The Agenda which will see you Own your Data. Master Digital. Dominate Bookings.

Day One: 28 November

7:30-9:15 Morning Networking Coffee
9:15 Opening Address

EyeforTravelLeo Langford
Global Conference ProducerEyeforTravel

9:30 Can Tech and Data give our Industry back its Soul?
  • Travel and hospitality suppliers often connect to their customers just once or twice a year. This makes creating loyalty impossibly hard to achieve.
  • With the world’s biggest digital platforms engaging with your customer ever more closely how can you fight back and how can you make your brand and your product the place people want to be throughout the customer journey?

MagnussonAlysha SmithGlobal Head of MarketingMagnuson Hotels

Genesys Digital TransformationModerator: Paul RicherSenior PartnerGenesys Digital Transformation

9:55 Create Lifetime Loyalty: Mobile UI is UX
  • In the days of the cavewoman, a typical user experience involved walking to the nearest cave to negotiate a trade for a mastodon pelt. Today’s travel users are neither geographically-constrained nor necessarily buying physical products. How can you drive customer loyalty in such an environment?

Loco2Dave AshtonCEOLoco2

10:20 Morning Networking Break
11:05 A Human Touch Powered by Technology
  • How can we use technological superpowers like AI to serve our travelers better?
  • Balancing machine’s speed and efficiency with human creativity and empathy
  • How KLM uses these insights throughout the customer journey: from personalized Digital Marketing to AI-supported social media service (and everything in between)

KLM Wijnand de Groot VP Digital Marketing and Sales KLM

11:35 Leverage Data and Technology to Shape the Future of Travel

While passenger demand is expected to double over the next 20 years, discover how to make the travel experience become less stressful and more personal.

  • Become an expert in modeling capabilities manifested in open source initiatives, off-the-shelf and cloud computing solutions which lower the barrier to entry.
  • Be well positioned to be more efficient and offer more personalized services powered by new technologies and new standards such as New Distribution Capability (NDC) and One Order.
  • These standards allow interoperability and collaboration across the travel value chain, Use them to orchestrate personalized experiences across end-to-end products and services.

IATA Houman Goudarzi Head of BI Projects and Industry Engagement IATA

12:00 Networking Lunch
Technology and Travel Analytics
Distribution and Partnerships
1:30 Appoint your First Head of AI

Now is the time to create new management roles that will see AI in your business fully take off.

  • Know where to look externally for the talent that will drive your company forward
  • Discover how to integrate these roles into the business side so they drive real profitability
  • Learn how distinct Heads of AI and Heads of Machine Learning can boost revenues Bas Lemmens CEO

Genesys Digital Transformation Moderator: Paul Richer Senior Partner Genesys Digital Transformation

1:55 End Data Paralysis and Get Stuff Done.

Distraction is the number one problem for data teams – learn how to overcome too much data without a plan.

  • Formulate your data vision so you know your issues and get them fixed
  • Discover the data methodology that wipes out data paralysis
  • Identify dead data and understand how to recognise data that really grows your bottom line

Fineway Michael Muckel CTO Fineway

1:30 How to Survive and Thrive in a Market Dominated by Megabrands 

With M&A activity at an all time high, you are up against powerful competition. Get your industry partnerships sorted and grow your market share!

  • Get savvy with a user experience that gives you a solid and trusted reputation
  • Unveil the Achilles heel of travel monopolies and capitalise on where they fall short
  • Create a golden relationship with third parties that will take your brand above and beyond!

Secret Escapes Louise Nolder Global Brand Development Director Secret Escapes

Hyatt Sanchit Rege Manager, E-Distribution Europe, Africa, Middle East and South West Asia Hyatt International

Heathrow Express Fraser BrownRetail Director Heathrow Express

Hotel Lugano Dante Moderator: Carlo Fontana General Manager Hotel Lugano Dante

2:15 Apps, Voice and Mobile - Get it Right.

The root of loyalty is now ease. Make it convenient for your customer to buy travel from you and modernise your loyalty strategy.

  • Maintain a frictionless app that eradicates the limits of mobile and boosts conversions
  • Discover how to drive sky-high mobile bookings in lucrative new markets
  • Integrate voice activation into your booking experience to give your customer the path of least resistance

Costa Cruises Laura Giorgetti Onboard Digital Guest Experience Project Manager Costa Cruises

CityJet David Cadenhead Director of Information Technology CityJet

2:45 Maximise the Value of Every Customer - Leveraging AI and ML to Calculate, Predict and Maximise LTV
  • Accurately calculate customer lifetime value using predictive analytics
  • Analyze your customers’ lifetime value to gain context to customer behavior
  • Derive actionable insight and discover untapped potential within your customer base

Optimove Roni Cohen Director of Data Science Optimove

2.20 The Big Players move into the Experience Economy - Know how to React

With Airbnb experiences, Uber’s new offering and value added ballooning the sales of the giants, it’s time to up the game.

  • Build revolutions in hotel concierge to rival the might of the experience economy
  • Don’t leave this only to the big brands. Spark up the partnerships now that see you profit from this new trend
  • Discover how to open up your API to a world of experiences that upgrade your sale.

Insight Guides Rene Frey CEO Insight Guides Alex Tourski Founder

Nezasa Manuel Hilty CEONezasa

3:05 Afternoon Networking Break
3:35 Be Scientific and Creative with Social Media

Most social media messages are hollow and purely transactional. Discover how to build a brand on social media that brings value to the customer and your reputation.

  • Make your social media communications more frequent and less transactional
  • Bring personalisation and relevance to your customer through social channels
  • Develop the human touch through social media that motivates loyalty

icelolly Alex RenshawSocial Media

3:35 Hack Smart Distribution Across the Value Chain

The fragmented view of the customer means you don’t provide the best experience. Build trust across departments and serve the customer on new levels.

  • Discover how to react in real-time to changes in the customer journey
  • Build partnerships and alliances that drive personalisation and direct bookings
  • Learn how to get a 360-degree view of your customer

Aeroflot Konstantin Demanov Deputy Sales Director Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

Hotel Lugano Dante Carlo Fontana General Manager Hotel Lugano Dante

3:55 Tools, People and Software - The Roadmap to Prediction and Profit

From Revenue Managers to marketers, accurate predictions are worth its weight in gold…

  • Pin down advanced visualisation methods to secure quick and profitable decisions
  • Learn how to construct a headstrong team of analysts that get it right
  • Discover the software that compliments your human workforce and sees you master predictive analytics

Intent Media Shehzad Khan Vice President, Data Product & Operations Intent Media

4.15 A Walk in the Traveller’s Shoes
  • How do travellers choose the perfect holiday home that matches their needs?
  • How much support do they expect from homeowners and the website they book through?
  • HomeAway shares insights learned through traveller research and feedback channels as well as innovation that boosts the traveller experience.

HomeAway Christian Berces Sr. Director EMEA Operations and Product Performance HomeAway

4:20 Blockchain in Travel - What’s in it for you?

Is Blockchain really worth investing in and where do you start from?

  • Discover what Blockchain really is
  • Hear real use cases of Blockchain technology applied to the travel industry
  • How did Air France - KLM decide to encompass blockchain technology

Air France KLM Iris TaguetHead of Blockchain Program Air France-KLM


Day Two: 29 November

8:30-9:15 Morning Networking Coffee
9:15 An Extraordinary Journey into Data Science and AI
  • Success stories, lessons learned and the enablers for future acceleration
  • Cloud and why it matters
  • Keep CALM: Collaborate, Automate, Learn and Measure

TUI Group Aaron Sugarman Chief Commercial Architect TUI Group

Genesys Digital Transformation Moderator: Paul Richer Senior Partner Genesys Digital Transformation

9:40 Merge AI into Your Business

You can’t just buy AI off the shelf, learn how to train workforces and adapt machine learning into your existing business profitably

  • Integrate AI seamlessly without rocking your financial boat and to see you catch up with the rest of the industry 
  • Know where and where NOT to buy an artificial intelligence system
  • How have the giants of global business integrated AI into their existing structures?

IHG Jeff Garber Vice President - Revenue Management Systems IHG

The Travel Corporation  Raj DhawanSenior Executive, TechnologyThe Travel Corporation 

10:20 The Digital Transformation of a Global Business 
  • Discover the value that an agile transformation could bring to your business
  • Hear how to create an innovative ecosystem in your organisation
  • Unlock data to accelerate the change that your company needs

IAG Cargo Matthew GardinerMarketing Manager
IAG Cargo

10:45 Morning Networking Break
11:20 Learnings from Machine Learning - At Work

A case study on the concrete implementation of machine learning and how it delivered business value.

  • Process Automation vs Automated Decision Process – how to optimizes your pricing
  • A use case on SEM Auto Bidding that fuels growth
  • As a data scientist, are you looking for the right problem?
  • Stand-alone function vs embedded ingredient – crack the right marketing technology
  • Smart analysts vs code writers - discover the essence of what makes a real data scientist Sergio Stievano Chief Data Officer

11:40 How not to Lose Today’s Customer whilst being a Traditional Conglomerate
  • Grasp the challenges and success stories of Deutsche Bahn, the former German state railway company, with regards to mobility 4.0
  • Take a closer look at the real needs of today’s travel customer and how to meet them to guarantee loyalty
  • Get the customer-centric secrets from a company that operates in 130 countries worldwide and 12.1 million passengers per day

Deutsche Bahn Mathias Hüske Chief Digital Officer Deutsche Bahn

12:05 Networking Lunch
Analytics and Payments
Revenue Management
1:30 Use Data to Green Light Brilliant Products
  • What data do you look at to green light a product?
  • Discover the parameters in data to monitor your product’s success
  • Use data best practice to know what did and didn’t work

Travix Tina Haslem Head of Product - Air & Supply Travix

Vendorcom Moderator: Paul Rodgers Chairman Vendorcom

1:30 The Forecasting Holy Trinity - Business, Tech and Maths

Accurate forecasting is the Holy Grail. Crack business insight, tech and mathematics in your RM team for long-term success.

  • Don’t just throw machinery at a problem. Discover the skillsets needed to forecast profitably
  • Nail skill sharing in your team to boost margins
  • Tie together these three skillsets when hiring new revenue forecasters

Europcar Ignazio Pisano Revenue and Capacity Management and Leisure Sales Director Europcar

Genesys Digital Transformation Moderator: Paul Richer Senior Partner Genesys Digital Transformation

1.55 The Dream Team: From Content Editors to a Content Power House, Customer Centric & Cross Functional
  • Why Interrail & Eurail implemented transformational change within their content & digital teams
  • The opportunities & learning lessons of organisational change: From Silos to Xfunctional
  • Use learning from the “old world” of newspapers to enable transformation
  • A new structure, a new team and how to add value in a changing company Roel Verhagen Head of Ecommerce

1:50 Minimise Damage and Loss

We all have low peaks. Tackle the issue of empty seats and beds with sound pricing and strong messaging

  • Know the seasons when ancillary is as important as the base product to cut losses
  • Awaken total revenue management to cover everything from breakfast to parking spaces and banqueting on a hyper-individualised level
  • Become professional at constant communication with sales teams to eliminate lost revenue

Thomas Cook Hotels and Resorts Daniela Hupfeld Commercial Director Thomas Cook Hotels and Resorts

Thomas Cook Hotels and Resorts Cynthia Reitano Deputy Director Revenue Management & Pricing Thomas Cook Hotels and Resorts

2:20 Afternoon Networking Break
2:50 Rethinking Payments Convenience for the Connected Traveller

In the midst of drastic technological change and a shift in consumer behaviour,

Amazon Pay continues to innovate on behalf of the customer.

  • How to service customer demands for personalised shopping, instant gratification and a sea of options
  • Shift to provide the best experience in the travel industry
  • Discover how Amazon Pay is rethinking convenience for the connected travel consumer.

Amazon Pay Thomas Gmelch Head of Travel and Mobility Amazon Pay

2:50 Master a Dynamic and Automated Future

Your customer is more fickle than ever but disposable income is rising.  Learn how to be dynamically ready and stop haemorrhaging money.

  • Don’t waste this opportunity for frequent contract renewal and to push dynamic rates
  • Be flexible with your RM strategy to suit a capricious customer
  • Keep the cost of dynamic pricing down with smart automation and a human/AI mix

Tallink Rene-Karl Arm Head of Revenue Management AS Tallink Grupp

3:10 Blockchain in Payments - Could Decentralisation Smash Traditional Platforms?

Discuss the implications for finance, payments and how this effects travel transactions.

  • A threat to the OTAs business model or a myriad of new opportunities?
  • Is the rise of crypto-economics set to be a travel game changer?
  • How can travel tap into already ‘tokenised millennials’ to make millions

Savii Digital Aviva Ounap CEO Savii Digital


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