2016 Agenda

Keynotes Distribution & RM Mobile & Marketing Spotlight On Customer Experience Analytics & Personalization

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Day One: October 6th

**Timings subject to change**

7.00-8.30 Registration and morning refreshments
8.30-8.45 Introduction from EyeforTravel

Opening Keynotes

8.45-9.30 Opening Travel Industry Panel Discussion: Actively Prepare Your Brand for a World Where Customer Experience is the New Battleground

  • Learn how to differentiate your brand and stay relevant in the digital age
  • Debate how to survive in a world where the customer experience you provide is more important than the product you offer
  • In a price driven commoditized market discuss how to communicate and sell on value
  • Hear top tips on how to align all departments, from marketing to RM, to capitalize on digital disruption and achieve shared goals

Mandeep Grewal, Managing Director - Customer Experience, United Airlines
Dan Christian, Chief Digital Officer, The Travel Corporation
Scott Allard, Chief Information Officer, Allegiant Air

9.30-10.00 Panel Discussion: Insights into the Mergers & Acquisitions Which are Changing the Travel Industry

Todd Henrich, SVP Corporate Development, Priceline
Ed Lang, Director - Corporate & Business Development, Tripadvisor
Roopak Pati, Co-Head of Travel Investment Banking, Needham & Company
Brian Harniman, Managing Director, Brand New Matter

10.00-10.30 Networking Coffee Break

10.30-11.00 Grow Your Travel Business by Understanding Global Market Trends

  • Hear cutting edge research on the current state of the online travel industry
  • Gain an insight into the international markets which are growing, where would be worth investment and how differing consumer trends should impact your product offering

Diego Dugatkin, EVP, Switchfly

11.00-12.30 Position Your Brand for Mobile Success

  • As travel brands increasingly see more traffic coming from mobile devices hear top tips on how to optimize for mobile first
  • Explore what barriers still exist in delivering a seamless mobile experience and how they can be overcome
  • How can travel brands convert traffic into transactions?
  • Discuss where travel companies should focus their attention with limited resources and if bookings are a truly representative method for determining budget allocation
  • Turn your brand into a travel companion: Discover how to use mobile to improve the customer experience throughout all stages of the trip

Bill Keen, VP Mobile Solutions & Digital Guest Experience, IHG
Scott McNeely, VP Product, Viator
Mark Hollyhead, SVP, Egencia
Scott Bacon, VP BD, Miles Hospitality

12.30-2.00 Networking Lunch
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Distribution & RM
Mobile & Marketing
Spotlight On

2.00-3.15 Strategic Revenue Management: Increase Profitability Throughout Your Organization

  • Integrate RM into your company culture so all departments are working towards shared goals and maximizing revenues
  • Hear how you can adopt a holistic approach to driving profit, over top line revenue, to really add value to the bottom line
  • Own the booking and own the customer data – Explore how to work within your organization to increase direct bookings

Christen Garb, VP RM, Hyatt Hotels
Mark Molinari, Corporate VP RM, Las Vegas Sands
Cynthia Paynter, Director RM Talent & Education, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International


2.00-3.15 Omni-Channel Marketing and Brand Consistency

  • Explore how to create a consistent brand voice throughout all your marketing campaigns and communications with customers
  • Omni-channel content strategy: Learn how to create engaging and consistent content across different platforms
  • Digital marketing goes mobile: Discover how to integrate mobile into traditional marketing methods
  • Despite the growth of technology, traditional booking methods are still proving to be a key source of revenue for travel brands - Explore how to balance your online & offline marketing campaigns

Amy Ziegenfuss, VP Marketing - Focused Service, Hilton Worldwide
Speaker TBC, Neustar




2.00-3.15 Spotlight on: Ground Transportation

  • Gain an insight into how consumer behavior is changing when it comes to ground transportation
  • The connected traveler: Explore how ground transportation is an additional ancillary revenue stream for travel brands and how these partnerships can provide a seamless travel experience for consumers
  • Discuss what localized content you can provide to enhance the on-trip travel experience
  • A digital transformation: Discover how ground transportation providers are using mobile and data to build customer trust
  • Leisure v corporate: How can ground transportation providers address the different needs of both?

Fraser Campbell, CEO, Wcities
Armin Jose Cruz, VP Parking Business Unit, DFW International Airport
Emre Mangir, COO, Mozio
TBC: Timothy Moore, Web Services Manager (office of the CIO), Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Distribution & RM
Mobile & Marketing
Spotlight On

3.15-4.00 Panel Discussion: The Key to Omni-Channel Distribution

  • As OTAs experiment with different business models explore how to develop a channel management strategy which overcomes the rising cost of guest acquisition
  • Understand the cost of acquisition of each channel in order to drive lower cost business and increase overall profitability
  • Driving traffic v online reputation v bookings: Balance the value each channel is providing to create maximum impact for your brand
  • Discover how to maximize your own channels to drive more direct bookings

Chadi Farhat, Chief Revenue Officer & Interim COO, Morgans Hotel Group
Kathleen Cullen, SVP Revenue Distribution, Commune Hotels
Dan Wacksman, SVP Global Distribution, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts
James Gancos, CEO & Founder, The Guestbook


3.15-4.00 The Rise of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence in Travel

  • Discover the possibilities of new VR & AI technologies and if they really do have the ability to transform the travel industry
  • Discover how travel brands are experimenting with these technologies to inspire and engage customers
  • Beyond engagement: Can they be used to drive revenue and deliver ROI?

Caroline Coyle, VP Brand Strategy, Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
Phil Easter, Director Mobile Apps & Wearables, American Airlines






3.15-4.00 Spotlight on: Property Management Companies

  • Explore the role of property management companies in the hotel ecosystem in the digital age
  • Discuss how to access data owned by brands in order to make better decisions
  • Understand the role of asset managers and the value they bring
  • The smart hotel of the future: How to provide guests and associates with a better experience and more interactivity

Cory Chambers, VP & CRO, Hospitality Ventures Management Group
Sameer Mehra, CRO, Hersha Hospitality Management
Elizabeth Uber, SVP RM, Pillar Hotels & Resorts


4.00-4.30 Networking Coffee Break
Distribution & RM
Mobile & Marketing
Spotlight On

4.30-5.00 Sell More with a Trusted Payment Offering

  • Why Do They Pay that Way? Hear cutting edge research on attitudes to payments in 6 countries and which factors are at play
  • Mobile payments have seen a massive surge in popularity but how have the consumer perceptions of paying via mobile shifted?

Speaker TBC, Worldpay


4.30-5.00 The Age of the Upgrade: Stay Relevant on Social Media

  • Hear key social media trends and how to market to the tech savvy, disloyal millennial while still engaging with core customer segments
  • Earned v paid media: As the lines between the two become increasingly blurred how do you develop a strategy which integrates the two and ensures you are reaching the right customers on the right channels?
  • The rise of Influencer Marketing: As word of mouth is recognized as the most powerful form of marketing discover how to incorporate influencers into your social media strategies

Christine Espinoza, Associate Director, Global Social & Digital Content Strategy, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Parker Phillips, Corporate Marketing Director, Pacifica Hotels


4.30-5.00 Spotlight on: Corporate Travel - Egencia Case Study

  • Overcoming low user adoption: Explore how can travel brands can encourage their employees to use a corporate travel program
  • Innovation in corporate travel: Understand how technology is revolutionizing the travel experience for business travelers
  • Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular with business travelers but will they overtake hotels as the lodging of choice?

Juan Esteves, Director Global Product Management, Egencia
Ian Knox, Senior Director - Global Product, Egencia

Distribution & RM
Mobile & Marketing
Spotlight On

5.00-5.30 Panel Discussion: The Evolving Role of Meta-Search and the Impact on Your Travel Brand

  • Explore the changing role of meta-search and how this will impact both suppliers and OTAs
  • Discuss how to optimize metasearch to drive direct bookings
  • Breadth v Speed v Accuracy: How can metasearch sites better manage these components and use real-time data to ensure information displayed to the consumer is accurate and timely

Shane Corstorphine, GM Americas, Skyscanner
Daniel Holl, Head of Global Hotel Sales, Trivago
Travis Katz, CEO, Gogobot


5.00-5.30 Alaska Airlines Marketing Case Study: Taking Local Love to a National Stage

For more than 80 years Alaska Airlines has built a loyal following in the Pacific Northwest by combining award-winning performance with caring customer service. However, the way they showed up in a highly competitive market didn’t do justice to their outstanding reputation and held them back from receiving the credit and national exposure they deserve.

Hear how they have transformed the way flyers interact with their brand by redesigning everything from the airplane livery to bag tags. Alaska Airlines now has a brand that fully, and finally, reflects the exceptional work of its employees, and the remarkable experiences they create for customers every day.

Sangita Woerner, VP Marketing, Alaska Airlines
David Bates, Creative Director, Hornall Anderson



5.00-5.30 Spotlight On: Working Better With Organizations That Inspire Travel

  • Explore how travel inspirers, such as sports events, and travel suppliers can work better together
  • Events inspire group travel: Discuss how to better service groups and how technology is changing what is on offer
  • Debate: Can we dynamically package group travel?

Kurien Jacob, Principal, Highgate Ventures at Highgate Hotels
Walker Fletcher, Managing Director Americas, Inter Milan FC 
Tim Hentschel, CEO, HotelPlanner
Christopher Lee, Managing Director Partnerships, San Diego Chargers


5.30-7.00 Networking drinks reception in the exhibition area

7.00-10.00 VIP after party at Moon Bar, Palms Hotel & Casino
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Keynotes Distribution & RM Mobile & Marketing Spotlight On Customer Experience Analytics & Personalization


Day Two: October 7th

Opening Keynotes

9.00-10.15 Capitalize on Data to Win the Battle for the Customer

Despite the importance of data being universally acknowledged our research shows many travel brands are still struggling to find the time and resources to implement effective data driven strategies. It's time to overcome these barriers to capitalize on the growth of analytics and drive your business forward.

  • Prioritize data integrity: Develop a cohesive and consistent strategy which ensures you are collecting the right data for your organization
  • Internal re-organization: Break down silos and encourage sharing across departments to achieve business goals
  • Effectively balance resources and budgets to ensure your data is actionable, usable and delivering true value to your bottom line
  • Explore how to use data to deliver business results

Kelly McGuire, VP Advanced Analytics, Wyndham Destination Network
Johannes Thomas, Managing Director, Trivago

10.15-10.45 Networking Coffee Break

10.45-12.00 Develop an Online Reputation Which Directly Drives More Revenue

  • As word of mouth becomes the most influential form of marketing learn how to place guest satisfaction at the core of your strategies
  • Real-time guest communication: Explore how to invest time and resources into responding to issues and queries in real-time to increase customer satisfaction
  • Reputation management: Learn how to curate and present verified reviews throughout your channels to increase customer trust
  • Hear how to harness UGC at every touchpoint to secure customer trust in your brand
  • Case study: Hear how a self-funded UK start-up has become one of the top 5 most trusted travel brands and is now set to help 40,000,000 US households travel

Amber Olson, Director Online Reputation Management, Caesars Entertainment
Andy Peck, CEO, Trusted Housesitters

12.00-12.30 Start-up & Innovation Award Finalist Pitches

12.30-2.00 Networking Lunch
Distribution & RM
Customer Experience
Analytics & Personalization

2.00-3.15 Ancillary Revenues: Reduce Friction for the Customer While Driving Value to Your Bottom Line

  • From push to pull: Debate how to change your customer's perceptions of ancillaries so they are actively seeking them as part of their travel experience
  • Reducing friction v higher prices: How do you communicate the value of higher fares to customers?
  • Partnerships: Explore the opportunities to partner with other travel brands to increase your ancillary product offering
  • Learn how to leverage the latest technology to offer attractive ancillary services

Rustom Birdie, Ancillary Products Manager, Virgin America
Cheryl Rosner, Co-Founder & CEO, Stayful

2.00-3.15 Social Media for Customer Service: Keeping Your Customers Happy

  • Beyond engagement: Hear how to effectively leverage social media as a customer service tool
  • Brand management: Discuss the importance of managing your brand in times of crisis and turning complaining customers around to use your company again
  • Explore how to ensure you have the resources to provide exceptional customer experience via social media
  • Balance the need to reduce customer response time with providing intelligent, accurate responses in line with your brand
  • Understand the importance of real-time social media listening to shape positive conversations about your brand

Whitney Reynolds, Director Social Media, Kimpton Hotels
Tyson Jacques, Director Customer Experience Channels, Hotel Tonight
Speaker TBC, Twitter

2.00-3.15 Capitalize on Real-Time Data to Personalize Communications and Win Your Customer

  • Explore why real-time data is a marketing department's no.1 asset in the battle to win the business of price sensitive travel consumers
  • Use real-time data to enhance your multi-channel campaigns with effective remarketing
  • Dynamic content personalization: Explore how to personalize the visual, textual and promotional content on your website based on the user
  • One-to-One Marketing: Serve unique promotions to users based on their real-time behavior, occupancy needs and perceived LTV (Lifetime Value)
  • eCRM: Capture and store guests’ preferences while on-property to serve them relevant content when they return to the website or via email communication

Speaker TBC, Evergage


Distribution & RM
Customer Experience
Analytics & Personalization

3.15-4.00 Tech Update! Stay Ahead in the Rapidly Changing World of Distribution & RM Technology

  • Take advantage of the long awaited innovation in RM technology and gain an insight into which platform would be the best investment for your company
  • Learn about APIs and hear how they can deliver start-up like agility to your business
  • What is the future of instant messaging and chatbots in travel and how can you use these tools to deliver a better customer experience?

3.15-4.00 Innovate Your Approach to Loyalty in the Digital Age

  • Beyond the loyalty program: Redesign your loyalty strategies so customer experience and customer service, not points, are key drivers
  • De-silo digital marketing and guest service: Discuss the need for better use of CRM systems and data analytics tools to build customer profiles and segments to target the right user with the right offerings
  • Where should your mobile app fit into your loyalty strategy?
  • From the marketing department to the front desk: Motivate and equip your staff to provide consistent and exceptional experiences which will turn a one-time booker into a returning customer

Jay S. Rein, VP Travel & Hospitality Industry Solutions Practice, EPAM Systems
Christopher Barnard, President, Points 


3.15-4.00 Gain an Insight into Programmatic Advertising and Understand the Benefits to Travel Suppliers

  • Break down the myths and understand the true value of programmatic advertizing
  • Discuss practical tips to take the guesswork out of your advertizing campaigns and set KPIs to ensure the best possible returns
  • Evaluate if your retargeting needs more segmentation and sophistication to effectively engage consumers

Faheem Dayala, Director of Digital, The Travel Corporation


Closing Keynote

4.00-4.30 Panel Discussion: How to Respond to Disruptors and Predictions for 2017

  • A selection of our speakers will share their insights on how to work with, not against, the growing vacation rentals market and share their predictions for the cutting edge issues which will face the industry in 2017

Chadi Farhat, CRO & Interim COO, Morgans Hotel Group
Utpal Kaul, Head Global Tech Partnerships, BookingPal


Keynotes Distribution & RM Mobile & Marketing Spotlight On Customer Experience Analytics & Personalization


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