2015 Conference Agenda

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Day One Day Two

DAY ONE June 2nd 2015

9.00 - 10.30am Keynote: The Changing Online Marketing Landscape & the New Connected Consumer in the Americas and Caribbean

  • Explore changing consumer trends and how this is affecting strategic decisions across the travel industry
  • Discover what travel brands are doing to boost conversions and make their online presence 'sticky'
  • Hear key strategies to increase consumer trust through intelligent 
  • What new trends are making the consumer change their travel habits?

Guillermo Fretes, VP Mobile Business, Despegar.com

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee Break

11.00 - 12.30pm Get to Grips with Personalization, Retargeting and Re-Marketing

  • Retargeting is becoming increasingly more effective. Find out how other marketers in travel are re-engaging the customer with personalized retargeting
  • Google Ads: how does it actually work?
  • What are the opportunities to better customize the message in terms of location of the customer?

Gregory Stiller, Customer Insight, Digital, JetBlue Airways
Edita Matic, Regional Director of Revenue Management, Highgate Hotels
Nerdin St. Rose, Worldwide Marketing Consultant, BVI Tourism (British Virgin Islands)


12.30 - 2.00pm Lunch & Networking Break

Online Marketing & Social Track Mobile Track

2pm - 2.30pm Understand your Multi-Channel Social Strategy

2pm - 2.30pm A-Z on Apps - Who Should be Investing in Apps, Why & How?

  • With Twitter enabling ad-targeting based on mobile app actions, Instagram getting high engagement levels and introducing advertising, and Facebook targeting posts according to peoples interests, it is important that travel brands now understand what each channel offers to reach specific goals.
  • As your brand’s presence can be fragmented through a number of social media channels, where should you be placing your time, energy and budget to optimize your efforts
  • Leverage the individual and unique strengths of different social media channels
  • Understand which online marketing channels are most effective to reach and convert clients, depending on which stage of their decision-making process they may be at.

Frederic Gonzalo, Marketing Consultant, Gonzo Marketing
Pleasance Coddington, Group Head of Content and Social Media, Momondo Group

  • Who should be investing in an App vs mobile site? Explore the value of apps to different travel business models across the travel landscape
  • Explore consumer behaviour and how can you encourage consumers to actively use your app
  • Effectively advertise and promote your app so that it is download and used repeatedly

2.30- 3.30pm Content - Learn How to Adapt to a the New Multiscreen Travel Consumer 

2.30- 3.30pm Case Studies:  How to Create the Optimal Mobile Experience

  • Innovators discuss creating and curating content that will up your search performance through the mobile device
  • Learn how to utilize dynamic content personalization to engage and retain customers and boost conversions and website bookings
  • Overcome the challenge of balancing organic vs branded vs promotional vs user-generated content
  • The importance of video: are you doing it right yet?

Uwe Wagner, Senior Marketing Instructor, Cornell University
Sara O’Brien, Senior Marketing Manager, HeBS Digital
Brian Carr, Head of Travel, Twitter

  • Many brands find it difficult to know how much budget to allocate or move to Mobile.  Learn how brands can implement an effective  mobile strategy
  • Step-by-step guide to assessing your current website and the key changes which need to be made to optimize your strategy
  • Learn the essential top priorities you need to think about investing in from technology to data collection, in order to make an effective and successful move to a more mobile-engaging travel brand
  • How the next-generation start-ups do it: What are they streamlining and do younger brands have an advantage over more established ones?

Roberta Seiler, VP Marketing & Sales for Stayful tbc

3.30-4.00pm  Coffee and Networking Break  

4pm - 4.20pm Cyclical Nature of Travel Decisions by the Consumer on Social

4pm - 4.30pm Understand How Mobile is Turning Search on its Head

  • How can travel brands and airlines identify conversations and opportunities before departure
  • Discover how to guide the customer’s path and experience during trip
  • Evaluate the consumers whole travel experience to improve products and services after

Alistair Adams, Sector Director - Enterprise Sales, Brandwatch

In the new mobile- enabled world, consumers no longer go straight to Google to start their travel search.   Learn how to adapt your search strategy and avoid losing your customers

  • Understand the new rules of travel search via mobile.  How do they differ via tablet?
  • What are the pros and cons of mobile advertising?
  • Are customers more likely to purchase from you if they start their search on a browser rather than an app?
  • Learn how to adapt your search strategy to the context and location of the customer’s search query
Erin Lyda, Account Executive, Google

4.20 - 5.00pm The DOs and DON’Ts of Social Media: Hear creative ways to engage travel customers

Social media is still a highly experimental and creative medium. Travel brands are entering a phase where initiatives are measurable and they can compare what went well, what didn’t, and why.

  • We bring you the best trials and errors leading in to 2015 to explore and measure the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Analyze the outstanding success of certain case studies and learn how to apply key strategies to your own campaigns

Melisse Hinkle, Head of Content and Social Media, North America, Cheapflights.com


Day One Day Two Top

DAY TWO June 3rd 2015

9:00-10.30am Keynote: Create the Optimal Cross-Platform User Experience - What's Changed and Who is Leading in this Space?

50% of leisure consumers will access travel via a non-desktop device. The ultimate goal for travel marketers is removing the friction from the travel consumer research & booking process, as they move from desktop to mobile to tablet... easy to say but how on earth do you do it?

  • Product design and usability: How do OTAs, Airlines and Hotels tackle this issue?
  • Many customers start on a phone and finish on a laptop. How does your product fare across multiple screens and from inspiration to commerce?
  • Analyze if you should invest more in members and subscribers so you can drive cross device service
  • Does your content carry across a smart personalization engine?
  • Discover further benefits of optimizing your website and it’s media to give the consumer an on the go experience

Rob Torres, Managing Director, Travel, Google
Christoph Heyn, Director, Mobile & Digital Guest Experience, The Ritz-Carlton

10.30 - 11.00am Coffee & Networking Break

11.00 - 12.00pm Learn How Selling Your Brand Through Storytelling has Changed in 2015-2016

Humans process images 60x faster than words. Travel brands need to show, not tell, and use images for more compelling content. A well-told story can engage customers in a much more memorable way

  • Discover how you can use digital marketing to convey what the experience of your travel brand will be like
  • Explore ways to publish the whole experience
  • Dissect consumer behavior and reactions to past 'brand story' campaigns

Sabrina Cendral, VP Marketing North America, Club Med US
Meredith Pearson, Director PR & Communications, VisitBritain
Joining the panel: Taylor Cole, Head of Public Relations North America, Hotels.com

12.00 - 12.30pm Programmatic Creative Lessons for Travel Marketers

  • Leverage programmatic creative technology to get ahead of the competition
  • Programmatic creative applied to travel marketers of all sizes and budgets
  • Case Study: how Alaska Airlines leverages programmatic creative technology to execute optimized campaigns
  • Discover how small to mid-sized travel marketers can operate like their own internal ad agencies

Angela Bostick, Associate Dean of Marketing and Communications, Emory University Goizueta Business School
Jeff Hirsch, President, CPXi


12.30 - 2.00pm Lunch and Networking

2.00 - 3.00pm Best Practices to Allocate your Marketing Dollars for Brands & How to Reach Your Target Audience

  • The value of online marketing: Explore Digital vs. Traditional Advertising. Explore the importance of embracing online and mobile
  • Payments: How can brands overcome the challenges which fragmentation and lack of infrastructure present
  • Fragmentation in the region, coupled with infrastructure limitations - how can brands tackle these challenges
  • Discuss the attributes of the two main but vastly different audiences: Millennials  and Baby Boomers
  • The Advent of the Experiential Traveller: Is the craving for travel experiences overshadowing the power of the hotel brand?

Alvaro Martinez, Head of Digital, LAN Airlines
Dwight Sholes, Senior Strategist-Travel, Return Path Inc.
Jesús Parrilla, Managing Director, Smartrip

3.00 - 3.30pm Are Brands ‘Doing Better’ in Getting an ROI from Social Media?

‘Social Media’ has been the buzz word for the past few years.  Travel brands are now beginning to see measurable results through social media initiatives.  But are they yet proving a real ROI?

  • Explore the different measurables through successful social media initiatives
  • Learn how travel brands have attracted business through social media campaigns and how they measured this against their investment
  • To what extent should brands be investing in social media - hear benchmark KPIs and goals which you need to be using

Robecta Ma, Partnerships and E-Commerce Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways
Alina Martinez, Global eCommerce & Online Marketing Manager, Wyndham Worldwide / RCI

3.30 - 4.00pm Social Data: An In-depth Case Study Exploring How to Get the Most Out of Social Data 

  • How can brands migrate the data from social media channels so that they own it?
  • Explore a case study by Flight Centre Group and how are brands making the migration of customers from social to owned channels

Gregg Tilston, Global Social Media Leader, Senior Digital Marketer, Flight Centre

Day One Day Two Top

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