2016 Conference Agenda                

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Day 1, May 17

Where should you be Investing your Valuable Marketing Dollars and Why?

Revenue, passenger numbers and occupancy rates are rising, but life as a travel marketer is still not easy. Hear from leading CMOs about which channels are growing and what customer communications are driving sales, engagement and loyalty in the Americas.

  • Explore the latest marketing trends that will dominate 2016, so you can position your budget for success
  • Will mergers and acquisitions continue to dominate the hyper-competitive search landscape?
  • The Caribbean, LATAM and North America - Understand which marketing techniques work where and the reasons behind this

Tim Hannan, Chief Marketing Officer, Gogobot

Kurien Jacob, Chief Revenue Officer, Highgate Holdings

Networking Coffee Break

An Insight into Millennials and How to Convert them to Loyal Customers

The new generation of consumers don’t value your brands. They want unique experiences. Understand how to structure and really sell your product by creating marketing that plays to the expectations of the connected traveler.

  • Discuss how millennials are impacting the travel market. How are travel companies advertising and marketing to their needs whilst managing existing clients?
  • The best ways to target millennials through social media that you could be doing. Are we wrong to group all millennials together?
  • Target the surge of travelers who want an authentic local experience over a traditional holiday stay

Networking Lunch Break

Mobile Content Marketing

What Should Your App Do in 2016?

2016 will be the year more verticals realize the advantages of a dedicated app. A mobile-optimized site works wonders for appealing to the mobile crowd, but apps have already began to dominate this space, and 2016 will be make or break for apps.

  • Apps are moulding consumer behaviour allowing for on demand services. How can you capitalize on this, increasing upstream communication from customers?
  • Proven ways to upsell services pre and post trip by increasing loyalty. Considering consumer’s intent and context, how is this model working?
  • Get the facts to improve interaction with customers with a functional app and how to balance features with usability

Katelyn O'Shaughnessy, Founder & CEO, Tripscope

Get your CEO to Love your Content Marketing!

It’s not cheap but it works. Learn how to embed a successful approach to content marketing across your business. Delivering successful content marketing requires a different mind-set as it represents an organizational shift away from campaign marketing.

  • Learn how to achieve top management buy-in to such a strategic marketing shift and to re-organize your business units and avoid working in silos
  • Funding and partnerships – how much should you spend and with who?
  • How to harness user generated content as 95% of travelers read travel reviews prior to booking
Meredith Pearson, Director PR & Communications VisitBritain

Inspire Your Mobile Consumer When They Are Ready to Buy Using Micro Moments

Micro Moments require only a glance to identify and deliver quick information that you can either passively consume or act on immediately. How can you utilize these to drive consumer engagement?

  • Anticipate micro-moments for your customers, be there when they look
  • Don’t just try and sell more things, make your mobile offering useful to drive engagement
  • They’re called micro-moments for a reason. Mobile users want to know, go, and buy swiftly. Your mobile experience has to be fast and frictionless
Susan Black Founding Partner, Black and Wright

Highly Effective Content Marketing as a Base for Best Practice

Content marketing isn’t a one-time, short-term campaign. It’s about continuously engaging and providing value for your customers building a valued relationship for both parties.

  • Explore how to overcome the challenges of content overload in the market
  • Learn how to personalize to increase brand loyalty through content marketing to truly understand your audience
  • Get the facts on how to leverage user generated content and encourage customers to be ambassadors of your brand
Gerardo Garcia, Vice President eCommerce, Palace Resorts

Networking Coffee Break

Networking Coffee Break

Create the Ultimate Mobile User Experience from Search to Post-Trip

In the past year alone, websites in the US have seen 20% increase in mobile share of online sessions, but 18% less time spent per visit. How should this shape your mobile presence?

  • Understand the techniques and features you can deploy to make the mobile user experience as seamless as possible
  • Learn which content and information you should prioritize for mobile, allowing you to better allocate budget in smarter mobile-focused online marketing
  • Explore why you must ensure a smooth payment and checkout experience to accommodate new trends in booking behaviours

Case study Content Marketing isn't a New Idea but why are you Investing so Heavily in it?

Ernesto Echeverry, Director Marketing USA, Canada & Caribbean LATAM Airlines Group

5.30 – 7.30pm Networking Drinks Break

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Day 2, May 18

Manage Your Brand Message Through Innovative Social Media and Digital Storytelling

People don’t buy into brands, they buy into a story. See why creating a personal brand message that resonates with your audience is a lasting solution

  • Learn how to create a story around your product that drives emotion and engagement
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of surprising and delighting customers to drive marketing and life time value?
  • Look at techniques to manage real-time updates such as crisis management, important news and promotions
Robecta Ma, Digital Marketing and E- Commerce Manager at Cathay Pacific Airways
Doug Carrillo, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Virgin Hotels
Glenn Stress, Director Digital Marketing North America, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Networking Coffee Break

The Key Trends in LATAM and the Caribbean Shaping Market Spend

Get to grips discuss the latest trends, challenges and advancements by understand the reality of economic challenges and where do you need to invest

  • Analyse where and what the biggest opportunities are in the travel sector by shared best practices
  • Know what political changes are creating threats and opportunities for the travel industry
  • Proven tips used to understand your LATAM consumers and how to communicate effectively to them
Christian Pretelt, Client Partner, Facebook LATAM
Diana Plazas, VP of Digital and Brand Marketing for the Carribbean & Latin America, Marriott International
Networking Lunch Break

Marketing Insights Influencer Marketing

Why Analytics Should Be at the Core of Your Marketing Strategy

How do you compete with OTAs and their strong grasp of customer data? Along with the titanic problem of social data. Let’s interpret how to provide immediate feedback using marketing analytics!

  • Pre-empt rather than react by using social media data, reviews and surveys to understand what motivates customers to book, increasing conversion rates
  • Master why understanding what innovative retention and engagement strategies travel suppliers implement to compete at a global level?
  • Set KPIs and compensation so your social media team is empowered to keep customers happy and loyal

Key Customer communication and customer service

Brands no longer have the power, to dictate their reviews, consumers can comment and critize as they like on global platforms..

  • Establish meaningful KPIs for your customer care strategy
  • Balance the need to reduce customer response time with providing intelligent, accurate responses in line with your brand

Spotlight on Social Media for Customer Service

Social media sites are increasingly, valid and important channels through which consumers solicit and receive customer service. But are you ready to respond at scale, keeping every interaction human?

How to harness Social Media for a winning Customer Care Strategy

  • Explore the key barriers to offering an exceptional customer experience via social media. Do you have the right tools & staff in place to listen to your customers on their channel of choice?
  • Understand the importance of real-time social media listening to shape positive conversations about your brand
  • Learn how to ensure important data insights are delivered to the right department

Building loyalty and Engagement Using the Data Gold Mine

You have too much data and not enough insight. How can you capitalize on this gold mine to cater to your customer’s needs?

  • Discover new and innovative partnerships with other suppliers in the value chain (restaurants, taxis etc.) and how can they be managed
  • Being personal in a digital world: Innovate your approach to loyalty, personalization, pricing and brand confidence to own your travel consumer and increase profits
  • Explore the importance of building a strong brand identity to increase direct bookings and how to manage this with using intermediaries

Inspire your Consumers with Innovative Influencer Marketing Approaches

A new wave of social influencers have taken the spotlight away from celebrities and sports stars in recent years, but just how effective are these new wave of millennial stars

  • Learn how to identify the right influencers to fit your brand and message
  • Explore the latest marketing trends that will dominate 2016, so you can position your budget for success and build a consistent narrative that sells your brand?
  • Hear successful influencer marketing case studies, examining what worked and what didn’t and more importantly why?
Marco Ocando Colman, Marketing Director, Copa Airline

Jared Zech, Director of Marketing, Royal Carribbean



Case Study: Impact of Influencer Endorsements on Brand Image as a Winning Formula for Product Marketing and Brand Building

Juergen Stutz, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Distirbution, Meliá Hotels International 


When was the last time you got a targeted message?

How do you communicate with *Ben*? He's 34yrs old gay single male, well traveled, enjoys photography, meeting new people, sports (surfing particularly) and supports animal welfare. Take a fresh look at how your business can interact with Ben, using an innovative approach to transforming your customer communication strategy.

  • It pays to know how to speak to your customers, learn how practical tips to understand their needs
  • Are you missing out because you categorise your clients too broadly
  • Maximise results by learning advanced techniques to attract and gain retention in your online marketing

Brett Heising, Founder & Ceo, Brettapproved

LoAnn Halden, Communications Director, IGLTA

Networking Coffee Break

Explore the Pros and Cons of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising gives smaller brands the ability to reach focused potential customers and is vital for brands if they want to grow direct sales.

  • Break down the myths and learn what the true value of programmatic advertising, ensure each campaign is aligned with your brand
  • Discuss practical tips to take the guesswork out of your advertising campaigns, set KPIs to ensure the best possible returns
  • Evaluate your retargeting needs more segmentation and sophistication to become more effective in engaging with consumers

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