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The dedicated event for travel sales and marketing leaders

Welcome to the 3rd annual installment of the EyeforTravel event series Sales and Marketing in Travel Asia Pacific.

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As discretionary household incomes are squeezed, and corporate travel allowances experience the proverbial belt tightening, we see a massive shift in the approach to travel sales and marketing. Measurable, trackable and cost effective marketing has become paramount, and one of the most well equipped platforms for meeting these 3 requirements is through online channels.

As pressure mounts on sellers and marketers of travel, we take a frank look at where and how some of APAC's better performing companies are allocating their marketing spend. Join us for two thought provoking days of in-depth discussion, challenging debate and critical analysis of how a marketing strategy should be approached when the chips are down amongst a shaken industry.


Maintaining overall price parity with OTAs

Price parity plays a key role in today’s revenue management and hotel distribution strategy.

Rate parity became a major topic of discussion when OTAs switched from GDS powered rates to merchant model, extranet powered rates. Some hoteliers acknowledge that at the end of the day, it is important for hotels to differentiate between self-owned channels and third parties and realise that if for whatever reason they need to run a promotion or a rate which is below the BAR on all other channels they should rightfully do so on their brand website. Read More

Communicating a specific message to a specific audience

“Bottom-up marketing approach is what we think our brand will thrive on into the future,” says’s Steve Sherlock.

Citing an example, he said, “Initially we had just one Rio Tinto employee making bookings via Now we have literally dozens of Rio Tinto employees using the site. This was a classic bottom-up development in which we infected one person and they infected the others. If we had tried to approach Rio Tinto Head Office we would have had little or no chance.” Read More

Social channels top porn sites in Australia

Eight out of 10 Australian internet users use social media tools, which have edged out pornography as the nations No.1 internet activity.

This revelation confirms two things; pornographers need to get with the times; and that social media is the single most important phenomenon to hit the internet since somebody first decided to upload footage of a man and a woman eloping. Read More

Brand evangelism is a delicate beast

Complete transparency and a genuine desire to build a dialogue or platform around a given community may sound an ideal approach towards social media marketing but it's quite tough when it comes to planning and execution.

Such initiatives should give consumers an ability to share their passion for a brand/subject.

Venessa Paech, Community Manager for Lonely Planet, feels one should think about "how you can empower your audiences to tell their own stories, in relation to your brand". Read More


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