2017 Agenda

Keynotes Marketing & Analytics - Content & Social Media Distribution
Revenue Management and Pricing  Marketing & Analytics - Data and Personalization  Partnerships and Technology

DAY 1 19th October

Opening address - EyeforTravel
Prepare for the Next Wave of Disruption: What Will the Industry and Your Business Look Like In 10 Years’ Time?
  • How will the sharing economy, the power of Google and the drive to increase the life time customer value change the way you run your business?
  • Ride the digital tide – where should you invest, and how can you measure the effectiveness of your digital strategy?
  • What partnerships will you need to survive and what tech options are best suited for your goals?

Lola Paul English CEO Lola

The Travel Corporation Dan Christian Chief Digital Officer The Travel Corporation

IHG Michael Menis SVP - Global Digital & Voice Channels IHG

Fireside chat: The State of Travel with the Priceline Group
  • Details coming soon.

Priceline Group Todd Henrich SVP - Corporate Development Priceline Group

How is the Macroeconomic Landscape Impacting the Travel Industry?
  • How is the political and economic landscape going to change your business?
  • What are the key trends and future predictions in travel?
  • Industry statistics that will impact your business - how can you shape your product offering to align with the constantly evolving environment?

Highgate Hotels Kurien Jacob Principal of Technology Ventures Highgate Hotels

Viceroy Hotel Group Sagar Desai Head of Acquisitions & Development Viceroy Hotel Group

Morning Coffee Break
Building Brand Loyalty in an Era of Abundant Choice
  • Increase loyalty in an authentic way and deliver a superior guest experience
  • Explore the holy grail for travel brands – personalise your customer’s experience
  • How can data-driven insight be used to cultivate customer loyalty?
  • Nurture the lifetime value of your customer

Wyndham Worldwide Noah Brodsky Senior VP - Worldwide Loyalty and Engagement Wyndham Worldwide

Preferred Hotels and Resorts Michelle Woodley Executive Vice President Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Caesars Corporation Michael Marino Senior VP - Loyalty & Digital Caesars Corporation

Creating a Complete Customer Experience Through Smart Partnerships
  • What is the impact of digital and data on product and partnerships?
  • The role of industry partnerships in the current climate
  • Manage strategic partnerships and successfully develop new ones

Blacklane Dr Sascha Meskendahl CRO Blacklane

Brand New Matter Brian Harniman Managing Director Brand New Matter

Fireside Presentation & Q&A - Delving into Rise of The Non-Traditional Accommodation Model
  • The state of the vacation rental market
  • Deconstruction of the hotel and the concept of ‘Hotel 2.0’

Parker Stanberry Co-founder & CEO Oasis

Vacasa Cliff Johnson Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer Vacasa

Networking Lunch
Marketing & Analytics - Content & Social Media
Your Brand as a Single, Cohesive Entity: Perfecting Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy
  • Develop a holistic approach to meet the demands of empowered customers
  • Successfully cater to the multichannel focused customer amidst a fragmented customer journey - repurpose, adapt and republish existing content across multiple channels and media
  • What is the impact on customer loyalty and the potential for cross selling opportunities?
Navigating the Complex Distribution Landscape: The Changing Face of Third Party Distribution and Its Ramifications
  • Exploring brand strategy and direct connect - enhancing partner relationships in distribution models

Skyscanner Shane Corstaphine GM - Americas Skyscanner

Cleartrip.com Prasanna Veeraswamy Head of Product - Hotels Cleartrip.com

Delivering an Omnichannel Customer Experience in The Travel Industry: The Payments Challenge
  • How are payments the most complex aspect of delivering a smooth omnichannel journey?
  • What are the additional factors which make payments more challenging in the travel industry?
  • How can you design a payments strategy that balances flexibility with control to enable

EPAM Johnny Wyld Director - Business Consultancy EPAM

Drive Direct Bookings In A Hyper-Competitive Environment - Tackle The Challenge Of Winning That Direct Booking To Minimise Commission Pay-Outs And Maximise Profit
  • What are the strategies and initiatives that drive direct sales and enhance brand visibility?
  • Maximise the value of your distribution partners - how do OTA’s fit into the picture?
  • Linking the price of directs sales with loyalty

RoomKey Steve Sickel CEO RoomKey

Maximise Your Influence and Capitalise on The Travel Planning Touchpoints
  • Identify the moments that shape the customer journey – from inspiration to booking
  • Leveraging data to track your customer’s brand habits and personalise before pitching your product
  • What are the strategies you can employ to push your customer down the purchase funnel?

 Wyndham Vacation Ownership Kim Matlock VP Digital Strategy Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Afternoon Coffee Break
Marketing & Analytics - Content & Social Media
Content That Travels - The Latest Trends, Insights and Best Practices in Content Marketing
  • Create and curate content that drives audiences, engagement and direct bookings
  • What are the types of content travelers are interested in? Exploring how contact impacts search results and rankings
  • The latest trends in rich media and immersive technologies including AR/VR, and live streaming

Miles Scott Bacon VP - Business Development Miles Hospitality

Tours and Activities: A New Force in Distribution
  • A desire for curated and personalised customer experience across all key touchpoints
  • Deliver a seamless and convenient experience across all channels
  • What are the benefits of partnering with hotels and airlines?
Marketing & Analytics - Content & Social Media
Revenue Management and Pricing
Mastering Social Media and Dynamic Content as Tools to Enhance the Customer Experience and Drive Loyalty
  • Aligning your content and marketing strategy to engage the digital traveller
  • Using relevant content to boost bookings - what is the role of social media in the remarketing and prospecting of customers?
  • Content marketing to increase brand awareness -  how can you turn your customers into brand ambassadors for your product?

Club Med Alicia Javelon Head of Content & Product Strategy Club Med

Contiki Rita Kelly VP - Marketing and Communications Contiki

One Team, One Revenue Dream: Keeping Up with The Evolving Landscape Of RM to Maximise Total Profits
  • The changing landscape of RM - Beyond RevPAR towards increased ancillary offerings and total RM
  • Move from a silo-ed approach to one where all the departments work together - from sales, marketing, and e-commerce
  • Investment in RM technology to maximise your ROI - the impact on KPIs and exploring new ways of measuring success

1859 Historic Hotels Josh Henegar Corporate Revenue Director 1859 Historic Hotels

Copa Airlines Chris Amenechi VP Revenue Management Copa Airlines

Case Study: Destination Storytelling Through Experiential Marketing

Las Vegas Convention Visitors Authority Nicholas Mattera Senior Director - Digital Engagement Las Vegas Convention Visitors Authority

Forecast Accurately, Eliminate the Unknown and Approach Pricing from a Customer-First Perspective
  • Understanding and segmenting demand in more detail – developing short and long term pricing strategies
  • Customer-Centric RM in the Digital Age - Personalisation and micro-targeting in revenue management
  • The integration of data analytics with RM to understand consumer behaviour and support decision making
  • Balance human labour and technology to more effectively develop pricing strategies

Hilton Jeff Borman VP Revenue Management - Franchise Hilton

Payments Reimagined: Making Seamless Travel Happen
  • How can OTAs, airlines, and hotels ensure a seamless payment journey, even beyond the point of booking?
  • Exploring the booking journey, payment processing and learn to increase revenue streams with ancillary services

Worldpay Fredo Pen Business Development Director Worldpay

Close of Day 1 - Networking Drinks in The Exhibition Hall
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Keynotes Marketing & Analytics - Content & Social Media Distribution
Revenue Management and Pricing  Marketing & Analytics - Data and Personalization  Partnerships and Technology

DAY 2 20th October

Poised for Digital Transformation: How Will AI Revolutionize Travel?
  • Shift the paradigm –identify pieces of workflow that can be automated in an end to end customer service journey
  • The difference between tuning AI for travel planning vs the customer service domain
  • Leverage customer data to improve customer touch points and overall operations
  • How can AI change the strategies travel brands deploy to acquire and retain customers?

Expedia Jay Fluegel Head of Product - Customer Care Expedia

HotelTonight Sam MacDonnell Chief Technology Officer HotelTonight

Connecting the Data Dots to Build Complete Customer Profiles
  • Reimagine what a better customer experience would be – tracking data to understand shifting preferences
  • Using data to join the dots between both omnichannel and multichannel – what information can you gather to deliver a seamless experience?
  • Data as the cornerstone of your marketing strategy - integration with internal departments and commonality of data
  • Analyse the right data in an intelligent fashion

Conversant Media Nancy Hall SVP, Travel Solutions Conversant Media

IBM Steve Pinchuk WW Lead IBM

The All-Inclusive Hotel Experience – Creating and Enhancing an Authentic All-Inclusive Guest Experience
  • How can the all-inclusive model enhance the guest experience?
  • The All-Inclusive Selling Proposition
  • Expansion of consumer brands into the All-Inclusive space

Kevin Froemming EVP & Chief Marketing Officer Playa Hotels & Resorts

Morning Coffee Break
Virtual and Augmented Reality: Hype or Hit?

Google Michael Almeraris Global Mobile Virtual Reality Partnerships & Strategy Google

A Mobile-First Mindset: From Search and Inspiration to Traffic and Transactions
  • According to Google, smartphones have become a go-to resource for nearly every travel need – how can brands capitalise on this to better engage with customers?
  • Develop a mobile friendly strategy – from the ‘I want-to-go moments’ to ‘I’m ready to book’
  • Keys to building app preference and boost engagement–  how can you maximise the design elements, and what are the features that will enable this?

Jeena James Global Head for Travel & Local, Apps - Business Development Google Play

Customer-Centric RM in the Digital Age - The need to re-invent Revenue Management
  • How has the foundations of revenue management changed over the years?
  • Mega trends like Big Data, machine learning, digital transformation and artificial intelligence driving disruption – what is the impact on RM?
  • What are the opportunities for hotels to leverage learnings from airlines, cruise, amusement and retailers and re-imagine RM and opportunities for organic revenue growth?

Revenue Analytics Matt Busch Partner Revenue Analytics

Networking Lunch
Marketing & Analytics - Data and Personalization
Partnerships and Technology
The Road to Complete Personalization
  • Effective and relevant messaging to the right person at the right place and right time – bridge the personalization gap
  • Personalise at scale - coordinated efforts in content creation, distribution, data collection, analysis
  • The battle for bookings - own big data and interpret it to successfully deliver a more personalised, contextual experience for customers across all devices

Marriott Sean Brevick VP - Marketing and Digital Services, Americas Marriott

Mindtree Srini Kasthoori Associate Vice President - Travel Mindtree

The Collision of Digital and Physical Worlds – Creating a Seamless Customer Experience Through Emerging Technologies and Mobile
  • Ensure a simple and seamless search, inspiration and booking experience
  • Adding value with AI to improve the customer experience
  • Multi-screen opportunities to optimise revenue
  • Balance the human and tech elements to enhance your travel product

Marriott International Brooks Martin Senior Director Mobile and Digital Guest Experience Marriott International

Hotelplanner Tim Hentschel CEO Hotelplanner

Data as The New Game Play in Travel - Capture Customer Data and Add Value to Your Bottom Line
  • Having access to an unprecedented amount of travel data – how are brands applying and learning from it?
  • Drive smarter consumer acquisition and reputation management techniques through pre, during and post trip insights
  • Use and capture passenger data to increase the value of ad impressions and use the data as currency

Lufthansa Systems AmericaMichael Childers Chief Consultant - Content and Media Strategy Lufthansa Systems America

Expedia Herman Chiang Director - Global Product Expedia

Case Study: Enhancing the Hotel guest journey and experience – how can mobile technology and AI enable interaction and improve the customer experience?
  • The use of mobile and AI technology as a tool to empower the employee and customer
  • Increase employee and customer engagement with AI
  • AI powered conversational commerce

Edwardian HotelsMichael Mrini Director of Information Technology Edwardian Hotels

Effectively Connect Travel Brands with Chinese Outbound Travelers
  • What strategies should travel brands adopt in connecting Chinese travellers?
  • Ride the big data wave - How can an adtech platform be used as an effective tool for travel brands to be successful in the Chinese market?
  • The complete solution for launching compelling, multi-channel retargeting and prospecting campaigns
  • Successfully understanding your audience at specific phases of booking through organizing customer data

iPinYou Sara Ye President of International Markets iPinYou

Senior representative TBC Xiamen Air

Harnessing the Power of Platforms to Increase Customer Engagement and Win the Booking
  • The shift from a channel centric approach to a customer centric one
  • How can you successfully convert traffic into bookings?
  • Attracting guests across all channels

Booking.com Ben Bates Commercial Excellence Manager Booking.com

Tackling The New Era Of Data Analytics – Strategic Partnerships, APIs And Insight Sharing
  • Learn from a European OTA that formed hundreds of API partnerships in 2 years to drive record growth
  • Be partner friendly-  What do you need to do to make your company attractive and easy to partner with?
  • Data dating - How do you sift through the painful flings and find beneficial committed data partners?

Expedia Brandon Ehrhardt Strategic Initiatives Manager, Global Partner Group Expedia

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Carlos Sanchez Senior Manager Big Data Analytics - Product Innovation Carlson Wagonlit Travel

KiwiZdenek Komenda Chief BD Officer Kiwi.com

Afternoon Coffee Break
Afternoon Coffee Break
Data Visualisation - Better Clarity Through Numbers
  • The use of customer data to drive better performance
  • How are people effectively managing customer data to provide better service?
  • Data management tools – how do they make data workable and create actionable insight?
Ground Transportation and Mobility Changing the Landscape Of Travel
  • Mobility as one of the key innovation drivers in travel for years to come
  • Working with taxis and hotels - creating cars and drivers as ancillary services
  • The business for scheduled services (bus, train) is barely digitalized and thus running below potential – autonomous buses in combination with digitalization might change the complete landscape of mobility
  • Flexible networks enabling intercity connections and connections to rural areas or tourist attractions with high speed trains or flights – enhancing the overall customer experience

Marc Hofmann CEO CheckMyBus

Who Is Your Customer? Build Deeper Connections and Contextually Driven Interactions with Machine Learning
  • Reimagining what a better customer experience would be
  • Identifying consumer trends and compile your customer data
  • Better use of data analytics to build customer profiles to retarget with the right offering

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Utpal Kaul Head - New Product Incubation Carlson Wagonlit Travel

End of Marketing & Analytics Track
End of the Partnerships & Technology track & Close of Conference
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