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Proving that the online travel industry is a hotbed of innovation, dozens of entrants chased the final places for the chance to pitch to the audience of judges, senior online travel entrepreneurs, investors, and travel brands.

Splitty Travel

Splitty is shaking up the world of travel & tourism by being the world's first online hotel booking platform that offers amazing deals by combining 2 rate plans into one desired stay.

Today most people are unaware that due to hotels' supply & demand pricing schemes, room prices and room deals can swing dramatically from one calendar date to the next.

Our unique way to supply creating offerings, Splitty offers consumers, hoteliers and travel agents an innovative mechanism for cashing in on incredible deals that exist but are simply not accessible. We believe that Splitty’s unique approach will re-define the way people book hotels. Splitty brings innovative thinking and technology to a very crowded market that differentiate us from everyone else.


From a travel perspective, 2017 is the year of Bots and in-destination experiences. In our mind, there are 2 important toolsets to solve the personalized experiences and bots puzzle. First is intelligence and the other is quality core data. At Triposo we are extremely well equipped to tackle both these problems. Our technology platform has built amongst the strongest travel content banks in the travel industry. Our AI and machine learning capabilities position us incredibly well to use this core data to make solid recommendations to users.

There is a clear need for consumers to get personalized recommendations and for online travel companies to serve stronger recommendations. We are at the cusp of this need and hence deserve to be the EyeforTravel's Startup of the year 2017.


Local content as a material part of the guest experience is the next frontier for accommodations. Guests want the “Experience Booking” as their booking experience; they prefer to research and book their entire travel experience all in one place, and hotels want better engagement and increased direct bookings. Wyndow is the first product making strong initiatives to provide hotels with the tools and capabilities to compete with OTAs and AirBnB in the local content sphere, allowing them to provide guests with a one-stop-shop for the entire travel experience. Wyndow is the kind of platform that can pioneer an entire shift in consumer behavior by allowing trip planning and booking to happen all within a hotel's own brand and


Pablow is a serious business with distribution contracts with the likes of AIG, Allianz Global Assistance, and IMG. We are licensed to sell insurance throughout the US and have gained significant traction in the vacation rental market, servicing around 12,000 rental properties and over 600 property managers. Pablow brings a unique approach to improving the customer travel journey while ensuring the industry's distribution infrastructure starts to act like the rest of the internet!


A novel trip planning concept, fully automated and highly scalable


Arrivedo is the first online platform for hotel recommendations that gives voice to hoteliers. The platform helps hotels organize and curate Neighborhood Guides for any property in the world. Arrivedo today has 250 hotels that have published via our technology. With this generated content, Arrivedo now have Neighborhood Guides connected with over 5,000 hotels in 60 cities around the world, including San Francisco, Rome, Madrid, Toronto, London, Mexico City, Lima and Cusco.


Our platform is focused on leveraging the skills of others in the travel industry and providing them with better tools, resources and the ability to collaborate with others. Turning competitors into collaborators, we believe has perhaps the biggest opportunity for travel companies (specifically custom travel companies that create more unique and personalized travel experiences). We feel that travelers deserve more personalized experiences and travel companies need the right tools to make that easier, faster and more profitable. That is what we do better than any other platform out there.

The Secret to Happiness? Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things." this was the headline of a recent article in Forbes magazine. We cannot agree more. With the rise of millennials and the next stage in evolution of our economy being experience-led (from agrarian, to the industrial, to service economy), experience will be at the center of things.


Travel, is a basic human desire. We crave different experiences as it broadens our mind and creativity. Our product Rizort Studio enables hoteliers in bringing these experiences to life and Rizort VR app enables travelers to fulfill these desires from their comfy couch. We are currently in Beta with a leading heritage resort out of India and working with major global luxury brands in Hong Kong, UAE, Maldives, India and Singapore, each rated in the Top 50 Luxury Resorts (per The feedback from hoteliers has consistently been that our product leapfrogs anything that exists today.

As a team, the co-founders have strong experience and background in building large scale technology driven products and businesses (scale of billion dollars). Together the team holds several significant patents and have built and grown large teams and launched multiple products at InMobi, Intel, McAfee and


We create economic benefits from using our software. We make it easier for the business owners to accept international payments and manage their resources; vehicles, rooms, people, water, energy, time etc. We are an ‘App’ based direct booking system as opposed to ‘Web’ based system, which allows the Business User to have control of usage and the type of transactions they want to make. Create higher sales opportunities through direct control over the use of the FleetFare Platform services as opposed to having others perform that function; savings also expressed in commissions not-paid to other services.

We have three more to join this list - stay tuned or enter before March 31st to get selected.


Bellhop is an innovative business model being the first to market as a marketplace for apps, or Kayak for food, entertainment and transport. We’re disrupting how consumers access services from anywhere in the world, making global travel truly seamless for the first time. With strong traction in the market with both consumers and distribution partners (hotels and short-term rentals), Bellhop can help EyeforTravel build its credibility and track record in the market as a conference that recognizes truly disruptive startups that will make a big impact for the travel industry. With a strong product, team, and mission, we can make this a reality, and would love to also have the support from EyeforTravel!


Travel applications are used under extreme conditions: on-the-go and with changing networks. Travelers look to reserve a restaurant, book a hotel room or purchase airline tickets need a timely response but unfortunately they are usually away from their fast home network. In other words, Mobile apps often fail to perform and upload when users need them the most. Applications that are not designed to perform optimally under extreme network conditions will result in a frustrated user experience. PacketZoom allows developers to focus on building better-performing applications and optimize them to work under different network conditions. PacketZoom’s in-app technology is disrupting the network delivery industry that has been dominated by traditional CDNs created for web technology over 15 years ago. PacketZoom significantly boosts app performance with no need for software / hardware installation or pricey integration process. Moreover, for mobile apps already using traditional CDN’s Packetzoom can add a boosting layer and enhance the CDN while reducing CDN cost by up to 80% - so the service practically pays for itself. We are proud to revolutionize the network delivery space and confident our innovative technology is award worthy.


Millennials find enjoyment in events and travel experiences more than simple products. The sharing economy is on the rise. And modular online travel agencies are getting more popular every day. All of these factors are contributing to diminishing returns for traditional hotel and airline companies. Today, owning the end-to-end booking, flight, and travel process means offering a frictionless, differentiated customer experience.

With the Layer customer conversation platform, airlines and hotels can build branded messaging experiences that better engage with the modern traveler. More travelers are booking trips seeking concierge advice through mobile—meeting travelers in this comfort zone lets you increase customer lifetime value and drive revenue through upsell opportunities. Not to mention the opportunities to delight customers with real-time answers to their travel concerns no matter where they are in the process.

Layer gives you the tools you need to build the customer conversation channel necessary to own the digital travel experience and regain control of the industry as mobile takes over.

The final will take place as part of EyeforTravel's Startup Village 9th April, which sees top online travel entrepreneurs, mentors and investors share key insight into what it takes to succeed in the cut throat online travel industry during morning bootcamp sessions and the Startup final take place in the afternoon. The day will be interspersed with plenty of time for networking. The two finallists then get to pitch at the EyeforTravel Digital Summit on the 10th April and the same venue and the audience votes in the winner!

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