Quick Times:

Apr 8th

6pm - 8pm: Pre-registration Networking Event

April 9th - Conference Day 1

7.30AM - Registration starts
9.00AM - Conference Opening
5.30PM - Networking Drinks in the Expo Area

April 10th - Conference Day 2

9AM - Conference Begins
3.30PM - End of Conference & Afternoon Networking Break

Day 1 Day 2

Keynotes Mobile, Emerging Trends & Technologies Marketing: Content Marketing, Social Media, & Data Strategies

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Day 1: Monday April 9th

9:00 EyeforTravel Welcome + Opening Remarks from Chairperson
  • Renu Kannu, Project Lead – North America, EyeforTravel
  • Chairperson introduction –Susan Black, Chief Commercial Officer, CIE Tours
9:10 Separate the Real from The Hype: Emerging Technologies to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey
  • The future big guns - what is the potential of voice, AI & machine learning in transforming your digital strategy?
  • The technology wave: Where should you invest, and how can you measure the effectiveness of your strategy?
  • The digital age has elevated customer expectations - ensure a customer-centric business that competes in the digital age

The Travel Corporation Dan Christian Chief Digital Officer The Travel Corporation

Jet Blue Technology Christina Heggie Investment Principal Jet Blue Technology Ventures

CIE Tours Moderator: Susan Black CCO CIE Tours

9:45 AI Breaking New Ground: Fuelling the Future of Customer Engagement and Experience
  • AI for travel planning vs customer service - what parts of the workflow can be automated in an end to end customer journey?
  • Customers + wealth of information - How are travel brands creating data sets that hold real value? Using AI to unlock the secrets of the traveller’s behavior
  • The role of data and contextual computing in identifying touchpoints - curate experiences around those key moments and truly engage

Expedia Jay Fluegel Head of Product - Customer Care Expedia

CIE Tours Moderator: Susan Black CCO CIE Tours

10:10 Fireside Chat: The State of Travel with Booking Holdings
  • Shifting to TV advertising instead of digital
  • Adding alternative accommodations to search results – what is the impact?
  • New partnership with Meituan to drive China outbound business

Todd Henrich SVP - Corporate Development Booking Holdings

Moderator: James Lee MD Mizuho Securities

10:30 Morning networking coffee break
11:00 Working Creatively with Personalization: Measure Your Customer, Not Your Marketing Channels - Successfully Leverage Data & AI to Personalize and Delight Your Customers at Every Touchpoint
  • Dive deeper into analytics to improve targeting and understanding of customer behaviour
  • Chop and change your offering to directly appeal to your customer - understand customer likes, dislikes and preferences - use data and knowledge to provide a personalized and unique experience
  • Create personalized interactions between the customer and your brand at every stage of the travel lifecycle

Utrip.com Gilad Berenstein CEO Utrip

Holland America Line Joe Slattery SVP Global Marketing & Sales Holland America Line

CIE Tours Moderator: Susan Black CCO CIE Tours

11:25 Riding the Third Wave - Alternative Accommodation Models and The Future of the Hotel
  • The changing nature of alternative lodging and the rise of new players - what does the current consumer consumption model look like?
  • The role of technology in refining the customer experience and driving loyalty - how are consumers operating and responding in a digital savvy world and how are companies like Vacasa and OneFineStay engaging with their customers?
  • The future of the hotel - how can hotels change and adapt? What will the impact of the notion of the decentralized, fluid, alternative hotel world hold?

Vacasa Tim Goodwin Chief Technology Officer Vacasa

OneFineStay Reda Berrehili Chief Technology Officer OneFineStay

Accor Hotels Michelle Gilman Jasen Regional Director of Sales & Marketing Accor Hotels

CIE Tours Moderator: Susan Black CCO CIE Tours

12:00 Trapped, Unusable Customer Data: Breakthroughs in Machine Learning Solve Marketing's Biggest Problem
  • Leverage the speed, scale, and intelligence of machine learning to build complete, unified customer profiles that travel brands can action on -- in just a few weeks
  • Amperity's plug and play technology - fuel your existing systems with unified customer data for enhanced personalization and customer experiences
  • Incorporate machine learning and drive significant increases in revenue and customer loyalty, as well as decreasing costs

Amperity (previously Microsoft lead) Stuart Greif Practice Lead - Travel & Hospitality Amperity (previously Microsoft lead)

CIE Tours Moderator: Susan Black CCO CIE Tours

12:25 Networking Lunch Break
Red Room
Mobile, Emerging Trends & Technologies
Blue Room
Marketing: Content Marketing, Social Media, & Data Strategies
1:45 CASE STUDY: A Holistic Approach to Enhancing the Physical Experience with The Right Digital Technology
  • The intersection between technology, digital and physical - look through the lenses and identify the customer problem from the get-go
  • Digital disruption in the age of the connected traveller - branding and relevant communication; learn how to successfully cut through the noise
  • Be a digital detective; multi touch attribution, instead of last touch - gain a deeper understanding of your customer to provide an exceptional experience
  • Adopting the simple measures and processes to personalize and drive loyalty

Choice Hotels Bill Ramsey Senior Director - Mobile & Emerging Channels Choice Hotels

Roland Berger Moderator: Joerg Esser Partner Roland Berger

Session cancelled - scroll down - CASE STUDY: Redefine and Rebuild Your Social Media and Digital Strategy Using Data, Personalization & Hyper-Segmentation
  • Successfully engage with your digitally distracted audience - effective and relevant messaging to the right person at the right place and right time
  • Own big data to personalize and engage with programmatic marketing and digital offers - provide a contextual experience for customers across all devices
  • The role of predictive analytics in your marketing strategy - create a relationship with your customers and develop brand loyalty

Melia Hotels International Marco Fanton Global Director of Marketing Melia Hotels International

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Moderator: Utpal Kaul Head of Innovation & Incubation Strategy Carlson Wagonlit Travel

2:10 Blockchain Demystified - How Will It Change Your Business? How Can It Be Applied in Travel and What Structures Will It Disrupt?
  • A brief background on blockchain and an explanation on how smart contracts work
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized - what are the differences?
  • Practical examples of blockchain in use and the opportunities in travel

Winding Tree Pedro Renaud Anderson Founder Winding Tree

Roland Berger Moderator: Joerg Esser Partner Roland Berger

1:45pm Turkish Airlines’ Online Campaign Management - A Case Study On Deploying An Effective Mobile Channel & Personalization
  • Learn more about ‘Promocode’ and effective channel management
  • How can you personalize your messages successfully? The importance of audience segmentation
  • Mapping out the digital customer journey
  • Tactics for digital mobile campaigns

Turkish Airlines Ubeydullah Gungor Online Marketing Specialist Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Aysegul Yazici Online Regional Marketing Specialist Turkish Airlines

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Moderator: Utpal Kaul Head of Innovation & Incubation Strategy Carlson Wagonlit Travel

2:35 Discovering and Applying Artificial Intelligence: How to give your customers what they really want
  • Not all Artificial Intelligence is created equal. Context is everything, so how smart is your AI really?
  • Managing expectations with AI deliverables and understanding how to use them
  • Case Study: How AI helps us understand what our customers really want

Beverly Hills Hotel & Hotel Bel Air Alison Anesta Area Director of Performance Improvement Beverly Hills Hotel & Hotel Bel Air

Roland Berger Moderator: Joerg Esser Partner Roland Berger

2:15 pm  Leverage artificial intelligence to power your digital marketing and social media strategies
  • Practical applications to leverage AI - how can AI be incorporated into your marketing and social media strategies?
  • AI as a tool to predict behaviours and buying patterns - pursue disruptive insights to ensure personalized interaction
  • Developing the relevant content for your audience and drive customer engagement

Sentient Technologies Gurmeet Lamba COO Sentient Technologies

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Moderator: Utpal Kaul Head of Innovation & Incubation Strategy Carlson Wagonlit Travel

3:00 Afternoon coffee networking break
3:30 Planning Ahead in An Uncertain Landscape: The Global Lodging Industry & Its Economic Drivers
  • Understanding lodging industry performance and its strength versus the previous peak
  • Reviewing key economic activity that is driving increased demand for lodging
  • Looking into the future; trends and data to watch

IHG Isaac Collazo VP - Performance Strategy & Planning IHG

Moderator: Joshua Hirschheirmer Data & Analytics Consultant (ex-Sabre)

2:30 pm - Session moved forward! Was 3.30-  Scroll down.
Keep Your Customers Clicking by Delivering Smarter, Personalized, More Dynamic Content
  • Harness the power of your influencer engagement strategy
  • Leverage UGC to provide a unique and useful experience
  • What role can dynamic content play in the smart targeting of customers and effective customer service?

Air Canada Vacations Valerie Windsor Manager - Social Media & Content Marketing Air Canada Vacations

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Moderator: Utpal Kaul Head of Innovation & Incubation Strategy Carlson Wagonlit Travel

3:50 Leveraging Data Driven Insights and Technology: Keep Up with The Shifts in Customer Behaviour to Deliver Relevant and Personalized Products
  • Understanding consumer buying trends and the growth in different markets - defining the value of a guest at any given moment
  • The behavioural sciences associated with travel shopping: What tools and platforms are customers using, and what are the factors encouraging people to book?
  • How are hoteliers using data and analytics to make decisions and market effectively?
  • Being truly consumer-driven - the role of AI in aggregating data and enabling personalization

Booking.com Steven ConsiglioProduct Performance Manager Booking.com

Moderator: Joshua Hirschheirmer
Data & Analytics Consultant (ex-Sabre)

3:30 Travel Loyalty Report: A Wake-Up Call for Sleepwalking Loyalty Programs
  • Targeting senior employees in travel agencies, loyalty companies and airlines, the research reveals:
  • The loyalty initiatives currently being undertaken, their effectiveness and future investment plans
  • Whether companies are seeing a change in customer loyalty and the reasons for this.

Points Travel Stuart MacDonald Vice President & General Manager Points Travel

Expedia Affiliate Network Oliver Hoare Sr Director Business Development, North America Expedia Affiliate Network

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Moderator: Utpal Kaul Head of Innovation & Incubation Strategy Carlson Wagonlit Travel

4:15 A Look Under the Hood: Powering Online Trust with Machine Learning
  • Discover the benefits and risks of modern abuse prevention approaches and even get a comprehensive comparison of machine learning and traditional fraud prevention approaches
  • Learn why all machine learning systems are not created equal
  • Go behind the buzzword to learn how machine learning works to elevate red flags, predict user behavior, and analyze data to provide insights on not only bad users but also good user trends

Sift Science Kevin Lee Trust and Safety Architect Sift Science

Moderator: Joshua Hirschheirmer Data & Analytics Consultant (ex-Sabre)

4:00 CASE STUDY: Supercharge your engagement strategy: Bring your story to life by utilizing digital tools and delivering relevant content
  • The shift of advertising to mobile and video in the current environment
  • What is the role of these tools in engaging with customers?
  • Strategies to better leverage Facebook

Facebook Will Farnan Client Partner - Travel Suppliers Facebook

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Moderator: Utpal Kaul Head of Innovation & Incubation Strategy Carlson Wagonlit Travel

4:40 Innovation in Distribution and The Changing Game of Loyalty
  • Communicating Value and Richness of Product to Customers - How Do You Deliver Information and Services Available in A Seamless Way? What are the ways of getting buy-in from your customers?
  • The new game play in loyalty - how can airlines and airports use engagement to win in the loyalty game?
  • What is the role of technology in providing an end-to-end service and enhancing the customer experience?

Air Canada Keith Wallis Director - Global Product Distribution Air Canada

Unisys Tony Whittaker Leader - Disruptive Technology Group - Travel and Transportation Unisys

Moderator: Joshua Hirschheirmer Data & Analytics Consultant (ex-Sabre)

4:20 Virtual Reality: Incorporating Virtual Content and Mobile Video into Your Marketing Strategy
  • A Cathay Pacific Case Study: The use of technology to engage the customer and heighten the customer experience
  • The use of VR in your current marketing & advertising strategy
  • How can you enhance and navigate the in-flight experience?

Cathay Pacific Airways Robecta Ma VP - Marketing Cathay Pacific Airways

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Moderator: Utpal Kaul Head of Innovation & Incubation Strategy Carlson Wagonlit Travel




5:15 End of Day 1 and Networking Drinks in the Exhibition Hall!
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Day 1 Day 2

Keynotes Mobile, Emerging Trends & Technologies Marketing: Data & Content Marketing Strategies

Day 2: Tuesday April 10th

9:00 The Customer at The Heart of Your Strategy: The Role of Industry Partnerships to Ensure You Provide the Complete Customer Experience
  • What is the impact of a changing device and data landscape on product and partnerships?
  • Data dating - How do you sift through the painful flings and find beneficial committed data partners?
  • How can organizations manage strategic partnerships and successfully develop new ones?
  • What is the role of the agency model in the current climate and what kind of partnerships does that involve? What is the role of the agent in providing this complete customer experience?

Mozio Emre Mangir CCO Mozio

CIE Tours Susan Black CCO CIE Tours

Lyft Amy Fox Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Lyft

Moderator: Brian Harniman Managing Director Brand New Matter

9:40 The Far from Perfect Travel Journey: Successfully Pioneer the Use of Data and Technology to Improve the Customer Experience and Drive Loyalty
  • Adopt a digital-first approach to your data capture strategy and ascertain a richer picture of each of your customers
  • Measure customer behaviours across multiple devices - build an accurate reflection of consumer activity, media consumption, path-to-purchase and more

Marriott Christine Kettmer Senior Director - Customer Experience & Innovation Marriott

Accor Siobhan Mitchell Director - Loyalty Marketing, Marketing & Sales Accor

Moderator: Brian Harniman Managing Director Brand New Matter

10:10 Morning coffee networking break
10:40 An Accor Hotels & Plug and Play Case Study: Driving Innovation Through New Technologies and Leveraging New Technologies to Heighten:
  • Customer engagement and retention
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Brand differentiation

Accor Hotels Jeff Doane SVP - Sales & Marketing North and Central America Accor Hotels

Plug & Play Tech Center Amir Amidi Managing Partner - Travel & Hospitality Center of Innovation Plug & Play Tech Center

Moderator: Brian Harniman Managing Director Brand New Matter

11:05 Reaching the Chinese Traveller

With 980 million monthly active users worldwide, WeChat have become an important way of life for many around the world. Learn:

  • What the different data points are of Chinese travellers
  • What does the WeChat ecosystem look like, and how can you use the platform to maximize communication and engage?
  • How your brand can leverage the app to reach Chinese travelers, and the ways brands can use the platforms for advertising

Tencent International Business Group Kimberly Lee Senior Marketing Manager Tencent International Business Group

Moderator: Brian Harniman Managing Director Brand New Matter

11:30 Marketing Language Optimization Using NLP: Deploying High Impact Copy that Maximizes ROI
  • Understanding key optimization levers in marketing campaigns
  • How to improve marketing language using data science
  • How travel/hospitality companies can use cutting edge NLP techniques to optimize their marketing language and significantly improve marketing ROI

Zeta Global Pavan Korada VP - Data Science Zeta Global

Moderator: Brian Harniman Managing Director Brand New Matter

11:55 Start-Up Awards 2018 - Finalist Presentations & Live Poll
12:30 Networking Lunch
Red Room
Mobile, Emerging Trends & Technologies
Blue Room
Marketing: Content Marketing, Social Media, & Data Strategies
1:30 The Power of Mobile to Drive Interaction - Develop Unique Digital Experiences to Stay Top of Mind and Engage with Your Customer
  • Driving a mobile-first mindset and ensure cross device marketing
  • A frictionless mobile experience which remove barriers and increases conversion - how can you ensure a seamless process, personalized engagement and most importantly an ecosystem which enables this?
  • User experience is key: putting the customer first when it comes to user experience design and process decisions
  • Multi-screen opportunities to optimise your revenue streams and drive loyalty

Nearsoft Misael Leon Lead Product Designer Nearsoft

Nearsoft Melanie Shintaku Director of Experience Design, Mobile & Digital Guest ServicesMarriott

Roland Berger Moderator: Joerg Esser Partner Roland Berger

1:30 Panel Discussion: Utilize Data to Curate a Seamless Travel Experience to Drive the Customer Journey - Pre, During and Post Trip
  • Create a narrative for your traveller and utilise customer data to inform decisions
  • Leverage your company’s data to build a successful content marketing program
  • Ensure your content is relevant and personalized - utilising behaviour patterns to identify preferences, not just at the segment level
  • Offering ancillary products at various touchpoints

Lola Krista Pappas Vice President Lola

Splyt Niklas Rehmert Chief Revenue Officer Splyt

Hipmunk Kelly Soderlund PR + Content Manager Hipmunk

Moderator: Joshua Hirschheirmer Data & Analytics Consultant (ex-Sabre)

2:00 The Hopper Way - Capitalizing on the proliferation of mobile for travel search, planning and customer engagement
  • Mobile search - how has this changed the consumer behaviour around planning a trip? Does a mobile platform better enable a holistic, end-to-end customer experience?
  • The use of push notifications to drive sales - how can this be optimized?
  • Artificial intelligence as a tool to redirect user intent and create a new marketplace - and the ability to shift user behavior to certain partners and routes
  • Deliver high resolution vertical video, enabling hotel partners to convey their value-based differentiation

Hopper Krista Bekkevold
Director of Hotel Supply Hopper

Roland Berger Moderator: Joerg Esser Partner Roland Berger

2:25 Beyond Western Waters: Tap into The China Pot of Gold
  • An update on macro trends on potential travelers from China - what does the TAM (total addressable market and spending power) picture look like?
  • The spending mix for Chinese travelers as a % of total by category - How can you tailor your service offerings?
  • Key players who own the customer channels in China - i.e. Ctrip, Alibaba, Priceline. How are they positioned and what are the partnership opportunities available?

James Lee Managing Director Mizuho Securities

Roland Berger Moderator: Joerg Esser Partner Roland Berger

2:10 CASE STUDY: How The Travel Corporation Amplifies Their Global Brands Through Employee Advocacy
  • Discover how The Travel Corporation brand generated over 450,000 content interactions and $1M in earned media value through their employees
  • Learn how travel companies alike can empower team members to showcase amazing travel experiences their guests are having in real-time
  • See how employee advocacy can help showcase your company culture, talent, and expertise

The Travel Corporation Dan Christian Chief Digital Officer The Travel Corporation

PostBeyond Evan Lewis Director of Product Marketing PostBeyond

Moderator: Joshua Hirschheirmer Data & Analytics Consultant (ex-Sabre)

2:50 The Use of Chatbots And Machine Learning in Travel - Get to Grips with Your Customer Data and Transform Your Marketing Strategy Using Valuable Customer Insights
  • Capitalize on emerging technologies to utilize the vast amounts of customer data - how can you quickly query your data to personalize?
  • The role of chatbots to service the customer - measuring the success of your bot through engagement levels, sentiment analysis, response rates, and more
  • The integration of chatbots into your existing strategy - for attracting customers, a separate marketing channel, traffic channel, and a sales channel
  • Adopting efficiencies to enhance marketing efforts - how can you use machine learning as a vehicle for prospecting?

CruiseBe.com Maryna Shumaieva Co-Founder & CTO CruiseBe.com

Roland Berger Moderator: Joerg Esser Partner Roland Berger

2:35 CASE STUDY: Hyperpersonalization: Is this the new force changing air travel experience?
  • Airlines zooming out of the narrow customer journey of going from point A to point B - how can they provide the complete customer experience?
  • The value co-creation/co-production economy and the blurring boundary between airline and customer
  • Blending human service with technology to deliver a new realm of travel experience

Japan Airlines Akira Mitsumasu VP Products & Services Planning Japan Airlines

Moderator: Joshua Hirschheirmer Data & Analytics Consultant (ex-Sabre)

3:00 A TravelPirates Case Study: Successfully acquire traffic through the power of social media
  • The Power of Social: How can you build your brand by creating viral content
  • The recipe to go viral on social media and pay for only 7% of your traffic

Holiday Pirates David Armstrong CEO TravelPirates

Moderator: Joshua Hirschheirmer Data & Analytics Consultant (ex-Sabre)

3:20 Afternoon Coffee Networking Break and Close of Conference
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