and information should you prioritise for mobile and to the right segments
  • Discuss the importance of constant connectivity in Asia and the growing business around travel sims for travel information, translation and personal connectivity

Fire side chat with:
Wilfred Fan, Managing Director – North Asia, Agoda 
Daniela Wagner, Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, PATA


Day 2


Mobile has dramatically changed the travel space in Asia, here we discuss how travel brands are positioning themselves in Asia and building their presence and relationship with the Asian connected traveller.

  • Discuss the need for a strong personalised customer service outlet and how users can engage with your brand
  • Learn about how brands have built their offerings for Asia and rebranded and repositioned themselves against the legislative and cultural hurdles that are often involved
  • Discuss how the influx of mobile has changed the travel landscape and how this has affected consumer behaviour and what travel brands are doing to maintain their relationship

Henk Meyknecht, General Manager, Kempinski (China)


Numbers game – with the growing Asian travel market both inbound and outbound, how are travel brands building loyalty in this highly competitive market

  • With the power of mobile and real time information, see how consumers behaviour is changing and what drives their decision to help plan your engagement strategy
  • Analyse how travel brands are using customer search, booking data and social media data to measure their ROI on loyalty and engagement programs
  • Using apps to push loyalty and upsell services pre and post trip – how is this model working and for who?
  • In an increasingly price sensitive marketplace securing consumer loyalty is tricky: Learn how to combine pricing, marketing and innovation to drive loyalty

Moderator: Stephenie Rodriguez, CEO, Mighty Media Group - Australia

Widhadh Waheed, Director of eBusiness, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
Fang Fang, Senior Marketing Manager, Skyscanner, Tianxun - Greater China
Nelson Allen, Senior Director of Marketing, Hotels.com APAC



  • Discuss the value of different online data in your decision making
  • Discuss how Travel brands are utilising and capitalising on commercial data to improve online sales

Samer Alhaider, Manager eCommerce and Sales Development, Emirates Airline

11.10 - 12.10 Deep dive with Amadeus and Forward Keys on What the Customer Wants

Christian Lukey, Head of Hotels, APAC, Amadeus
Jameson Wong, Director of Business Development, Forward Keys


13.45 - 14.30 Making the Most of Mobile with the Connected Consumer

With mobile changing the way consumers search and book travel from flights, to hotels to cars it’s important to develop a mobile strategy that is seamless and easily accessible for the user

  • Assess the importance of anticipating customer needs from past behaviour, social media information and travel data to provide the right experience onsite and offsite
  • OTAs are dominating and owning the customer through their strong grasp of data and online. What innovative retention and engagement strategies can travel suppliers implement to compete at this level?
  • The new kids on the block:Uber, Grab Taxi, AirBnB have gone straight to mobile and online, discuss takeaways on how the Asian market has embraced this and how you can leverage it?
  • Iot and Travel: Discuss how mobile, wearables and apps are changing the dialogue amongst customers and the services they demand, learn what services are most desirable to create that connectivity extension

Moderator: Daniela Wagner, Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, PATA

Alvan Aiau, VP, Global Sales & Global Program Management, Asia Pacific - CWT
Raphael Cohen, Co-Founder, CSO, Hotel Quickly
Andy Khen, Executive Director, L Hotels and Resorts and Shanti Collection

14.30 - 15.10 Changes to the Search and Booking Process: Meta Search, OTAs and SEO

What are you spending your marketing dollar on?

  • Discuss how OTA’s and metasearch companies are capitalising on the search and booking process, what can hotels and airlines do to make the most of them, as well as balance their own direct bookings?
  • Discuss how social media brands and tech giants like Google and WeChat entering the travel market space will impact current players - how can you leverage their marketing services?
  • Discuss the growth of ‘Closed User Groups’ to push discounts and gain from targeted marketing to consumers - hear how you can leverage big tech giants like Google and Amazon to make the most of this

Moderator: Christian Lukey, Head of Hotels, APAC, Amadeus

Amy Wei, Director, Greater China, KAYAK
Max Kraynov, CEO, Aviasales/JetRadar
Anna Trushkina, Manager Hotels- Commercial, Wego
Zdenek Komenda,VP of Business Developent, SkyPicker


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