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Day 1

9am Case Study: V Australia's 4320:LA Twitter campaign

Twitter is the hot social phenomenon that everyone’s talking about. With so much global endorsement, Twitter has quickly become a wide reaching a lucrative new marketing channel.

Earlier this year V Australia developed their first Twitter campaigns, ‘4320:LA’, '4320:SYDNEY' and more recently the Facebook campaign 'Frienemies'.  Discover how these campaigns  performed now that the results are in. What were Virgin Group’s key performance indicators?  How would they do things differently next time, and what lessons have they learnt from this initial attempt at engaging potential customers through this largely unchartered channel?

  • Michelle Lee, General Manager Marketing, Virgin Blue Airlines Group

The brand implications of social networks

An essential consideration with so many new social channels continually emerging, and the specific demographics of each. There is an argument to suggest that brand presence in these channels is paramount for all travel companies, especially now in the fickle world of consumer loyalty.

  • Social channels are flooded with thousands of brands. What makes yours so special, and can it be enhanced through these channels?
  • What considerations should you be aware of when creating a social brand strategy?
  • Are the social activities you're undertaking relevant to your target market?
  • Does your social campaign reflect your brands personality?
  • Now that you're using social networks for customer interaction, maintenance and consistency become essential. Hear why.
  • James Gaskell, Director of Digital Services, Initiative

9.50am Case Study: 'The best brand awareness in the world'

Hear from the brains that set the new benchmark in brand awareness using social channels with "The Best Job in the World" campaign. Discover the key considerations that ensured this campaign was perfect fodder for online communities the world over, and hear essential tips for spreading your brand among social channels.

  • Michael Branagh, Managing Director, Cummins Nitro

10.30am Coffee

11.10am Session: Sales and Marketing for the budget wary consumer

Part 1: Consumers and the distressed buying mentality

Uncertain economic circumstances have led to a distressed buying mentality amongst consumers. Everyone wants a late bargain, and most know where to get one. This consumer behaviour has led to a reversal of the sales process as we know it.

How should travel businesses be adjusting to accommodate this new style of purchase behaviour, and what are the implications going to be for your sales strategy as a result?

  • Darrell Wade, CEO, Intrepid Travel

Part 2: Implications of reactive marketing

The process of marketing has taken a huge jump sideways since this time last year. Where marketing was once a proactive undertaking, the conditions now dictate that a marketers role is much more reactive in its planning. Coupling this is the sudden shift to a yield led marketing activities instead of product led. What implications will these changes have on your brand perception, loyalty and the ability to drive sales?

  • Sue Foley, Commercial Manager, AirAsia X

Part 3: User worth vs. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

For niche players, a blanket approach to marketing is both unfeasible and a poor use of your time. Evaluate the worth of a user versus the cost per acquisition.

  • When does spending change from necessary to unnecessary for acquiring a sale from your target market?
  • Even if this cost is high, is it still a logical investment when matched against the likeliness of repeat sales?
  • What techniques/channels should you be considering to keep your CPA as lean as possible?
  • Steve Sherlock, Managing Director,

12.40pm Lunch

1.40pm Session: Using social media for engagement & loyalty

Growing & Maintaining Community – beyond the shiny stuff

Businesses are embracing the market opportunities created and amplified by social commerce and online communities, including building and hosting communities around their brands. Let’s say you do it well and your audience/customers start to deepen their relationship with you. Where to next? How do you sustain fruitful relationships over time? And what kind of mechanics are involved in keeping the community engine running? Learn about some of the resourcing, legal, insurance, editorial and other considerations you’ll need to be mindful of if you dive into the community game.

  • Venessa Paech, Community Manager, Lonely Planet

Case Study: Social stuff ups - The impact of negative social media publicity 

Social networks are an extremely powerful tool, and this power can work against you if not approached correctly. Langham Hotels' "Big Deal" is a perfect example illustrating how social media can in fact have negative impacts on the brand involved. Hear a plethora of examples where social media has generated negative publicity and learn some easy to apply tips and tricks to avoid this happening to you.

  • Scot Ennis, Director, Switched on Media

2.50pm Coffee

3.30pm Session: The power of pricing

Travel pricing has become absolutely critical. Try as we might to avoid cutting prices as a means of demand stimulation, the writing was always on the wall. The savvy consumer now knows to wait for the bargains, so what critical factors must now be taken into consideration with product pricing?

  • Discounts, specials, deals - debate the pros and cons of these in the current market conditions
  • All the talk is about value adding. But who are we kidding, isn't lowest price what customers respond to?
  • With online channels more responsive to discounting, how will using online channels impact your ROI and CPA?
  • Join the debate for price integrity and value adds versus discounting and special offers
  • Learn how this common revenue management responsibility can benefit your sales process
  • Rob Rosenstein, President & COO, Agoda
  • Aileen Cobern, General Manager Sales & Marketing, Choice Hotels Australasia
  • Bruno Kim, Director of Revenue Management, CRME, Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

5.00pm End of day one, networking drinks in the exhibition area

Day 2

9.00am Session: Reigniting the sales debate - Direct vs Indirect

"Drive more direct sales". Is this not what all sales and marketers have been striving for over the past 5 years?

How times have now changed, with the slumping of economies resulting in agencies and their large marketing budgets gaining renewed appeal.

  • Evaluate the implications to your cost of acquisition by indirect sales.
  • With consumers more inclined to hunt for bargains, is using indirect sales channels imperative?
  • Should all channels have access to all promotions, and if so how is this best achieved?
  • What tactical marketing should you undertake to ensure that you don't upset valued distribution channels when targeting direct bookers?
  • What does the future of the supplier-agency relationship hold?
  • Lee McCabe, Director, Market Management, Expedia
  • Shannon Knapp, Group Revenue & Distribution Manager, Mirvac Hotels & Resorts

10.00am New sales trends of a cost conscious society

As cost conscious consumers reflect on what's most important to them during this difficult economic time, travel businesses must prove their value and communicate their benefits to succeed. With significant growth in non-traditional markets, how can companies ensure they are capitalizing on these emerging trends?

  • What effects has consumer behaviour in the economic downturn had on the domestic travel market and non-traditional channels? 
  • How should travel businesses be marketing through the downturn?
  • Hear how to gain trust and prove value to travel consumers?
  • Kirsty Shaw, Director, Strategy & Operations,

10.30am Coffee

11.00am Session: Website content for consumer stickiness and sales

With so many ways and means available to research, book and pay for travel, the modern consumer is literally spoilt for choice. Adding engaging and interactive content has emerged as an excellent way of increasing brand loyalty, consumer stickiness and the ability to acquire a sale.

  • Evaluate modern content functionalities - discover the new standard
  • Debate content optimisation for SEO versus enhancing the customer experience
  • Does all of your chosen content reflect your brand personality?
  • Is there a tipping point whereby too much content renders your site a research tool, rather than a booking engine?
  • Managed versus Un-managed content - ensure you strike the right balance.
  • John Lonergan, GM Online Sales & Marketing, Qantas Airways
  • Tim O'Neill, Managing Director, Reactive

11.50am Case study: Creating & managing socially engaging content

You've made something awesome...right?  So how do you now find an audience for it? 

Hear Kim McKay and Scotty Iseri (of the web series Scotty Got An Office Job) discuss tactics that create unique branded content that people want to pass along, useful online tools to make spreading the content a breeze, and the strategies to position your content for maximum impact.  

  • Kim McKay (Director, Klick Communications) with Scot Iseri

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Reaping maximum rewards from SEO

Now that everyone seems to be throwing more money into SEO than ever before, it's time to reconsider how this key area is working for your business. Are you allocating your SEO resources effectively?

  • What does it takes to get a page ranked in Google? Learn where to focus your efforts to get maximum benefit from Google. 
  • How you can target customers at the exact moment they need your services simply by understanding them better?
  • Establish an acceptable cost per sale & cost per lead acquisition. Know exactly what your online marketing costs. 
  • Youtube is one of the most under utilised and powerful business tools. Learn how to apply SEO to your social media efforts.  
  • Jim Stewart, CEO, Stew Art Media

2.10pm Affiliates - they're the new black

Affiliate marketing has experienced somewhat of a renaissance. As pressure falls on the reduction of marketing costs, affiliating with the right partners could hold the key to acquiring new leads without blowing out tightened budgets.

  • Who should you be considering as affiliate partners
  • What sales results can you expect from an affiliate program
  • What are the cost benefits of a good affiliate strategy?
  • Raphael Lanfant, Head of Global Partner Distribution, HotelClub
  • Adrian Currie, Managing Director, Australia & NZ,

3.00pm Conference closes

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