Revenue Management and Pricing Agenda 2011

Day 1

8.45-10.00 Interactive Back to Basics Workshop: New to RM or need a refresher? Learn the Core Elements Before You Attend The Main Conference

  • A step by step approach to revenue management from our leading expert
  • Understand the background and subsequent evolution of revenue management: and see why is it now a fundamental part of the business
  • Learn from actual case studies of the best and the worst in our industry- learn not to make the same mistakes as others have
  • Top tips on how to talk to your CEO and get the budget you need to create a revenue management enabled organisation
  • Interactive session led by Pieter Dorhout, PDC Consulting

10.00-10.30 Coffee break

10.30-11.30 Forward: Forecasts, Predictions and Tips of What to Watch in 2012

  • Get up to speed with the latest RM, pricing and distribution trends
  • Consider the potential impact of environmental, socio-political and economic factors for the forthcoming year
  • Hear our expert panel look over current conditions in each respective market: hotels, airlines, OTAs, tour operators, rentals, cruise lines and destinations
  • Take a look at historical and predictive data: What may London 2012 and UEFA Euro 2012 mean for European tourism, airlines and hotels?
  • Discover new technological advancements to re-energize and inspire your focus for greater profit and price fluidity
  • Understand mobile and social media: work with the marketing department to ensure revenue control and firm up a proper pricing strategy
  • Erki Pogoretski, Director RM & Finance, Tallink Hotels
  • Konstanze Auernheimer, Director of Marketing, STR Global
  • Kate Varini, Professor, Oxford Brookes University

11.30-12.45 Utilize Customer Data to Reap Long Term Revenues

The all-new travel consumer is fickle. As a revenue manager- how can you fight your case in the board room and show them why customer loyalty is NOT always derived by price?

  • Customer analysis is now an integral part of RM. Discover analytical processes to monitor consumer activity and behaviour to increase the profit margin of each respective sale
  • Look at historical data to see when to discount loyalty customers, and why
  • Learn from advanced analytics to identify who your “ready to leave” customers are, and hear tips on how to turn it around
  • Paradise not lost! Win back your customers with targeted discount offers through the right marketing and distribution channels
  • Julio Rodriguez, Revenue Management & Pricing Director, Vueling Airlines
  • Pieter Dorhout, Founder, Pieter Dorhout Consulting
  • Luis Hurtado de Mendoza, Account Manager- Global Strategic Accounts, Expedia

12.45-2.15 Networking Lunch break

2.15-3.45 Price for Profit in a Competitive, Fast Paced Online Environment

Pricing to the right customer, at the right time, in the right place has always been the core message of revenue management. In this competitive landscape, what developments and new techniques are being installed by leading corporations to steal market share and maximize turnover?

  • Find out how to improve your pricing policy without technology upgrades
  • Tips on how to manage and nurture your team for optimum results
  • How to maximise short term profits without jeopardizing maximum long term stability and gain
  • Quality not quantity! Value based pricing over volume based pricing- why and how?
  • Figure out how to maintain rate integrity in B2B transactions without damaging relationships or corporate loyalty
  • Determine how to maximise the direct channel with minimum effort or spend, whilst fully utilising other key distribution channels for an overall enhanced profit strategy
  • Chethan Sharma, Partner and Dimitris Hiotis, Senior Consultant, Simon Kucher Associates
  • Brian Hicks, VP Revenue Management, IHG
  • Benjamin Liagre, Head of RM -B2B Division, TUI Travel PLC [Q&A panellist only]

3.45-4.15 Coffee break

4.15-5.00 Independent Case Study

Pricing & Customer Loyalty Dynamics for Hotel Corporate Accounts:

by Kostas Trivizas, Managing Director, Aeolus Hospitality

This session will expose and generate debate among the workshop participants around the dynamics at work when pricing upscale hotel rooms for corporate accounts. The case study will include research from the last two years and will highlight current trends in dynamic pricing, as well as booking (distribution) and loyalty behaviour issues.      

5.00-6.30 Networking drinks reception

Day 2

9.30- 11.00 Use Merchandising Strategies to Reap Maximum Overall Profit from Unbundling

  • Hotels! Integrating F&B, golf, spa, casinos, car parking and more into the total RM strategy
  • Airlines! The Pros and Cons of unbundling for a mid-haul or luxury brand
  • What can we learn from the “low costs” and how to apply it to our strategy without damaging the brand
  • Understand how to differentiate your brand with inspired ancillary products and services
  • Learn when to up-sell and cross-sell, and when to step back
  • Exploit untapped territory with strategic partnerships and packaged deals with local attractions and services
  • Andy Hinder, Head of Revenue Management- Mid Haul, BMI
  • Detlev Remy, BBA Program Manager, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management
  • Final panelist to be confirmed

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-12.45 Man and The Machine: Interactive Technology To Suit Your Needs

See which new tools and technologies are available to enable revenue managers to save time, work smarter and make better pricing decisions.

  • Find out how to integrate automation technology into an organization for a happy and profitable outcome
  • Predictive analytics and optimisation: learn when to step in, and know when your system doesn’t always know best
  • Find the right solution to match your business needs, goals and budget- what are the costs, risks, steps and benefits involved?
  • Stan Van Roij, Managing Director, EasyRMS [Q&A panellist only]
  • Shay Raz, Director of Revenue Management, Leonardo Hotels
  • Steven Dow, European Director- Inventory & Yield Operations, Diamond Resorts International[Q&A panellist only]

12.45-2.15 Networking Lunch Break

2.15-3.00 Group Buying Deals and Flash Sales: A Profit Worthy Distribution Channel?

Group deals are founded on a basic principle: bulk transactions = financial security + reasonable turnover. However, what are the other implications of selling your product through this channel? This trend goes against all revenue management ethics. Traditional RM allocates inventory at established price tiers: what happens to these core ethics when the price is blocked and negotiated in wholesale?

  • Learn more about this upward spiralling trend and understand how you should move in this space
  • Private travel members clubs: can you trust them to upsell your last rooms without damaging your brand?
  • Debate whether flash and private sales sites encourage more travellers to book late- and work out the implications before diving in head first
  • Nick Stafford, General Manager- Europe, LivingSocial
  • Bram Van Berkel, Assistant Revenue & Sales Manager, Amrath Hotels

3.00- 4.30 When? Where? How? Recruiting Revenue Managers For A Profitable Future

  • Discover what world leading brands are doing to find, secure and identify talent
  • Work out whether psychometric testing shows potential and how to use it appropriately for maximum benefit
  • Where should you recruit from? Front of house, reservations, graduate schemes, direct from university?
  • The politics: How to secure the best graduates for revenue management, and how to fight their case in the board room
  • Jorunn Svidal, Revenue Management Director, Thon Hotels
  • Freddy Bodin, VP Revenue Management, Accor Hospitality
  • Steven Dow, European Director- Inventory & Yield Operations, Diamond Resorts International

End of conference

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