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As your consumers moves to the mobile web get the essential Consumer and Travel market insights you need to respond to key trends in consumer purchasing behavior and understand how to engage with consumers and and sell travel products through multiple devices

Five in depth reports that will show how travel consumers in your key travel markets are changing their buying habits.

Web, mobile, social media, tablets and economic uncertainty - your customer's behaviour is evolving. But are you responding to their new demands of your brand? Are you confident you understand what, why, where and when they want to buy travel? do you really understand what makes them purchase from you and not your competitors?

EyeforTravel surveyed 8,400 active travel consumers in your core markets, including USA, UK, Germany, France & The Netherlands. This information was combined with the survey results from 18 months of research with senior online travel professionals during which we tracked changes at 6 month intervals in their approach to channel management, budget allocations, social media, mobile and marketing spend.

What makes this report unique?

We've spent an intensive 4 months researching and compiling the report into a manageable one-stop data resource that will help you make business decisions based on real data. Take advantage of:

Over 8,400 travel customers surveyed: The survey respondents were chosen rigorously to include travel consumers from USA, UK, Germany, France and The Netherlands including business critical information such as frequency of travel, spend, purchasing behaviour (inc type of supplier, device & method), barriers to purchase as well as customer attitudes and usage of social media and mobile.

Sector Specific analysis: Gain key insights into the customer booking process and research funnel, broken down by sector to give critical, comparative data on hotels, non-hotel accommodation, flight, train, bus/coach, ferry, vacation packages and car hire.

Market Forecasts based on real data from over 1,400 travel brands: Data analysis of travel company budget size, expenditure, Return on Investment and budget allocation to inform and benchmark your strategies

Strategic Innovations: Over 15 leading travel and hospitality brands critique their e-commerce strategies and models, highlighting lessons learnt and future priorities

Industry Insights: Fully understand, from a market and consumer perspective, the role that mobile, social media, tablets, and website usability all play in the new consumer booking journey from research through to post purchase

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The full report also contains:
  • Detailed country by country comparisons and analysis of the varying customer preferences, behaviours and attitudes
  • Profiling of the typical tablet and smartphone user's online travel patterns, including their respective timelines for purchasing income, demographic and gender breakdown averaged over the US and Europe
Comparative analysis of the research and booking trends experienced by travel sectors
  The European report bundle includes individual country reports including:   Choose from individual reports from the following:

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Who should buy this report?

  • E-commerce & Distribution: for executives keen to benchmark their e-commerce strategies, understand preferred consumer booking channels, and refine them to reflect the most pressing consumer insights.
  • Mobile Specialists looking for a detailed understanding of consumer mobile usage, as well as how consumers want to engage with your brand via mobile.
  • Travel Marketers, Social Media & Business Development executives eager to get a critical analysis of the frequency of travel, preferred research channels, holiday spend, and a greater understanding of the future and current consumer needs.

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“ Eyefortravel's travel consumer report, 2012-13 is comprehensive and insightful package of direct consumer research, executive interviews, and case studies. I recommend the report to travel marketers seeking a greater understanding of their consumers and those seeking to innovate their distribution strategies. The report uncovers the unique and varying preferences of travelers in the US, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK — and enables international marketers to understand how to better localize their service offerings and site features. ”

Jeremy Jameson, Board of Directors VP of Strategy & Alliances, FareCompare

Focus & Methodology



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The Report content includes:

  • Marketing Budgets
    • Prioritization
    • Direct Vs Indirect Sales
    • Sentiment on Supplier/Intermediary Relationship
  • Market Overview
    • Online Marketing Optimism
    • Market Activity: Channels
    • Travel trends
  • Consumer Research: Introduction
    • Country Analysis for all 5 countries, including:
      • Social Media
      • Mobile
      • Research Funnel & Booking Process
  • Initiatives
    • Online Initiatives
    • Case Studies
    • Online Innovation
  • Forecast & Growth Direction
  • Industry Learning
  • Methodology

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Gina Baillie Gina Baillie
GM, EyeforTravel
E: gina@eyefortravel.com
T: UK +44 (0)207 375 7197

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