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Streetography powers photo-enhanced maps for web sites and apps. Our Photo Map technology puts photos right on maps, cut out by the boundaries of geographic entities - blocks, neighborhoods, cities, states/regions, or countries. Thus, this technology shows users what it's really like to be in a place. It increases user engagement with maps, enabling users to experience the vibe around vacation rentals, hotels, and other points of interest.

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Triend is your travel friend. We are turning social media to useful media through artificial intelligent systems that helps us turn travelers experience shared as media to a useful tool for the traveler to guide them in their travels in the most authentic and relevant tool in their phones.

We are first enhancing the relevancy of the user by our ability to position the user in a 4 Dimensional method, where the information the user receives is based on the community he resembles to, the preferences needed, the time he exists in and the location. That method leads our system to sort in an artificial intelligent way the media shared on our platform the serve the requirement of every user. With that information and social patterns of each user accumulated through out his experience, we have developed a specified travel agent bot that becomes the user travel friend to guide him or her and assisting them throughout all the travel experiences.

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TorchFi converts wifi networks into an on-premise sales channel for Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Stadiums, etc. This allows guests to engage through their mobile without need of downloading any app, while the merchant is able to collect consumer data and engage with each customer personally. The first product on this technology platform is Wifi Waiter, which allows restaurants and bars to offer table side ordering without need of service staff.

Wifi Waiter has been extended to Hotels and Resorts to enable Room Service, Pool-side ordering and other concierge services. This delivers a rich and personalized ordering experience to the guest while improving operational efficiency and reducing cost for the hotel. Data collected through Wifi Waiter proves that the average ticket size increased by 18% through sales of modifiers and add-ons and also improved consumer engagement by converting 42% of the users into repeat customers

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OnceThere, Inc

OnceThere distributes real-time bookable tours, activities and attractions to consumers through service providers where travelers seek travel experiences. Hotels, resorts, leading travel consumer brands, and destination marketing organizations are already OnceThere customers. We provide them with a turnkey solution that connects and merchandises travel experiences wherever they wish to offer them to their customers.

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TravelCar is an innovative start-up who is revolutionizing mobility with a seamless global parking booking solution and unique car sharing platform which will help transform the way people think about getting around. TravelCar offers three kinds of services to travelers: • Free Parking - Car owners who agree their car can be rented by other travelers benefit from free airport parking. If their vehicle is rented, the car owner is paid for every mile driven. Owners can travel with ease knowing their car is protected with $1 million in liability insurance and is covered against theft and physical damage. If the car is not rented, they still benefit from free parking. • Paid Parking - Car owners who prefer not to share their car will receive the lowest airport parking rates guaranteed. • Car Rental (Car Sharing) - Travelers looking to rent a vehicle can have access to a private car for up to 70 percent less than traditional rental car companies. Our Target Audience: • Free Parking - Travelers who want to save money on parking fees while earning money renting their car • Paid Parking - Travelers who wish to save money on parking fees without renting their car. • Car Rental - Travelers who wish to save money on the rental cost and be eco friendly

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iApp Tours Mobile’s Audio & Map Platform, Tour Aware™ Software, has proven itself to be one of the best in the travel industry. It is the perfect turn-key solution to convert Guided Tours, Travel Guides, and Audio CD portfolios to vend on the Apple App Store® and Google Play®.

Our Tours are carefully crafted and written by expert authors, tour guides, music artists, and entertainment producers. They will take you through the best sightseeing, historic sites, landmarks, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

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Incorporated as a travel and technology firm, is Pakistan’s first online end-to-end tourism portal. What sets FMA apart from local tour operators is that it is an online tour aggregator listing vendors, as opposed to serving as one by itself. The team is committed to homogenizing Pakistan’s tourism industry by promoting domestic travel through customized, user-specific tour facilitation. The portal lets you search, compare, select and book trips all across Pakistan.

You can read reviews and compare prices instantly to help decide where, when and how you want to go. Moreover, you can use the 'Make My Adventure' tool to plan and book your specialized trip. Our target customer is an individual between the ages of 18-40 who wishes to explore Pakistan but has difficulty finding information on available tourism experiences, has difficulty comparing options on offer, has difficulty booking and paying for such experiences and finds it difficult to trust independent vendors offering services without meaningful reviews to vouch for their competence. The problem is currently solved by relying on word of mouth recommendations from one’s social circle in determining where, when, how and who to travel with.

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TWIP is an online, membership-based social marketplace that connects people to experiences and travel companions based on a proprietary travel-behavior assessment called Travanality®. Through psychological analysis of who a person is when they are away from home, combined with data insight into that person's behaviors and preferences when traveling, we are able to connect travelers who are both similar and compatible. We are likewise able to connect those same travelers to shared experiences, including trips, customized for them based on those preferences and characteristics. In short, through our innovative technology, unique in the space, we gain the insight to link the right people together and provide them personalized and original content ranging from articles to trips.

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Staypal is the in-destination travel platform for everyone that works with tourists. If you make recommendations you can earn additional revenue when your guests book activities.

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Are You On Frequency

AreYouOnFrequency is an internet-based communication tool for the transport industry. 'Frequency' is a smart device communication system that will replace and augment existing communication tools currently in use in the airline industry by using VoIP technology to extract the benefits and discard the limitations of existing communication methods.

Their target customers are commercial airlines that currently use a combination of VHF radios, HF radios, mobile phones, landline phones, satellite phones and emails. Each of these methods has its associated limitations and costs.

Their goal is to improve the communication within an airline using existing hardware at substantially reduced costs and significantly improved efficiency and functionality.

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Blockchain and Market Network for Business Aviation.

AirDB are using Blockchain technology as a secure, transparent and highly trusted platform for aircraft operators, owners and passengers to monitor aircraft operations and maintenance to improve safety and trasnparency.

AirDB are developing Blockchain and Market Network for Business Aviation Industry. The team has already delivered 4 business aviation industry specific application with 10 000 users. Their new blockchain is under development, with the Market Network (Freelance Marketplace) in test phase.

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1st Minute App

The 1st Minute Mobile App provides language translation during medical emergencies. The easy-to-use interface allows first responders to receive critical triage information from foreign language speaking patients within 60 seconds. Global travelers using the App can easily communicate medical history and details of a sickness or injury to paramedics, ERs, and pharmacies in foreign countries. The App does not require an Internet connection since it has a pre-populated language database.

LanguageMAPS envisions a world of mobile connectedness in which barriers to communication are no longer a problem—especially in a medical emergency. The future of 9-1-1 and smartphone technology is changing: 1st Minute is a part of the solution.

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The final will take place as part of EyeforTravel's Startup Village 9th April, which sees top online travel entrepreneurs, mentors and investors share key insight into what it takes to succeed in the cut throat online travel industry during the morning bootcamp session and the Startup pitching takes place during the day. The day will be interspersed with plenty of time for networking. The two finalists then get to pitch at the EyeforTravel Digital Summit on the 10th April in the same venue and the audience votes in the winner!

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