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Ideas we are exploring for 2017...

Keynotes Distribution and Partnerships in a Digital Era Marketing & Personalisation Technology Tactics

Keynote Sessions

The State of the Travel Industry - Where are we now?

We will look at the state of the industry and where the opportunities to sustain and surge growth exist.

Produce a Digital Experience that Enhances your Physical Travel Product

The industry wants to inspire loyalty, drive revenues up and reduce costs. What can your digital product do for your business? Top decision makers from some of the world’s biggest travel suppliers discuss:

  • What they want their digital products to do for their customers
  • How to create a digital experience so good, it inspires not just direct bookings but lifelong loyalty
  • Can your digital product provide consistently high revenues as far as the eye can see

Debate - Who is Best Placed to Own the Customer – A supplier, a online intermediary or Google?

Tour operators and travel suppliers provide all the components to serve the customer at every stage of the trip, but can their digital product this drive loyalty and customer ownership? With reviews, search, tours and restaurant booking acquisitions, the major online players such as Expedia or TripAdvisor have a huge inventory to service the customer, but how much do they rely on Google and what is Google's goal with travel. Who (and with what strategy) is best set to thrive?

  • Drive non flight revenues in the age of mobile and data
  • Engage with the right partners and own the trip
  • Selling your product through external suppliers - discover the bulky savings and new niche market frontiers you’re missing out on

Bridge Technology with the Human Touch to Inspire Direct

How do you build a digital brand with a human touch?

Distribution and Partnerships in a Digital Era
Marketing & Personalisation
Technology Tactics

Driving Direct Distribution - Why is Everyone Talking Direct and Why should it be your Number One Focus?

  • Google’s 2015 bill for the travel sector was in excess of US$6 billion. Has this driven the desire for direct or is there more to it?
  • Explore the strategies that drive direct sales, what clever gimmicks you can ignore and the key to maintaining critical distribution partnerships
  • Discover how to utilise technology to be more visible to travellers worldwide?

The Price of Distribution and Loyalty - an Exploration into how Loyalty is Changing in Travel

  • Marketing isn’t cheap, keeping customers loyal is hard - why you need to bother when partners are so good at selling your travel product
  • How partners can work with suppliers to grow sales and take your brand to the moon
  • Who owns the customer when you sell through a partner? - your worries answered

Engagement - Implement Meaningful Content Marketing and Story-telling Strategies

  • The evolving role of social media as a customer service - utilise UGC to build an unstoppable brand
  • What are the secrets to successful online reputation management?
  • Learn how influencers now affect the market

Mobile Engagement and Marketing in a Multichannel World

  • Gain insight on progressive web apps and how they will revolutionise mobile engagement
  • Is messenger commerce the new mobile battle ground?
  • Discover how to levy data to take your marketing strategy to the top and message across multiple channels and devices

Conversational Commerce, AI and Machine Learning Tools that help you Engage, Sell and Drive Loyalty

  • With 900 million Facebook messenger downloads compared to a mere 100 million Uber downloads, don’t miss the boat on the intersection of messenger apps and commerce
  • From chat bots to automation, discover how AI is going to provide a viable channel for travel suppliers to sell on?
  • Ancillary revenues: Apart from rooms and flights learn how you can use conversational commerce to sell everything else

Data Driven Product Development Case Study

  • How do you make sure your next beta product will be a hit even before you launch?
  • Harness and utilise qualitative data to drive development of unique products
  • Learn how to create ultra-personalised content with API content partners
  • Know the right time to update and renew over building something from scratch to get the highest returns on your investments
Distribution and Partnerships in a Digital Era
Marketing & Personalisation
Technology Tactics

Business Models that Cause Earthquakes in Distribution

  • Global expansion - where do you go next and where does demand need to be satisfied?
  • Customer base explosions - discover how Secret Escapes grew their base from a domestic 4 million to a global 35 million in five years
  • The art of Flash Sales - how absolute urgency, demand for the spontaneous trip and private member models can make you thrive

New Revenue Opportunities in a Data and Digital Driven World

  • Discover how to push data partnerships that drive revenue but won’t damage your customer loyalty
  • Get access to the new revenue opportunities available from improved customer insight
  • Explore the best tools on the market that will help you suit the right customer to the right ancillary products?

How Brands Join Forces to Win

  • The travel is seeing a large uptick in mergers and consolidations - what are the opportunities and what are the threats?
  • Understand the power of integration to better compete in a dynamic industry and drive profitability
  • What is the importance of partnering and how broad can you go?

Case Study: Create Localised and Personalised Content Marketing that Drives Loyalty

  • Take personalised content to the next level and make your customer feel loved
  • Learn how to manage all channels you distribute through whilst tying this into driving a direct bookings and loyalty
  • Be part of an unbeatable marketing partnership - how do you set them up, who with and how can you make them last?

How to Create a Localisation Strategy that Sells your Product

  • Getting your localisation strategy right across skill sets and departments - from advertising to UGC to payments
  • Master the complexities and solutions you need to provide a seamless, personalized and localised product
  • Make your products and payments personal - from the initial advertisement to hitting the book button

The Future of Loyalty and the Customer Journey - 4 Loyalty Case studies from 4 Top Experts

  • Learn how to weave loyalty into your digital product and make your customers give allegiance to your brand.
  • Master deep segmentation and personalisation so your customers remain faithful
  • No one wants to be an annoyance - the difference between spamming your customers and having ever present marketing

API Technology - How are API Partnerships going to Change our Businesses Forever

  • Overcome the challenges of opening up an industry that’s been innovating since the 1830s
  • Discover how to merge new sources of inventory to make entirely new profitable products
  • Drive API content partnerships whilst conveying a personalised message to win the booking

Metasearch Redefines the Distribution Landscape

  • Attain the perfect mix - the best methods of utilising both meta and direct side by side for the highest revenues possible
  • Ground transportation metasearch - give your customer every method - from subways to ferries
  • Explore how metasearch has its place for a seamless customer experience and high returns

Zoom-in on Asia - Learning from the Leaders

  • As a mobile platform first, rather than search based market, how important is the Asian market to European players?
  • C2C brands have yet to flourish in Asia, why is this and how can it change?
  • Platforms dominate in China and none are bigger than Tencent’s Wechat. Is this the way Europe is headed with the growth of conversational commerce?
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Keynotes Distribution and Partnerships in a Digital Era Marketing & Personalisation Technology Tactics

Day Two

Keynote Sessions

Why Provide Service for Every Step of the Trip?

One of travel’s most innovative entrepreneurs discusses his next steps.The rise of multi modal meta search - With the rise of plug-and-play APIs and open source information, Meta has evolved to incorporate ground transportation and is set to go much further

  • Can meta service the whole trip?
  • Explore who truly owns the customer
  • Discover the trends that inspired this model and why was it so successful?

Panel: Creating the Connected Traveller Experience for an Unbeatable Product

How stronger data insight and better digital services will allow travel suppliers to service the customer of the future

  • How to develop a digital and data shift to become more agile and truly embrace digital service like a pro
  • Create a culture of learning and testing in your organisation to get your product absolutely right
  • What is the role of intermediaries in connecting with the customer?
  • The industry pays Google for industry knowledge and insight. What’s stopping better information sharing between standard travel industry players?

Commercial Partnerships that Thrive in a Digital and Data Driven World

Great marketing, good tech and solid distribution partnerships have always been at the core of our industry. Four influential experts look at the partnerships you need in a digital age and how they will evolve.

Leveraging Technology and Data to Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience

Chief Customer Officer talks about the technology and strategy and how to grow customer-derived revenues and loyalty in an increasingly competitive market.

  • Explore how to build a seamless customer experience based on world-class technology
  • Offer a robust customer experience and always stay ahead of their needs to guarantee true customer loyalty
  • Your customers now demand unparalleled flexibility and choice, use the crucial tools to build loyalty with increasingly savvy consumers
Distribution and Partnerships in a Digital Era
Data and Revenue Management Strategies

Which Way Now? Google, Partnerships or Going Direct?

  • What’s the next fantastic product Google is creating for travel in 2017 and what is their end game?
  • Uncover the tech, tools and partnerships you should trial to push for direct
  • Discuss Google’s role in travel and how the industry is destined to change with Google Trips
  • Capitalise on profits and reduce dependence on other brands to take ownership of the customer

Partnerships: Enhance Physical Trips with Digital Tools

  • From API integration to tours and accommodation - explore the tech and commercial strategy behind forming partnerships that differentiate your product and drive profit
  • Whatsapp, FB messenger, email or web: What is the best platform to keep your customer happy on their trip and loyal post-trip
  • Create a community for your customers prior to and during the trip to guarantee a golden customer relationship, advance your brand and enhance how you sell!

Case Studies: How has Data changed Revenue Management and can it Keep up with the ever Faster Demands of Digital?

  • Demand vs. Yield Revenue Management - what works best?
  • AI and machine learning for personalization - can this be applied to pricing?
  • Pin down how human labour is being challenged by AI and how the two can coexist with for the highest revenues possible

Panel Discussion: A Smart Investment into RM Technology

  • Discuss how to balance people power against system power and how you split workload for maximum gain
  • Get all of your departments and systems on the same page - learn how to make sales, marketing, ecommerce and RM teams sing from the same sheet
  • Making the most of what you have - explore how you can utilise your RM and analytics systems to their full profitable potential
  • How do you invest in RM to get the greatest ROI?
Distribution and Partnerships in a Digital Era
Data and Revenue Management Strategies

Case Study: Create Customer Experiences to Drive Direct Bookings

  • How to use customer experience as a tool to drive direct bookings and maximum revenues
  • What tools, investment and mind-set do you need to stop the commoditisation of travel through experience
  • What makes the customer come straight to you?

The Evolution of C2C and the Ramifications for Distribution

  • The biggest winner in the C2C market is apartment rentals. How big can this market get and how is it a game-changer for travel?
  • Adapt to survive: will the way hotels operate need to fundamentally change?
  • As more host tools come online, how sophisticated can the C2C market become?

Total Revenue Management - Beyond RevPAR

Revenue Management used to be based on purely room rates, but now with increased ancillary offerings, RM needs to adjust how customer spend is measured

  • Have KPIs changed? Does the way you measure customer success need to adjust for 2017 and beyond?
  • Learn the importance of ancillary partnerships to both consumer spending and customer experience
  • Explore the techniques being used to measure the total revenue generated by consumers throughout their booking cycle


Keynote Sessions

Is our Data Future about Tech or People?

In a recent poll, 67% of the EyeforTravel community identified data as the future key differentiator - but is the future about data and tech or the individuals that make up the industry themselves?

  • Learn how to make commercial and data teams fall in love and profit from the actionable data that results from this
  • A deep dive into the way analysis of customer data is changing and how you can best sell travel
  • Making the most of what you have - explore how you can utilise your RM and analytics systems to their full profitable potential
  • Discover how to empower the people that hold the data and have the keys to a rich and profitable analytics future


Keynotes Distribution and Partnerships in a Digital Era Marketing & Personalisation Technology Tactics

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