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June 15th - 8.30am - 19.30

June 16th - 9.00 am - 14.30

Day 1 Day 2

Day 1: 15th June 2016


7.30 - 8.40 AM Event Registration


CHAIRMAN INTRODUCTION: Tim Gunstone, Managing Director, EyeforTravel

8.30 - 9.00 AM Market overview with Kei and Tim Changing Travel Trends

An introductory session to give us an overview on what’s hot, happening and reinventing the travel wheel in Asia and beyond.

We have two industry experts that will introduce the market. Kei covering what is hot in Asia today and Tim with statistics on Europe and beyond.

Tim Gunstone, Managing Director, EyeforTravel
Kei Shibata, Co-Founder and CEO, Venture Republic/ travel jp

9.00 - 9.35 AM Direct vs Indirect - Balancing the Relationship

What’s the best model for different brands? How travel suppliers are working with OTAs and making the most of their services in bringing in new clients and turning them into loyal clients.

  • Analyse what the benefits are to the hoteliers and what they are looking to get from the partnership?
  • Discuss now meta-search or travel search platforms will impact the suppliers and OTAs. How will this growing intermediary work in tandem with existing models?
  • Discuss the GDS in the age of internet and now mobile - what are their options and how are they working with brands using the data they have
  • Channel management: Understand the importance of analysing your distribution channels to ensure you are pricing accurately and securing the most profitable business for your organization
  • Which channel has generated your bookings? So where do you advertise and map your bookings across the various platforms and mediums of marketing?

Moderator: Tarandeep Singh, Senior Director - Revenue Performance and Analytics, AMEA, IHG Group

John Traas - Regional Director, South Asia, Booking.com
Grant Colquhoun, Senior Director of Account Manager APAC, TripAdvisor
Praveen Anupame, Group Director- E- Commerce, Swiss-Belhotel International

9.35 - 10.15 AM Revenue Management Systems: What’s New?

  • Discuss how inventory management systems, new distribution channels, digital transformations and other factors are changing the revenue management model?
  • Integrating a revenue management system across different teams, making sure incentives are aligned across teams, human capital and data to make this work
  • Leveraging the last minute booking apps and sites i.e HotelQuickly to fill in hotels and add to the daily bottom line
  • Discuss the different types of RM tools out on the market now - how can the market be educated about the available services and what benefits it brings to the industry

Moderator: Steve Saxon, Expert Principal, McKinsey

Tejveer Singh Bedi - Group Director - Revenue Management, Park Hotel Group
Puneet Mahindroo, Corporate Director Revenue Management, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Limin Cheng, Director - Revenue Management and Distribution, Revenue Optimization, Marina Bay San


10.45 - 11.25 AM China in a League of its Own

The numbers that come out of China are just staggering - Tourism Research Institute, China had 61.90 million outbound visitors in the first half of 2015, an increase of 12.1% compared with the same period in 2014.

Learn how to position and market your brand in China to the inbound and outbound traveller

  • Discuss how local Chinese companies are investing internationally to cater to their growing outbound travellers and the rise of Chinese centric hotel brands like Hualuxe
  • Discuss the importance of social media projections in China and the ‘word of mouth’ phenomenon that pushes your brand presence to new customers and engagement models
  • A mobile first market that is comfortable making transactions on their phones - how they are using social media like WeChat, payment and search in their own market- what can the rest of Asia learn?
  • Learn from the experts on how SE Asian companies can enter China and partner with the right brands to boost your SEO with Baidu and Weibo to build your presence within their unique social media and search system

Moderator: James Tan, Managing Partner, Quest Ventures

Louis Song, Regional Business Director, Tencent International Business Group
Nina Kubik-Cheng, VP Partnerships, Roomorama

11.25 - 12.00 Using Data to Better Understand Your Customer

How well do you know your customer? How well do you know your competitors customers?

Hear ways in which travel brands have successfully used the data at their disposal to provide a better customer experience and drive repeat stays.

  • Learn how Hotel brands are using smart analytics, via 3rd party companies to analyse strengths and weaknesses of their operations and using that data to better engage customers, build loyalty and bring them back as repeat customers
  • Breaking down the competitor’s strength and weakness in service, cleanliness, hardware and location to allowing individual to be strategic in prioritizing improvements    
  • Utilizing both conventional data information and “time honoured” feedback practices to gain a service edge

Tim Gunstone, Managing Director, EyeforTravel
Chris Dexter, Vice President of Operations Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hotels & Resorts & General Manager, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou
Julian Persaud, Director - APAC, AirBnb

12.00 - 12.55 Search, Metasearch and Marketing

What does the future hold for the ever changing algorithms of the search landscape? How can mobile help you, and what content can drive your brand towards success?

  • Metasearch as a travel platform, how do they see their role develop as a search platform and customer data acquisition tool
  • The importance of Google Ads and SEO. How are travel brands capitalising on these services to market direct to consumers? Who is getting it right?
  • Giants on the go: Google, Baidu and TripAdvisor the roles they can play in search and customer acquisition
  • How can brands get in front of users to build on their database? Discuss localised search engines making this space more competitive and complex
  • Mobile search - how are brands building their SEO on mobile SEO, how different are the rules when it comes to internet searches and what have you learnt

Moderator: Christian Lukey, Head of Hotels, Amadeus

Max Kraynov, CEO,  Aviasales/Jetradar
Imbert Fung, Director, South East Asia, KAYAK
Andrew Wong, Regional Director - Flights - Trip Advisor
Hans Ebenham, CEO and Founder, NusaTrip



Track 1:
Revenue, Payments, Data and the Connected Traveller
Track 2:
Social Media, Mobile, Marketing and Tech Solutions

14.30 - 15.30 Make Payments Work for You

The necessity for payments to be seamless in travel transactions has always been crucial, now with mobile, online and offline there’s more ways to pay.

Learn ways in which you can maximise bookings with the right payment process, hear how you can reduce abandoned bookings and increase repeat business with the right CRM tools

Get an update from three experts:

  • Hear how travel brands can maximise bookings, we have Wirecard discussing retailer campaign management, payment related services and mobile payment processing to build customer retention
  • PayVision gives us an insight with a case study to why mobile payments are gaining popularity in Asia. Learn how seamless payments, engaging your customer should be at the core of your strategy
  • Trustly discusses payment disruption with a Pan-European flavour on what’s changing payments in Europe and what Asian companies can expect

Moderator: Steve Saxon, Expert Principal, McKinsey

Jan Ruebel, Head of Sales Travel and Mobility, Wirecard
Jasper Chan, Director Sales and Business Development - APAC, PayVision/ Acapture
Michael Parkinsons, Director of Travel, Trustly

14.30 - 15.00 Next Generation Hotel Management Leveraging the Cloud

Cloud computing is transforming business practices and reshaping IT. Moving hotel operational applications to the cloud can help hotels lower costs and IT complexity at their properties. Get guidance on transitioning your enterprise applications to the cloud from a panel of experts. 

The panel will discuss trends in cloud computing, misconceptions about the cloud, and key considerations for transitioning hotel operational applications to the cloud.

Grahame Tate, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Oracle MICROS, Asia Pacific



15.00 - 15.30 Mobile: Reinventing the Travel Wheel

What does the shift to mobile really mean to brands? Discuss the future of the mobile travel platform that will do everything.  What do we think this will look like?

See how brands are adapting in this mobile masterclass.

  • Learn how mobile is channelling new traffic across Asia: Discover how mobile is disrupting how consumers search for travel and buy whilst on trip that affects your route to market
  • Discuss which search and payment transactions are moving onto mobile - see how OTAs, metasearch and others are adapting their services and payment options to be more mobile
  • It’s not just the smartphone, see how travel brands are adapting services to feature phones in Asia
  • Mobile web versus mobile app - what are travel brands investing in and what benefits do they see? Learn from mobile first brands like AirBnb
  • Understanding consumer behaviour must be at the heart of your mobile strategy: Hear how savvy travel brands are innovating how they drive direct bookings and loyalty via mobile

Tomas Laboutka, CEO and Co-Founder- HotelQuickly
Alexis Lesage, Industry Manager, Airlines and Tourism, Google APAC

15.30 - 16.00 The Connected Traveller in the on Demand Economy

As consumers go mobile, on-trip and in-destination suppliers (including restaurants, tours and activities, taxis) have finally got their inventory into comprehensive databases.

  • Discuss how they are ready to capitalise on the growing interest from GDSs, leading OTAs and other industry powerhouses to corner this market
  • Learn from leading taxi, car rental operators and OEMs to learn why partnership building is crucial to delivering a first class car passenger travel experience and how you can work with them
  • As the industry prepares for an intermodal marketplace, can decades of non-cooperation be overcome or will data savvy intermediaries take the prize?

Moderator: Christian Lukey, Head of Hotels, Amadeus

Konrad Haedicke, Director of Partnerships, Roomorama
Joe Farinella, Director Marketing, CarTrawler
Kevin Hoong, APAC Business Travel Lead, Airbnb
Kaneswaran Avili, CEO and Co-Founder, Nida Rooms

15.30 -16.00 Social Media and Content Marketing in Numbers

Tell your story let people meet the brand - the importance of content marketing and a social media presence.

  • Using customer curated content in social media strategies to build brand presence, incentives, competitions and pushing the relevant information out to the right users
  • What content should you be using to push views and searches for your brand that works across platforms
  • More smart video based marketing - is this the way forward? Discuss visual storytelling to engage new users and retain existing users with the right kind of content
  • Monetising and leveraging user generated content. Learn more about customer curated and brand curated content when building interest across Facebook, WeChat and Instagram
  • Explore how to measure ROI from customer targeted ads on social media campaigns i.e converting ads on social media into leads.

Moderator: Amit Saberwal, Founder, RedDoorz

Kestrel Lee, Executive Creative Director - Digital and Integrated Marketing, George P Johnson / JUXT Greater China
Michael Grierson, Head of Social Media Marketing, Skyscanner in Oceania
Akira Mistumasu, VP, Marketing and Strategy Asia and Oceania Region, Japan Airlines


16.30 - 17.00 Smarter Pricing, RM and Total RM - how can you leverage this?

The importance of revenue transformation and having the right revenue strategy.

  • Explore how to use analytics to effectively predict demand and price your product accordingly
  • Dynamic wholesaler rates - what can be done to better manage this?
  • Own the customer and their booking data - how to work internally to push more direct bookings?
  • Rational pricing v rate increases: With margins growing tighter gain an insight into strategies which serve to keep your organization true to its brand and customers whilst still turning a profit

Tony Gothard, Senior Director Revenue, Sales and Marketing, Wyndham Hotel Group SEA and Pacific Rim

16.30 - 17.00 Smart Marketing: Where is your Money Coming From?

Take a deep dive in what channels are working for travel suppliers, OTAs, metasearch and more - Where should they be investing?

  • Analyse how data lead marketing is making strides forward with travel suppliers with targeting and retargeting the right customers
  • Predictive analytics in pushing the right content to the right customer in helping travel brands capture the right audiences to get better ROI on marketing investment
  • Utilising the ability of programmatic advertising in tracking data to build on performance marketing - offering targeted messages and customer profiles. Hear where this is being used?
  • Driving the right traffic to the right site - discuss the push for performance driven ad results. What is the value of A/B testing?
  • Discuss new attribution models and technology in play to arm suppliers and OTAs with information on where the user is booking and clicking

Moderator: Kestrel Lee, Executive Creative Director - Digital and Integrated Marketing, George P Johnson / JUXT Greater China

Eddie Sit, Assistant Director - Digital Marketing, Park Hotels Group
John Sinke, Assistant VP eCommerce, Resorts World at Sentosa Pte Ltd.
Jason Swanson, Regional Sales Director, Sociomantic

17.00 - 17.30 Talent Management: eCommerce, RM and Digital Roles

The growth of the Asian travel market has gone unrivalled, but with this growth brands need the right people to help manage revenue, eCommerce, digital and most importantly their clients.

This session focuses on talent management in the travel industry in Asia.

  • Focus on getting the right skills to the right locations, learn how Asian hotels are filling their talent pipelines with the next generation of professionals
  • Discuss the shortage of good revenue managers across the APAC region and how hotels are sourcing the right people from a small pool, what’s the answer to the shortage?
  • Where is talent lacking discuss new roles being created by digital and eCommerce advancements and what companies are doing to find the best person to fill those jobs from local and international markets

Moderator: Steve Saxon, Expert Principal, McKinsey

Andrew Chan, CEO and Founder, ACI HR Solutions
Tarandeep Singh, Senior Director - Revenue Performance and Analytics, AMEA, IHG Group
Li Peng, Group Director of Distribution and e-Commerce, Six Senses Hotels and Resorts
Tony Gothard, Senior Director Revenue, Sales and Marketing, Wyndham Hotel Group SEA and Pacific Rim

17.00 - 17.30 Empower the Customer to be your Brand Ambassador

Customers have it all at their fingertips it’s about being that step ahead with them and if we master that the money will follow…

  • The need for internal unification: discuss the importance of a comprehensive data management system to view a customer’s journey - what engages them and keeps them loyal?
  • How are travel brands making their clients brand ambassadors to lure in new clients? Discuss customer experiences, the rise of the millennial, and user generated content
  • Brands are focusing on traveller empowerment especially for leisure travel, how are brands tweaking their model to build that relationship
  • Using bloggers as direct communication channel with your customers, what’s the best way to leverage these influencers into your content strategy?

Moderator: Daniela Wagner, International Partnerships, Connecting Travel at Travel Weekly

Rishi Randhawa, Founder, Native io
Chua Hui-Wan, CEO, Singapore - ZUJI
Amrita Banta, Managing Director, Agility Research and Strategy
Kei Chun, CEO and Co -Founder, TRIPVI

17.30 - 18.00 Next Generation from Start-ups to Millennials

Learn how these brands and new age users are going to change buying habits, trends and what you need to do to make sure you are working them into your strategy.

  • Discuss how millennials are impacting the Asian travel market, how are travel companies advertising and marketing to their needs whilst managing existing clients
  • In a generation of serial entrepreneurs and funky start-ups understand how will these new business models affect your brand and what does this say about your consumer booking habits?

Matt Kwa, CEO, Travelog
Eric Gnock Fah, Co-Founder, Strategy and Business Development, Klook
Michael Valkevich, Senior Director, Global Program Management, Asia Pacific, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Fan Zhang
, CEO, Mioji

17.30 - 18.00 Apps and Making them Stick!

With minimal memory and relentless choice how do travel brands land on the most valuable real estate today - the consumer’s smartphone.

Do you think we will see a Utopia travel app that sits across all platforms?

  • Getting your app noticed, downloaded and then keeping the consumer engaged - what apps are getting it right?
  • Discuss the shifts from mobile web to mobile app? When is the app worth the investment? How are brands enticing customers to keep their apps and push communication - what is the value?
  • Brands using key influencers and social media apps to catapult their app presence with user generated content to create a community around the brand

Moderator: Tim Gunstone, Managing Director, EyeforTravel

Anurag Gaggar, Vice President - Product Management, OYO Rooms
Prasanna Veeraswamy, Vice President - Product, HoteQuickly

Simrat Sahwney, Travel and e-Commerce - Strategist, Facebook 

18.00 - 18.30 Mergers and Acquisitions: Brands Joining Forces to Win

Mergers and acquisitions in the travel industry is part of everyday news.

This session gives you an insight into how Momondo group went through a full acquisition, merger and transition into running a now successful global dual-brand meta strategy.

  • Is there such a thing as speedy growth for “established” travel companies and how do you address the ever returning question to buy or to build?
  • How do you ensure your acquisition is successful, should you chose the take-over road or equal merger?
  • Is there such a things as economics of scales, or just deep pockets? Where do you align and where do you differentiate to secure your footprint?
  • Is it stupid or brilliant running two brands with exactly the same business models, aren’t you just competing against yourself?

Bibi Lægaard, Head of Meta Sales, Cheap Flights/Momondo Group

18.00 - 18.30 Travellers and Tours - What has Changed?

In this session we discuss how tour operators and the way travellers search for what they get from a destination has changed. As a travel brand see what travellers are looking for to build and target the right customer?

See what marketing and social media presence is working across Asia and if it’s mobile, online or offline that is taking a chunk of the market share.

Moderator: Tim Gunstone, Managing Director, EyeforTravel

Clement Wong, CEO-Founder, BeMyGuest
Tony Carne, General Manager, Urban Adventures
Michael Sun, Founder & CEO, Haiwan.com
Tushar Khandelwal, COO, Voyagin



Day 1 Day 2Top

Day 2: June 16th


9.00 - 9.40 Loyalty and Engagement: It’s more about the Relationship

Are customers only loyal to themselves? Work out how you get guests to come back – what is the secret ingredient to retention. Are you attributing your marketing budget to engage the user? What’s the right mix?

  • Discuss the need for better use of CRM systems and data analytics tools to build customer profiles and segments to target the right user with the right offerings
  • Assess the importance of a brand to build a relationship with customers to get them coming back to their brand and recommending it through social media and review portals like TripAdvisor
  • The importance of customer service in Asia to build brand loyalty – learn what brands are doing to capitalise on this
  • Leveraging the relationships travel agents have to build your customer base and extend that connection and experience by partnering with them

Moderator: Daniela Wagner, International Partnerships, Connecting Travel at Travel Weekly

Widhadh Waheed, Director of eBusiness, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
Ranjeet Oak, Chief Business Officer, MakeMyTrip
Kyle Armstrong, CEO, Kaligo

9.40 - 10.25 Creating that Seamless Experience from Search to Travel and Back

With people capable of booking on desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and now their watches – how do travel suppliers offer a seamless brand experience to the same user?

  • Discuss the need for better device interaction across the several platforms, tracking user data to make sure their preferences are saved and services are tailor made to their needs
  • The importance of slick quick one step booking options to make sure the process is as smooth as possible
  • Pushing more people to book online – how do you move this traffic from offline to direct online booking, discuss pushing new frontiers of eCommerce in travel
  • Analyse what services provide that seamless travel companion for travellers, be it apps, emails or notifications that improves the customers travel experience

David Peller, Director Strategic Partnerships, Asia Pacific, Booking.com
Paul Whiteway, Sales Director, Skyscanner

10.25 - 11.00 Automated but Personal: Ways for More Efficient Direct Response Advertising

  • Learn how to localize advertising at scale, see how social media like Instagram and Facebook can be earning your money
  • See how dynamic ads for travel can be personalized with a cross-device approach to engage your audience with the right message (I would be careful with word multi-platform as we are specialized in Facebook and Instagram)
  • Work out how using the right data to advertise can turn engaged users into new customers and build a relationship with the right communication

Jose Kantola, Head of APAC, Smartly.io


11.20 - 11.50 Lesson on Programmatic Advertising: Winning in this Space!

See how programmatic advertising can impact your strategy, see how you could build customer acquisition, direct traffic and brand awareness using this tool.

  • Discuss how travel brands need to become data driven businesses and learn the basics of data measurement to get around their own advertising spends
  • Learn more about what OTA’s are spending in terms of advertising online, how are they measuring their numbers across different formats and devices to target the right user
  • Assess how brands can manage their marketing performance budgets with the right attribution model
  • With the shift to mobile Google has developed intent driven micro-moments to give you detailed steps into real-time intent of the consumer buying journey.

Leroy Pinto, Head of Data Platforms - South East Asia/ India, Google Analytics Suite at Google
Christopher David Bailey, Account Director, Google

11.50 - 12.30 Localisation: The Key to Success in Asia

Asia is the most diverse and fragmented markets to do business in. Learn how the travel supplier is more of a travel partner in Asia than just a service to the traveller in creating that perfect experience

  • Assess the importance of creating products that run across countries to different consumers and learning more about the buying patterns of each to best sell your services
  • Get an update on the legal aspects of setting up in Asia – what do companies need to know – special focus on China, Indonesia and Philippines
  • Every market uses social and mobile differently, learn how you should brand in different local markets – see what works where?
  • Work out how hotels looking to branch into new markets can source local and small vendors to engage local consumers and manage costs

Moderator: Daniela Wagner, International Partnerships, Connecting Travel at Travel Weekly

Anna Trushkina, Manager- Hotels Commercial, Wego
Benito E Gliponeo, Project and Application Management - Commercial Systems - Philippine Airlines
Paul Millan, Regional Director - APAC, Traveltek
Stewart Hunter, Director - Sales and Partnerships, Sojern
Angeline Tang, Director Sales and Marketing Asia, Avis Budget Group

12.30 - 13.10 Justification of airlines and OTAs and meta working together

In this session we focus on building on the relationships between Airlines, OTAs and Metasearch's.

  • Explore the changing role of meta-search and how this will impact both suppliers and OTAs
  • Discuss how to optimize metasearch to drive direct bookings, focus on User Experience – what key features are consumers looking for?
  • Discuss how airlines are pushing direct sales to their customers to build richer partnerships and loyalty, by offering better online deals for seat allocation, upgrades and lounge access all available on their portal

Bibi Lægaard, Head of Meta Sales, Cheap Flights/Momondo Group
Zdenek Komenda, VP Business Development, Kiwi.com
Trevor Spinks, Head of Sales and Distribution, FlyScoot


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