EyeforTravel Europe Summit 2018 Agenda

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Day 1 - 4th June

5.00pm Opening Evening Keynote - Setting the Scene!
The Ground Beneath Our Feet Is Shifting - How Should You React?

How are 5 very different but incredibly successful travel companies changing how travel is sold?

  • From giant media monopolies to crazy politics? What strategies do you need to regain margins and profits?  
  • How do create world beating loyalty?
  • Understand what your digital transformation has to deliver
  • Don’t become disintermediated - fight your corner for the travel pie

Rome2Rio (Founder of Viator) Rod Cuthbert CEO Rome2Rio (Founder of Viator)

Airbnb James McCure GM - Northern Europe Airbnb

Hilton Geraldine Calpin CMO Hilton

Booking.com Onno Zoeter Principal Data Scientist Booking.com

Eurail Brenda van Leeuwen CEO Eurail

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Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Day 2 - 5th June

How the Big Boys and New Pretenders Can Grow

How is the world biggest travel group preparing for future growth? An executive fireside chat reveals .

  • How to not do a Monarch - Surviving Terrorism, Currency and Brexit
  • Change the traveller’s perception and build steel armour around your brand
  • Trigger the partnerships that will see you flourish in uncertain times

Priceline Todd Henrich SVP Corporate Development Priceline

How to Grow a Multimillion B2C Travel Brand in the Face of “Unaffordable” Online Monopolies?

Lost revenue is waiting for you to snatch it right back in an age of monopolies and uncertainty. If that seems impossible - here are the CEOs of Europe’s fastest growing travel brands of 2018 to prove you wrong!

  • A niche OTA that used the API model to get maximum ownership of its profit and data
  • Hear from a company that only pays for 7% of its traffic and only receives organic traffic from Google
  • Know the financial tides: discover when to work with and when to avoid the giants to preserve brand DNA, data control and huge revenues

Kiwi.com Oliver Dlouhy CEO Kiwi.com

Holiday Pirates David Armstrong CEO Holiday Pirates

Secret Escapes Tom Valentine MD and Co-Founder Secret Escapes

Hotelplanner Tim Hentschel CEO Hotelplanner

Morning Networking Break
Technology Keynotes - Disruptions, Threats and Huge Opportunities
Blockchain Demystified - How will it change your business?

The next 12 months will be very telling about whether blockchain is a sink or swim in travel

  • How can it be applied in travel and what structures will it disrupt?
  • Cryptocurrency has its place in streamlining a multi-currency industry - learn how this could play out
  • Sabre, Lufthansa and TUI all trialling blockchain. How will the travel industry look in the future?
  • Private Vs public blockchain. What are the differences and which will have the biggest impact.

TUI (Nordic) Martin Peik CIO TUI (Nordic)

Windingtree Maksim Izmaylov CEO Windingtree

Voice, AI, and Personalisation - Avoid Sloppy Investment and Join the Revolution

Voice, AI, and personalisation are in the position filled by mobile a few years back, and those who have invested wisely have already seen major rewards - discover how to seize these technologies now and take revenues and personalisation to the next level

  • Discover the use cases of machine learning delivering true value to your bottom line
  • Get the perfect balance of good people and good systems to inspire solid loyalty with your customer
  • Fuse machine learning and big data to achieve personal relevance and perfect timing the second your customer is looking!

Hostelworld John O'Donnell CTO Hostelworld

Rail Europe Didier Pinson CIO Rail Europe

Edwardian Hotels Michael Mrini Director of Information Technology Edwardian Hotels

Networking Lunch
Distribution & Partnerships
Fill Every Bed and Every Seat in Every Season

Sharing platforms have siphoned off the dominance of the big brands - put your customer in centre stage for long-term profit growth!  

  • Deal with individuals, not cohorts to inspire loyalty
  • Offer not just a bed or a seat, but an entire experience to grasp competitive advantage!
  • Design a loyalty program that turns the complex customer into profits

Potter’s Resorts John Potter Co-Founder Potter’s Resorts

What is the Next Big Thing to Capture a Loyal User?

We’re stuck with two dominant platforms - Facebook, Google, - is this endgame for digital marketing?

  • Social media, UGC and mind-blowing content - which way do you go?
  • Develop a mix between search and discovery to really engage with the user.
  • Harness your own machine learning project to deliver a truly personalised service

Hotels.com Ben Blake VP Global Customer Marketing Hotels.com

Digitalisation that Drives Profit - The Eurostar Story

Eurostar Nick Mercer Commercial Director Eurostar

Tours and Activities - The Next Big Frontier or an Industry Under Attack?

The entire industry is trying to integrate tours and activities into their product to make millions. Roll this out with the right tech and kick down the obstacles 

  • Roll out a golden USP to survive the likes of TUI and Siri 
  • Build a profit-boosting relationship between tours and traditional brands to reclaim lost commissions
  • Enter the new age of cross-selling with partners who will take your brand to the top!

Insight Guides René Frey CEO Insight Guides

company Tony Carne General Manager Urban Adventures

Withlocals Matthijs Keij CEO Withlocals

Reach the High Frequency Dreamer and Gain Untouched Profits

A large segment of your customers rarely travel but search frequently - personalisation, engaging content, and a mastery of timing will convert - learn how to execute this.

  • Utilise the data you already have to deliver the perfect message at the right time
  • Master content marketing that inspires absolute trust in your brand
  • Mirror your customer’s personality with a hyper-relevant search

Skyscanner Mark Shilton Principal Data Scientist Skyscanner

HotelTonight Marie Hardel Country Manager France, Benelux and Middle East HotelTonight

Dynamic Packaging - Master the Tech Behind Ancillary Revenue

In an era of partnerships, cross-selling and ancillary growth, develop the tech behind dynamic packaging to not get left behind.

  • Put the customer in the driver’s seat and grow your bottom line.
  • Get the architecture that supports a culture of upselling 
  • Give your customer the freedom to add a flight or tour in real time to be a tech trailblazer

Thomas Cook Brian Hogg Head of Digital Delivery Thomas Cook

company Sebastien Fallert MD Secret Escapes

Afternoon Coffee Break
Drive Direct through Mobile-led Distribution

To be first in distribution, you need a mobile-first strategy. Discover how to inspire loyalty through the mobile device.

  • Drive next level cross-device personalisation
  • Learn the mobile trade secrets to get your customer onboarded, converted and make them loyal
  • Create a mobile message so strong that you guarantee direct sales

, European Marketing Tess Mattisson Director, European Marketing Choice Hotels

Change the Customer’s Habits to Inspire Loyalty - Apps, Content and Customer Love

Customer habits are expensive to change, but are in a constant sstate of flux - learn how to change them and spend less

  • Discover the app approach that gives super-tailored content, experiences and leapfrogs google.
  • Keep the traveller fully engaged on your site from start to finish for unrivalled loyalty
  • Booking processes are stressful - make them a breeze for your customer and drive conversions through the roof!

Red Carnation Hotels Suzie Thompson Vice President of Marketing, Distribution and Revenue Red Carnation Hotels

company Pierrine Griffiths CMO VizEat

Pioneer the Futuristic Customer Journey - Video, Voice and Robots

VR, voice-enabled search, chatbots, video and AI presents a whole new frontier for the customer

  • The next industrial marketing revolution: How AI will power marketing strategies across all your digital channels
  • Discover how voice and VR-led marketing is trackable and measurable
  • Send your customer on a futuristic journey so they always come back!

Sentient Technologies Speaker TBC Sentient Technologies

Air Mauritius Youvraj Seeam E-Sales and Product Manager Air Mauritius

GCH Hotels Daniel Wishnia Digital Marketing Consultant GCH Hotels

Booking.com James Whitemore Regional Director UKI, Benelux and Nordics Booking.com

Future Mobility in Ground Transportation - Harness Multi-Modal Dynamics to Generate Growth!

With single-mode trips fading out, how do you partner to not lose your slice of the pie?

  • Become an expert in dynamic mixing to take your influence to the next level
  • Google Maps - both threat and opportunity - use it wisely
  • Develop agility in inventory management and move faster than the multi-modal current!

Blablacar Thibaut Harang Business Development Strategist Blablacar

Checkmybus.com Marc Hofman CEO Checkmybus.com

routeRANK Jochen Mundinger Founder and Chairman routeRANK

Gopili Yann Raoul CEO Gopili

The Best Way to Spend your Money

We are in a time of abundant ways to spend your money, spend wisely and track like a professional.

  • Metasearch? Publications? Internal processes? When to spend on what.
  • Understand the right BI tools and digital techniques to track and attribute cross device and yield huge returns
  • Engagement metrics - how to measure and connect your ROI

Viator Emilie Mouquot Director of SEM Viator

Panel: Asian Technologies that Shake the World

The Asian travel market is growing, not just in pure revenue but in innovation and its ability to try the impossible. Be the one to bring these trends West!  

  • Learn from the Asian-pioneered OTA marketplace model to truly expand your offering
  • Be ready for a mobile-first market and take advantage of the booming middle-class Chinese traveller.
  • Protect yourself from western disruption by investing in the East

Dragon Trail Interactive Roy Graff Managing Director Dragon Trail Interactive

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Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Day 3 - 6th June

The Partnerships You Need to Succeed

NH Hotels Fernando Vives CCO NH Hotels

BMI Jochen Schnadt CCO BMI

CIE Tours Susan Black CCO CIE Tours

Expedia Affiliate Network Ariane Gorin GM and SVP Expedia Affiliate Network

The Travel Corporation Dan Christian Chief Digital Officer The Travel Corporation

Fireside Chat: Spot the Future of Rail with Trainline
  • Why technology is the new frontier for global rail
  • How data is Trainline’s route to a global proposition grounded in serving local customers
  • Discover how artificial intelligence and big data is on the right track to localise global rail

Trainline Clare Gilmartin CEO Trainline

Integrate Ancillary Revenues: Tours, Rail, Fintech and Payments

As Expedia rolls out value added tours options, there’s a goldmine of ancillary revenues that you are leaving untouched. Partner now to see the value of your travel sales skyrocket and make your product memorable!

  • Stop bleeding out revenues to the giants and break into the travel industry’s fastest growing ancillary revenue stream!
  • Play the game: partner but avoid muddying your brand DNA so you stand out as a hallmark in travel
  • Develop the architecture on the front and back end to integrate seamlessly, slash wastage and see returns fast!

Italiarail Mike Fuller CEO Italiarail

SilverRail Technologies Cameron Jones CCO SilverRail Technologies

Ceetiz Damien Bellon COO and Co-Founder Ceetiz

Contiki Raj Dhawan Chief Technology Officer Contiki

Morning Networking Break
Data and Analytics
Revenue Management
Fusing Data and AI for a Customer First Approach

Hear from one of the world’s largest metasearch engines on how to combine an unbeatable approach to AI with data.

  • How the right tech-analytics strategy gives you a customer driven reputation
  • What machine learning platforms lead to more control over your data?
  • Discover a golden strategy to personalise and convert!

Booking.com Onno Zoeter Principal Data Scientist Booking.com

Expedia Nuno Castro Director of Data Science Expedia

The Migration to Dynamic Rates

As a revenue manager, you have the keys to direct bookings as much as a marketer. It’s all about that that dynamic pricing pitch - look no further...

  • Move away from static rates to drive direct, high value sales
  • Bring a culture of personalised pricing to RM to inspire loyalty
  • Go real-time to be ultra-relevant, dynamic and always ROI positive

Tallink Grupp Rene-Karl Arm Head of Revenue Management Tallink Grupp

ByHours Guillermo Gaspart Founder and Chairman ByHours

East meets West - Dive into Asian Distribution and Tech Frontiers

Asia is now leading in terms of travel technology, from OTA marketplaces to universal commerce platforms, what can you invest in from the East to see a true return?

  • Set up your presence up in Asia while you have the chance to unlock a brand-new revenue stream
  • As WeChat and AliPay overtake credit cards in China, take advantage of new payment gateways to be ahead of the tech curve
  • Passenger drones, air cruises and bike sharing - know what’s hot and what’s not 
  • Beat regional differences to make your entrance into the Asian market seamless and profit-driven

BeMyGuest Clement Wong Founder and CEO BeMyGuest

KK Day Prasanna Vee Chief Product Officer KK Day

Moderator: Markus Veikkolainen eCommerce, Distribution and Revenue Management Specialist Heleats

Overcome GDPR - A Law in Full Force

With the GDPR fully enforced by May 2018, implement it in your company like a data wizard to avoid crippling fines

  • Be compliant and continue a truly personalised data-relationship with your customer that drives revenue
  • How to maintain that the right processes are in place so you are 100% compliant
  • Develop skillsets in your data teams to make all individuals GDPR-ready

DataGRC Keith Dewey CISO/DPO/MD/Consultant DataGRC

Fight Inventory Devaluation and Track Down Alternative Revenue

With high competition and metasearch adding to discounted inventory, how will you maintain positive cash flows?

  • Pursue alternative revenue to get back that lost profit
  • Use smart pricing in an era of huge competition to drive direct
  • Get more agile on inventory management to move faster than the current and be the one to seize the deal!

Amaris Hospitality Stephanie Gosling Head of Revenue Amaris Hospitality

IHG Phillip Gardner VP Revenue Management IHG

Enhance Visibility across all Distribution Partners for All-around Growth

Distribution and PPC is no longer just a Google conversation, but a TripAdvisor and Trivago conversation. Achieve transparency between partners and understand what’s really delivering you value.

  • Know when to invest and when to pull back depending on the financial tides to see your enterprise grow
  • Maximise your exposure whilst slashing wasted spend
  • Become a master of your customer’s behaviours to know which partners sell and what partners fail

World Hotels Geoff Andrew CEO World Hotels

Viceroy Hotel Group Sagar Desai Head of Acquisitions and Development, Americas Viceroy Hotel Group

Moderator: Markus Veikkolainen eCommerce, Distribution and Revenue Management Specialist Heleats

Master Visualisation to Turn Insight into Profit

Building a readable data warehouse is vital to deploy analytics correctly - understand how to construct this and make your insight readable and profitable

  • Implement robust visualisation to make your data sellable to your entire organisation
  • Benchmark the data tools that worked and those that didn’t to cut wasted spending
  • Pin down the graphical methods that turn data into the actions that create new profits

Barbara Pezzi Independent Consultant

Pricing and Yield Technology - When to Invest and When to Reject

With the constant drive for you to adapt to dynamic rates, know when to invest in the tech that boosts your bottom line!

  • Distinguish between revenue boosting technology and the hype
  • Know the place for AI in an unbeatable revenue management strategy
  • Integrate the digital investments that see your revenues boom

Sixt Henrik Imhof MD Yield Management Sixt

Networking Lunch and Beginning of Workshop
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