The 2016 Smart Travel Data Summit Agenda

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Day 1


9:15 Setting the scene and event notices

Tim Gunstone, Managing Director, Eyefortravel

9:30 The Democratisation of Data in Travel

Data is crucial in every organisation, big or small, but utilising it can be hard for all of us. Getting data insight flowing through your company should be paramount, but how can you do it?

  • Find out how to break down departmental silos and utilise data cross-company
  • Too much data! Understand how you can use the mountains of data you are already collecting
  • Get into a data-driven frame of mind from the outset, promoting data analysis throughout every level of management

Joerg Esser, Group Complementary Director, Thomas Cook
Javier Espinosa Navarro, Director of Forecasting and Revenue Strategy, NH Hotel Group

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation

10:15 Demand Intelligence: A Smart Approach to Revenue Strategy

In today’s environment there is no shortage of accessible data to help revenue managers make informed and meaningful decisions. The key is understanding the data that is most relevant to the business—then converting that data into action, resulting in maximum profit. The industry is quickly moving to incorporating both historical data and trends and forward-looking demand data into a revenue strategy.

  • Learn how to modernise the old practice of reviewing regrets and denials into a fully realised, optimal revenue strategy
  • Combine a holistic view of demand intelligence and analytically driven actions into profitable results
  • Explore demand intelligence, providing insight into the booking intent, not just the booking, bridging the gap between marketing ROI and overall revenue strategy

Paul Van Meerendonk, Director Global Advisory Services, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation

10:45 Break

11:15 Total Revenue Management – Beyond RevPAR

Revenue Management used to be based on purely room rates, but now with increased ancillary offerings, RM needs to adjust how customer spend is measured

  • Have KPIs changed? Does the way you measure customer success need to adjust for 2017 and beyond?
  • Learn the importance of ancillary partnerships to both consumer spending and customer experience
  • Explore the techniques being used to measure the total revenue generated by consumers throughout their booking cycle

Nicolas Alsterdal, Director of European Revenue Management, Choice Hotels

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation

11:45 Increased Optimization of Hotel Performance with the Help of Advanced Algorithms

Big data is still on everyone’s minds, but with so much data available, both internally and externally, drawing useful conclusions cannot always be straightforward. Understand how algorithms can help you to detect and react effectively to everything from demand fluctuations to  competitors behaviour changes.

  • From inventory optimisation to demand forecasting, how can close advanced algorithms can make data work efficiently for you
  • Explore the need for close collaboration between data science and other departments helps cut noise and generate useful insights from data
  • Understand how advanced algorithms can help you better understand your consumer’s needs and create customised services they want to buy

Fabrice Otano, Chief Data Officer, AccorHotels

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation

12:15 First steps towards customer-centricity which delivers

To make smart data management work in travel, you need buy-in from all sides; but orchestrating KPIs and departments is not always straightforward. This presentation explores the strategy, expectations and practicalities of building a data-driven company culture which works:

  • Understand how you can incentivise all teams by unifying e-acquisition goals into shared KPIs 
  • Know how to effectively involve IT in a data management roadmap 
  • Fail fast and learn fast, activating quick win business use cases to start small and scrum up 
  • Save media spend straight away by orchestrating smart journeys and using consumer profile-matching.

Marc Vekemans, Director of Brand & Customer Value, Travix International
Tomas Salfischberger, CEO, Relay42

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation

12:40 Lunch

1:30 Lunch time workshop - The Psychology of Pricing

Pricing requires a deep understanding of both economics and customer psychology. However, whilst we often focus on the economics of margins, fixed costs and supply and demand, too often buyer psychology is ignored. Determining how a commercial proposition might be perceived by consumers, how this perception could be influenced by the structure and price of the offer, and how this phenomenon works independently of the original needs and desires of the consumer, is key to crafting an effective pricing strategy. This fully interactive session will test the audience on their knowledge of pricing and how consumer psychology can be used to better communicate prices and value, explore what works and what doesn't, with some useful tips and quick results.

Dimitris Hiotis, Partner, Simon Kucher & Partners

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Revenue Management

14:00 The Issue with Traditional RM

Revenue Management is changing, we all know that, but the technology that is now doing more work than ever is limited. Sometimes you need to look back to move forward.

  • Re-discover the algorithmic techniques that are the base for today’s heavily convoluted revenue management landscape
  • Forecasting is always difficult, but it is by no means a guessing game – explore how you price for the future
  • Discuss what is in store for the future of RM, will machine learning take over or will the old school prevail?

Dr Henrik Imhof, Head of Yield Management and Pricing, Sixt
Marta Varela, Global Director Revenue Management, Melia Hotels International
Dimitris Hiotis, Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Moderator: Pieter Jan Dorhout, Founder & Director, Pieter Dorhout Consulting

14:45 Revenue Management Transformation – Adopting Systems Effectively

Change can make or break organisations, from the smallest switch to corporate overhaul, it is always tough. Now with the RM space becoming increasingly prone to disruption and innovation, how do you implement new strategies effectively?

  • How do you balance people power against system power and how do you split workload?
  • Get all of your departments and systems on the same page, including sales, marketing, eCommerce and RM
  • Making the most of what you have – explore how you can utilise your RM/analytics systems to their full potential

Neville Isaac, Director RM Training and Development, NH Hotels
Shay Raz, VP RM & BD, Leonardo - Fattal Hotels Group

Moderator: Pieter Jan Dorhout, Founder & Director, Pieter Dorhout Consulting

15:30 Afternoon Break

16:15 Channel Management – A Deep Dive into True Distribution Costs

There are more ways to sell to your consumers than ever before, but your strategy needs to look at the true distribution costs of your chosen channels, how can you measure this?

  • One size does not fit all – what is right for another organisation is not necessarily right for you. How do you keep your strategy right for you?
  • Do you know the value of the competition? With distribution costs varying massively with different intermediaries, how can you get the best deal?
  • Explore the techniques used to measure the effectiveness of each distribution channel for you, and how to adjust your strategy accordingly

Asa Murphy, CEO, Bizstrat
Georg-Friedrich Gerstenkamp, Director of Revenue Management, Jumeirah
Bas Lemmens, Founder, Roomlr

Moderator: Pieter Jan Dorhout, Founder & Director, Pieter Dorhout Consulting

Smart Travel Analytics

14:00 The Rise of the Data Scientist

Data has come a long way since we were all worrying about Big Data and what to do with it.

Now the data scientists are in charge and they are quickly becoming key lynch-pins for travel organisations. Is it a fad, or do you need to consider the future roles of your team?

  • Understand the need for those who collate, analyse and draw meaningful learnings from data
  • Man v machine – can these new roles in travel organisations be overtaken by machine learning, or will we still need the human touch?
  • Discuss whether we all need to be data scientists at heart and learn the knowledge needed to utilise data to its full potential

Mark Shilton, Principal Data Scientist, Skyscanner
Ignazio Pisano, Group Revenue Manager, Europcar
Dr. Philipp Monreal, Global Head of Marketplace, Trivago
Kurt Baarman, Director of Business Intelligence, Blacklane

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation

14:45 An Exploration into Mobile Payments in the Travel Industry

In this unique session, Hotelschool The Hague delves into the world of mobile payments and how this could revolutionise the hotel industry.

  • Get to grips with the current payments landscape and explore how (and why) this needs to change
  • From automation through to customer experience, understand how payments can change the entire booking journey. 
  • Prepare for real key learning on payments, from an educational and professional viewpoint.

Andriew Lim, Professor of Technopreneurship and Innovation in Hospitality, Hotelschool The Hague, the Netherlands

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation

15:00 Big data and Translating that Information into Actionable Insights...  the “Holy Grail” for the Travel Industry

  • The Travel sector often looks to retail industry, by many considered a pioneer in big data, but does the retail industry have the answer itself or is it struggling with the same dilemmas and challenges as the travel industry.
  • Perhaps the answer is not in big data or small data but ability to ask the right questions, about the customer’s needs – and it all starts with understanding the context and intent. There we can take cue and learn a great deal from quite an unexpected source.

Bojan Jokic, CEO and Co- Founder, Epteca

15:30 Afternoon Break

16:15 Utilising Data Science and Advanced Analytics to Drive Product

Proactive or reactive, how you act on insight is as crucial as gaining it in the first place. Discuss best practice on how to use data to fill hotels and aeroplane seats.

  • Time is of the essence! Understand how you can quickly act on incoming data and capitalize on it
  • Discuss the methods of analysing your data and breaking it down to maximise revenue
  • Grasp how you can transform your product using the data you have collected and analysed

Charles Verstegen, Senior Revenue Development Manager, Transavia

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation


Day 1 Day 2

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Day 2


9:00 The Commoditisation of Travel Supply - Can Data Overcome This?

Travel is a tipping point. The rise of super-low airfares and the sharing economy has countered years of differentiation put in place by travel suppliers. How can we bring the excitement back to travel?

  • Understand the impact that commoditisation is having and how this is shaping the way consumers buy travel
  • Explore how differentiation can be achieved through the innovative use of data both big and small
  • Consider how smaller companies, like independent hoteliers, can compete on a global scale using data analysis to help give them the edge

Carlos Sanchez, Sr. Manager Big Data Analytics, Product Innovation, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Martin Ratolístka, Chief Data & Automation Officer,

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation

9:30 As we share more insight and data with industry partners how do we keep our website and services secure

  • What can Bot detection do to help you keep your digital product running
  • How do you stop Fraud or competitive Online Price scraping
  • APi integrations with distribution partnerships what measure need you put in place

Kelley Rowe, Travel Industry Web Application Expert, Distil Networks

10:00 Break

10:30 Using Data to Personalise and Drive Loyalty – Is CRM Now Ready to Go to the Next Level?

Today's consumer want to be unique, even if this is often just to show off on social media! The only way to truly personalise their trip is to fully understand the data you already have sitting in your system!

  • Consider your personalisation offerings and learn from the best in class on how to improve your customer experience and, ultimately, your bottom line
  • Before, during, after - explore when and where you can tailor consumer experiences, from pre-booking straight through to post-trip
  • Examine when to personalise and to whom. Everyone is different, so precise segmentation is paramount

Jan Krasnodebski, Director of Lodging Revenue Optimization, Expedia
Alessandra Di Lorenzo, Chief Commercial Officer - Advertising and Partnerships, Lastminute Group
Andy Owen-Jones, CEO & Co-Founder, BD4Travel

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation

11:15 Executive Interview - CCO NH Hotels

We have an in-depth fireside chat with Fernado Vives, the Chief Commercial Officer for NH Hotels, regarding how data is changing the hotel industry and driving innovation throughout travel

Fernando Vives, Chief Commercial Officer, NH Hotels

Moderator: Paul Richer, Senior Partner, Genesys Digital Transformation

12:00 Lunch


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Marketing Analytics

13:30 Leveraging UGC and External Data for its Potential

There is a wealth of customer data out there, from reviews to social media posts, but how can you identify it and put it to good use?

  • Explore the almost infinite world of third party data, from the partners you already work with, to new sources of freely available information
  • Understand what your customers really think when they post reviews and how this can impact your brand on a wider scale
  • Learn to bring in the data to help your personalisation offerings and keep your customer experience on top form

Fergus Boyd, VP Digital & IT, Yotel
Emanuel Zeiler, CEO,

Moderator: Colin Lewis, CMO, OpenJaw Technologies

14:15 Afternoon Break

14:45 How Omnichannel Is Only Achievable by Leveraging Data

With more and more bookings happening across multiple devices, is there a way to provide a seamless and consistent experience to your consumers? The answer is data!

  • Understand how traditional attribution models are shifting as new consumer technology takes hold
  • Explore the ways in which handovers now take place, transferring the customer journey from one device to another
  • Analyse where you are converting from and, more importantly, where you are failing to so as to maximise sales across all channels

Christian Tommerup, Head of Paid Media, Nustay
Daniel Wishnia, Digital Marketing Consultant, GCH Hotels 

Moderator: Colin Lewis, CMO, OpenJaw Technologies

Data driven Product Develoment

13:30 Using Data to Drive Digital Product Development

From tiny widgets to full-blown booking engines, everything digital should be treated as a product in its own right. How do you make sure your next beta product will be a hit, even before you launch?

  • Grasp how to identify a problem. Something may seem easy at first, but might be one of the hardest parts of product building
  • Get an understanding of the product research stage and what goes into a smart, consumer facing offering
  • Discuss product re-launches and when it is right to update or renew over building something from scratch

Carlos Borges Guimaraes Filho, CEO, TripRebel
Jean-Christophe Peube, Traveler & Sort Order BI Director, HomeAway
Will Ogden, CTO, Trusted Housesitters

Moderator: Tim Gunstone, MD, EyeforTravel

14:15 Afternoon Break

14:45 Mobile Focused Product Development Case Study

Utilising data to develop mobile focused products is one thing, but how do you develop mobile only products? This case study looks at Hoteltonight's approach to developing for the small(est) screen.

  • What, why, when and where? Take a look into the reasoning behind new product launches
  • Undersatnd the need to leverage data when devloping a mobile focused loyalty product
  • Grasp true learnings from a full cycle case study that you can utilise to discourage product failure

Amir Segall, VP International, Hoteltonight 

Moderator: Tim Gunstone, MD, EyeforTravel


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