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The 3rd annual Online Marketing, Social Media & Mobile in Travel Asia 2015 3-4 February 2015 | The Langham Hotel Kowloon, Hong Kong


The 2015 program and speaker line-up are currently being researched. To put forward your suggestions contact emily@eyefortravel.com

The past 2014 agenda can be viewed below:

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Chairman: Napoleon Biggs, Founder, Web Wednesday Ventures Ltd

Day One - Wednesday 27th November 2013

09.00 - 10.30 Keynote: APACs Travel Giants Paint the Picture for the Future of Social Media and Mobile in Travel

The travel customer has more and more choice - not just choice of destination and package, but choice of how they research, how they book, how they upgrade and how they experience. Explore the life cycle of a travel consumer and discover how key travel brands plan to evolve their strategies to adapt to a changing technological landscape

Presentations followed by panel debate:

  • Consumer behaviour - hear insider information from these key travel brands on where consumers are really spending their time - who is booking travel, where, when and how?
  • Discover how APAC's biggest players in travel view the life cycle of the travel consumer - where is the future of social media and mobile headed within this?
  • Explore how these giants are currently capitalising on the latest social media & mobile trends and challenge them with obstacles you've experienced, to align their success with your own strategy
  • Analyse how consumer behaviour has changed in terms or researching and booking travel through Social Media and Mobile in the past 12 months and what we have learned
  • Benchmark your strategy against what the travel industries' biggest brains and gurus predict for the next step in social media and mobile

Dean Dacko, Senior Vice President Marketing, Malaysia Airlines
Takanobu Yamamoto, President, Rakuten Travel
Steve Kalifowitz, Head of Brand Strategy, Twitter

10.30 - 11.00am: Networking Coffee Break

11.00 - 12.00pm: Cross Platform Marketing & the Consumer Journey: Understand Travel Consumer Behavioural Trends Across Different Platforms in the Lead Up to Conversion

By the time they come to make a booking, consumers are likely to have researched it on multiple devices. So how do you know exactly what made them book, at what time, and why? At what stage were they most engaged and how can you track where they have come from in order to determine what influenced their buying decision?

  • The customer journey: analyse how consumer behaviour changes via mobile, desktop and tablet devices. At what stage of the customer journey is the customer normally at, when using each platform?
  • At what point in the customer journey do mobile and tablets really add the most value? Where should you be placing your budgets?
  • Is the last minute mobile-booking notion a myth? What statistics should we be referring to, to measure this?
  • How does this consumer behaviour vary across region to region in APAC?

Dhiraj Trivedi, Director Group eMarketing, The Park Hotels
Amrita Banta, Managing Director, Agility Research & Strategy

12.00 - 1.00pm: How to Increase Mobile & Tablet Conversions and See Your Profits Soar

EFT's Social Media & Mobile in Travel consumer report found that over 2 years from 2011 to 2013, 63% more travel suppliers saw mobile booking volumes increase. It found that a fifth of consumers would make a purchase of under $200 via a mobile phone, increasing significantly in China and that 45.3% of travellers would make a last-minute booking on a tablet up to a week before travel, while 48.3% would do so on a mobile.

  • Explore the 'dos and don'ts' of mobile design: what aspects of the mobile design are responsible for picking up more bookings and making your mobile profits soar?
  • Learn how to capitalise on the new features of the smartphone device to further engage and secure maximum ROI
  • Aside from payments, what other barriers are there when selling via the mobile? Explore the consumer psyche and discover how to amend your strategy to increase conversions
  • Is it true conversions on the iPad are lower? Are most customers using iPads to research ideas and be inspired or are they lucrative converters?

Yosuke Inubushi, Producer, Jalan.net
Yolanda Lam, Head of Travel Vertical, Google Hong Kong

1pm - 2.30pm: Lunch (Social Media Master Beginner's Master Class: Conference room 1.30pm-2.30pm. US$150)

2.30-3.00 pm: Facilitate Easier and More Effective Payments Through the Mobile Channel

Mobile accounts for around 20% of all travel sales. In this session we examine the opportunities and what prevents the APAC travel consumer from booking via mobile.

  • Overturn the key stumbling blocks to smoother mobile payment processes for travel consumers
  • Analyse the future of payments on mobile: travel brands are experimenting with contactless and mobile wallet payment, and partnership announcements between suppliers and financial institutions are expected soon. What can we expect to see in terms of innovation and who should you be looking to partner with?
  • How do the biggest international travel brands align their payment processes with?

 Shashaank Shekhar Singhal, Sr Product Manager, redBus.in

3.00-4.00pm: Change Big Data to Smart Data - Why You Should Place Data & Analytics At the Heart of Your Mobile & Social Media Marketing Strategy

Effectively managing all customer touch points just got more complicated. Attribution is key from a data perspective. Revolutionize your mobile and social media marketing strategy with the latest big data and analytics management strategies in travel:

  • How is the data from mobile and social media stored in your database? Which areas must you absolutely be investing in and utilizing to market your brand and product?
  • What are the rights to data from Social Media - how personal can we get? Learn how to manage data through social media and segment on a granular level for the trends in the travel consumer's behaviour
  • Create a social CRM database from data collected on social media and mobile and transform the way you deliver your services to your client
  • Internal vs. external tools to manage data on social media and mobile- find the optimal balance in the most cost effective way
  • Blend effectively the co-existence of both big data and traditional data management architectures on mobile and social media
  • Learn the importance of retargeting - capitalise on detailed data and constant consumer interaction on the different social media and mobile platforms

Melpo Wong, Director of Digital Distribution, Dorsett Hospitality International

Joining the panel: Sean Seah Managing Director APAC, Groupon Travel, Andy Chang, Director of Digital Marketing & e-Commerce, Hyatt Asia-Pacific

4.00 - 4.30pm Networking Coffee Break

4.30-5.30pm: Measure Social Media Success, Analyse the Purpose of Each Key Social Media Platform & Evaluate Where Your Valuable Customers Are to Gain a Bigger ROI

Different social media channels present different opportunities for travel brands. With diversity of Social Media channels increasing throughout APAC, make sure you are using the correct social media channels for what you want to achieve with your strategy.
Presentations followed by debate:

  • The future of APAC’s social media giants: Is bigger always better? Quiz the social giants on the pro's and con's of their business models and hear what the future holds. Have they sacrificed too much credibility in the race to go mass?
  • Explore which platforms in APAC are the best for sourcing and retaining customers, and what are the correct social media channels for what you want to achieve with your strategy
  • Hear statistics on which social media channels you need to have a presence on immediately
  • Discover how key travel companies now make higher profits through social media application and usage

Jayne Yeung, Head of Advertising Sales, Facebook
Karen Tam, Director, Harbour City
Eric Cherng, Business Development Manager, Ctrip

5.30-7.00pm: Networking Drinks

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Day Two - Thursday 28th November

9.15-11.00am: Keynote - Consumer Engagement in Social Media: Get Innovative With Your Campaigns and Learn How to Really Engage Your Customers!

  • Lessons Learned from Social Media Engagement Case Studies: In this exciting session we explore the most innovative and explorative social media campaigns and analyse what worked and what didn't
  • China vs Japan vs South East Asia: Analyse the different approaches and engagement strategies which encourage the regional travel consumer to engage
  • Want to play? Are 'social games' an effective tool for engagement with the APAC travel consumer - when and where are they appropriate, and in what form?
  • What are the pros and cons of running competitions through social media and the key things you must avoid
  • Explore case studies on how to combine your product offerings to further engage customers and create a seamless experience

Ms. Widhadh Waheed, Director of Social Media Marketing, Shangri-La Hotels
Shubhodeep Pal, VP, Simpliflying
Timothy Hou, Director, Communications, Marina Bay Sands

11.00 - 11.30am: Networking Coffee Break

11.30-12.30pm: Learn How to Upsell On-Trip and On-Air via Mobile

Panel Discussion. Moderator: Sean Seah Managing Director APAC, Groupon Travel

It is arguable that the best opportunity the mobile device offers the travel industry is the way it allows travel brands to directly communicate with the consumer, real-time and on a 're-actional' basis (depending on what the consumer is doing at that time):

  • Get best practise tips on increasing overall customer spend through mobile during their travel experience
  • Which are the best channels to reach your customer whilst they are on-trip; SMS, email, adverts or apps
  • Use the data you already have in the most effective way to sell on-trip and on-air; segmentation
  • Explore key case studies of loyalty schemes which have increased brand awareness and secured repeat business in travel through the mobile

Ali Bullock, Former Global Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager, Cathay Pacific
Raphael Cohen, Co-Founder & CSO, Hotel Quickly

12.30 - 2.00pm: Lunch (Social Media Master Advanced Master Class: Conference room 1.00pm-2.00pm. US$150)

2.00-3.00pm: Sense & Sensibility: Who Owns the Visual, Audio & Video Space in Travel?

Mobile-originated content is dominating the social media space. Brands must consider what value short videos, photography and microblogging can add to their proposition if they are looking to be recognised in the next wave of the social media revolution:

  • How does video/photography/micro-blogging help the customer to trust and understand the product?
  • Discover the importance of video and why key travel brands see it as the way forward
  • Learn how to use video in your own strategy to take your brand experience to the next level
  • Discover how to get to grips with Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Lime to fuel your video and visual audio strategy

Achmad Alkatiri, Sr. Community and Social Product Manager, Wego.com
Kei Shibata, Founder & CEO, Venture Republic Global Pte Ltd

3.00 - 4.30pm APAC's Goldmine: China. Get to Grips With Social Media & Mobile Travel Trends in China

Presentations followed by panel debate:

  • Explore which travel brands in China are expanding hugely and what their approach to social media and mobile is
  • Identify the most popular social media channels in China and the respective demographics who are using them
  • Discover how to generate and measure real ROI through China's favourite social media channels and the worth of placing your budget here
  • Key facts and stats on the latest trends of the Chinese travel consumer: what are they buying into and who holds the Chinese travel consumer's attention?
  • Which international brands win the Chinese business and case studies on how to (and not to) market them
  • Analyse the importance of segmentation when marketing to the Chinese consumer and their expectations when looking to book through social media and mobile

Steven Pang, Co-Founder, YouBibi
Andy Chang, Director of Digital Marketing & e-Commerce, Hyatt Asia-Pacific
Jenna Qian, Deputy General Manager, Qunar

4.30pm Conference Concludes: Round up plus don't miss the Prize Draw! NOTE - You must be in the room to win!


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