The Smart Travel Data Summit - 2018 Agenda

Day 1 Day 2

Day 1

Registration and Pre-Event Coffee
09:00 - 09.10 Setting the Scene and Event Notices

EyeforTravel Leo Langford Conference Director EyeforTravel

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

09:10 - 09:35 Personalization - Beyond the Buzzword

It’s not enough to just know your customer, personalization is money wasted without absolute relevance. Get the tools to personalize like Amazon and convert like Volkswagen.

  • Leverage the data you possess in every department to compile a truly customer-centric database
  • Whether you’re a product innovator, salesperson, pricing pro or marketer, move past the hype and truly know your customer
  • Discover how to leapfrog intermediaries to talk to your customer and own loyalty
  • Niche marketing: capitalize on how travelers themselves are personally changing

Wyndham Destination Network PJ Abhishek SVP, Revenue Management and Consumer Analytics Wyndham Destination Network

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

09:35 - 10:00 I’ve Got a Guy

How one hotel management company went from having an inside guy in Vegas to using data-driven intelligence to seize market opportunities, adjust rates, and make revenues boom.

  • Analytics is moving faster than skillsets can keep up! Discover how your role can be diversified so you become worth your weight in number crunching gold!
  • Attract and train the right talent to plug that analytics skills shortage
  • Learn from an unorthodox story - break from the data crowd to be ahead of the curve
10:00 - 10:30 Networking Break
10:30 - 10:55 Customer Data Disruptive Breakthrough: Free yourself from today's legacy constraints and unify customer data at scale with AI

Customer data is scattered and siloed even as it grows in volume and new sources emerge. Your results are only as good as the customer data you use and how well and fast you use it. Amperity has taken a fundamentally different approach to customer data and disrupted the way almost every company is attacking the problem today:

  • Amperity's Intelligent Customer Data Platform (iCDP) drives order of magnitude better business results and high ROI across sales, marketing, eCommerce, revenue management, customer experience, loyalty, CRM, customer service and operations. It works with your existing systems.
  • Quickly and painlessly bringing all your disparate customer data together - even data sets you are not currently integrating. Create significantly richer, more accurate unified customer profiles to action upon. Takes only 4-12 weeks vs. 8-12+ months companies spend today.
  • Amperity is backed by early/big investors in Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Concur, ExactTarget, FlipKart, and Spotify.

Amperity Stuart Greif Practice Lead - Travel & Hospitality Amperity

10.55 - 11:30 Forget Disparate Databases - Get One Golden Record

The average database resembles a smashed plate across departments, properties and brands. Discover the strategy and technology you need to finally get that customer-centric database.

  • You know a lot about your customer but this insight is completely spread out - overcome this and get your hands on one true picture
  • From shared marketing and RM databases to cloud tech, how are our industry’s leaders mastering uniform records to drive profit?
  • Smash the silos and make data instantly accessible across your company to draw instant and lucrative conclusions

Priceline Berry van Weelden Senior Director Sales Strategy & Operations Priceline

Hertz Ricardo Rangel Senior Director of Data Architecture Hertz

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

11:30 - 11:55 Machine Learning - How will it Shake Up your Data?

AI was big 10 years ago…then it disappeared - Now it’s back with a vengeance! Now is the time to optimize machine learning, make your data shine, and grasp the skillsets to see a huge return on your robotic investments!

  • Fear not! Discover how it’s actually boom time to be a data analyst
  • Overcome blind spots in your data sources with new AI capabilities and squeeze every ounce of profit from those numbers!
  • Apply smart machine learning to optimize human talent convert data into dollars

Airbnb Theresa Johnson Data Scientist Airbnb

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

11:55 - 12:20 The Next Frontier of Revenue Management for Airlines: Manage your Total Revenue by Maximizing Ancillary Offerings
  • The challenge of data collection, ownership and building detailed profiles of your customers
  • How can organizational change and new analytics capabilities help airlines solve this problem?
  • Ascertain the approach you need to prove value and create change that will give you a competitive edge in years to come

Will Coleman Partner - Travel Transport & Logistics McKinsey & Company

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

12:20 - 1:50 Networking Lunch
1:20 - 1:50 Panel: NDC Debate - Blessing or Curse?

Sharing protocols seems to streamline the process and merchandise better…but what about the impact on your loyalty?

  • Hear from the fans, enemies and neutrals on NDC to get all sides of the story
  • Discover how to accomplish transparency within the NDC ecosystem
  • Where will the NDC leave the data you have been protecting for years?

FareCompare Jeremy Jameson CCO FareCompare

Insel Air Ryan Harris E-Commerce and Ancillary Products Manager Insel Air

Tom Bacon Principal Revenue Optimization; Tom Bacon Consulting, LLC

1:50 - 2:25 Panel: Forecast into the Unknown

How do you pair the analyst and strategist to become an unbeatable revenue manager? If you want to know your market over the next 5 years, and master individual segments, this session has the answers.

  • Have the foresight of a market trader and the scientific knowledge of a data analyst to become a multi-dimensional revenue manager
  • Make volatility your friend and attribute hyper-accurate forecasting to your name
  • Grow an analytical approach to group bookings for those high value deals that make your bottom line soar!

Collette Jeffrey Roy VP Revenue Management and Marketing Collette

One Lodging Management Janet Stevens Director of Revenue Management One Lodging Management

Host Hotels and Resorts Brian Berry SVP of Sales and Revenue Management Host Hotels and Resorts

IBM Vlatka Barcan Founder and CEO Fifth Revenue

2:25 - 3:00 Leverage Data to Jump Start Customer Love and New Revenue Frontiers

Dropping the theory for a second, here’s a concrete case study from America’s largest airline on how to develop your predictive crystal ball from the data in your hands.

  • Use existing data sources to drive supreme accuracy in occupancy rates and grow that bottom line
  • Out-predict your competitors on occupancy to get a golden reputation with your customers
  • Manage demand across multiple locations on both peak and off-peak so you won’t lose a nickel!

Delta Airlines Emmanuel Carrier Data Science Consultant Delta Airlines

Kalibri Labs Cindy Estis Green CEO and Co-Founder Kalibri Labs

IBM Vlatka Barcan Founder and CEO Fifth Revenue

3:00 - 3:30 Networking Break
3:30 - 4:15 The Future of Revenue Management

From independent hoteliers to major conglomerates, the role of the revenue manager is changing in a myriad of ways. Stay relevant, get stronger and understand what new frontiers are on the horizon.

  • Discover how the role of AI is changing RM and how you can safeguard the future of your career
  • Develop the most profitable balance of human labor and tech to make your skills irreplaceable and new systems work for your bottom line
  • Master yield and pricing innovation to overcome threats posed by alternative lodging

1859 Historic Hotels Josh Henegar Corporate Revenue Director 1859 Historic Hotels

Southwest Airlines Matt Louis Senior Director of Revenue Management Southwest Airlines

Air Canada Lucio Bustillo Manager, Revenue Management Science & Innovation Air Canada

IBM Vlatka Barcan Founder and CEO Fifth Revenue

4:15 - 4:45 Blockchain - The Next Major Disruptor

It’s in its infancy, but major players like TUI have said it will disrupt Expedia and Airbnb forever…The transparency of blockchain could be a data scientist’s dream. Be aware as revolutions can happen overnight!

  • How could blockchain alter your access to customer data in both lucrative and devastating ways?
  • Discover how blockchain could change the way you do business thought Smart Contracts to Cryptocurrency
  • Learn how analytics can safeguard against bitcoin theft, giving your skills an entirely new dimension!


1859 Historic Hotels Pedro Anderson Founder Winding Tree

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

4:45 - 5:00 Day 1 Wrap Up & Q&A Session

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

5:00 - 6:30 Networking Drinks Reception
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Day 1 Day 2

Day 2

09:00 - 09:40 Panel: Profitable Partnerships in Data - Opportunities and Limitations

From shared databases to cloud technologies, you need to partner for a true 360 degree view of your customer. But when do you share it, who with, and how close should you hold your cards to your chest?

  • There are 100s of APIs that are shaking up our industry, don’t let your profits and loyalty plummet through fears of data sharing
  • Overcome the cultural and legal limitations of partnerships to obtain full-on personalization and loyalty
  • The magic behind real-time predictions lies in partnerships - be a marketing analytics wizard by uniting with your competitors

Mozio Emre Mangir COO and Co-Founder Mozio

Phillipe Garnier(ex Head of Distribution and Partnerships Hilton)

Tom Bacon Principal Revenue Optimization; Tom Bacon Consulting, LLC

09:40 - 10:05 Looking Past the Duopoly: Claim back your Data Sovereignty and Market Share at a Low Cost

America has a long history of monopoly-busting. Learn how one New York hotel association slashed distribution costs and transferred data ownership and revenue from monopolies to suppliers.

  • Learn about the 300 member-strong hotel association that developed a unique GDS code that created instant loyalty
  • How can you enhance competition, customer satisfaction and control of your data in your region?
  • Discover how this disruptive trend be extended to leapfrog Google and beyond

Hotel Association of New York City Vijay Dandapani President Hotel Association of New York City

Tom Bacon Principal Revenue Optimization; Tom Bacon Consulting, LLC

10:05 - 10:35 Networking Break
10:35 - 11:00 Make the Perfect Data Curriculum - The Golden Recipe to Own Data Talent

Every organization is now data-led but lacks the infrastructure and learning programs to leverage this insight. Tap into the analytics goldmine you’re standing on right now!

  • Empower yourself, the data professional to make the relationship between analyst and high-up executive a seamless one
  • Enhance the quality of your data source and leave behind the applications of the old world with new, profit-building architecture
  • Train both business and data analysts to access data with stronger visualization tools and protocols and drive commercial wonders!

Amazon Eduardo Erazo Data Analyst Amazon

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

11:00 - 11:25 Personalization Take Two: An Expedia Perspective

expedia Abhijit Pal Head of Research, Global Partner Group Expedia

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

11:25 - 12:00 Know your Parameters for Unbeatable Marketing Attribution

What sequence of events really led to the booking - and at what price? Here’s a deep dive into the things holding you back from solid attribution and the strategy you need to see every marketing dollar drive loyalty.

  • ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get’ - Discover the value in evaluating each variable, analyzing history, and getting uber-specific to know what really drives your profit
  • Third parties lack emotional attachments to methods and software - capitalize on this and see huge returns
  • Customer identification is being hampered - learn how to buck this trend from forecasting, to RM to marketing attribution!
  • Pin down the best metrics and master all touchpoints to be ROI-positive on every single investment you make

Lufthansa Technik Ernesto Sosa Head of Digital Marketing & Social Media Lufthansa Technik

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

12:00 - 1: 15 Networking Lunch
1:15 - 1:35 Case Study: The transformation of the Greyhound brand and customer experience
  • Digital transformation of an iconic 103-year-old American Brand
  • Creating an entrepreneurial culture of test & learn
  • Turning data and insights into action

Greyhound Lines Darrin Rowe Director Customer Insights & Loyalty Greyhound Lines

Tom Bacon Principal Revenue Optimization; Tom Bacon Consulting, LLC

1:35 - 2:10 Machine Learning and AI in Travel: A CruiseBe Case Study
  • Capitalize on emerging technologies to utilize your vast amounts of customer data
  • The integration of chatbots into your existing strategy - for attracting customers, a separate marketing channel, traffic channel, and a sales c channel
  • The opportunities and challenges associated with the use of chatbots

Cruisebe Maryna Shumaieva Co-Founder & CTO

ITBASE Nuno António Chief Technology Officer ITBASE

Tom Bacon Principal Revenue Optimization; Tom Bacon Consulting, LLC

2:10 - 2:45 Pioneer Personalized Pricing

Everyone hypes up personalized product, but what about personalized pricing? As a revenue manager, you have the keys to direct bookings as much as a marketer. It’s all about that that perfect pricing pitch - look no further...

  • Is your price for a family, senior citizen or veteran? Grow a customer-first pricing strategy to inspire loyalty
  • Go real-time to be ultra-relevant, dynamic and always ROI positive 
  • Be responsible for modernizing your company’s pricing strategy and get credited in loyalty across your entire organization

Vacasa Scott Breon Chief Revenue Officer Vacasa

Allegiant Air Drew Wells Director of Revenue Allegiant Air

IBM Vlatka Barcan Founder and CEO Fifth Revenue

HQ plus Vincent Battaglia Director of Business Development HQ plus

HQ plusPhilipp Stelzer Head of Sales HQ plus

2:45 - 3:15 Networking Break
3:15 - 3:45 Visualization Workshop - From Spreadsheets to Classy Systems

Don’t make it impossible to process the bigger picture. Make solid data-driven conclusions with unbeatable visualization.

  • Become fluent in data visualization to make the bigger and more responsible company-wide decisions
  • Get trained in new sets of tools, dashboarding and visualization technology that boosts profit
  • Communicate data to non-data people and create all-around growth!

FareCompare Priti Dhanda Director of Revenue Management Analytics Hyatt

IBM Vlatka Barcan Founder and CEO Fifth Revenue

3:45 - 4:15 GDPR - The Regulation that will Overhaul your Data Strategy

It began in Europe, but European citizens travel more than anyone else on the planet. If some of your customers are European, it affects you. The GDPR goes live in May 2018, what is it and how can you avoid the crippling fines?

  • Tackle the legislation seamlessly and make the regulation work in your favor
  • How will the regulation change your relationship with the customer forever?
  • Discover the cross-border implications of transactions and how to keep revenues high

William Beckler GDPR and Cybersecurity Consultant

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

4:15 - 4:30 Closing Remarks and Future Predictions

Steven Pinchuk WW Lead Customer Intelligence & Revenue Management Advanced Analytics Center of Competence - IBM

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