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Embrace Change and Thrive in the Digital Age of Travel

Time’s up. With global tech giants prepared to dominate the travel industry, it is imperative that you take the steps necessary to stay relevant and compete in this new travel arena.

The key lies in embracing company-wide digital transformation. By developing digital business structures, we can improve cross-departmental collaboration, become more efficient and provide a truly personalised customer experience.

EyeforTravel’s Digital Strategy Summit is a meeting of minds, designed to help you on your way to digital transformation. The conference and exhibition will bring together 450+ leaders from hotels, airlines, OTAs, tour operators etc. , each with the responsibility and power to reform their organisation. Hear case studies from experts across Digital, Strategy, Innovation, eCommerce & Marketing as they discuss how digital transformation has allowed them to reduce customer acquisition costs, revolutionise the customer experience and ultimately, maximise sales. Love it! 

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Complete speaker line-up · Programme for all sessions · Audience breakdown

Hear from the most senior speaker line-up on the market, including:

Best Western Hotels
Robert Paterson

Robert PatersonChief Executive Officer

Susan Hooper

Susan HooperNon-Executive Director
Bas Lemmens

Bas LemmensChief Executive Officer

NH Hotel Group
Fernando Vives

Fernando VivesChief Commercial Officer

Expedia Partner Solutions
Ariane Gorin

Ariane GorinPresident

Millenium Hotels and Resorts
Franck Kermarrec

Franck KermarrecChief Marketing Officer

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Complete speaker line-up · Programme for all sessions · Audience breakdown

Interactive sessions designed to give you take-home strategies that
boost revenue and secure loyalty

Strategy, Innovation, eCommerce & Marketing teams unite to construct the travel business plan of the future. Drive competitivity and watch sales soar with a cross-departmental strategy that cuts acquisition costs, embraces technological innovation and sophisticates the customer experience.

This year’s key themes include:

Enhance your offering by enabling company-wide digital reform Leverage the digital eco-system and embrace company-wide reform to drive innovation and remain relevant in the face of shifting consumer trends

Strengthen your partnership strategy to maximise profits Watch sales soar by using metrics and data to calculate the ROI of your distribution partnerships, developing a more pragmatic partnership strategy and making ancillary products available on the company website

Budget for innovation, boost bookings and cut acquisition costs Gone are the days of burdensome acquisition costs: assume a holistic approach to your web presence, developing sound marketing, social media and dynamic packaging solutions that drive people to your site and inspire sales.

Revitalise your CX with technology Discover the power of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and all the latest technologies designed for you to provide a seamless, hyper-personalised customer experience that delivers value and cultivates loyalty.

Strategies for continued growth Access untapped markets and cultivate new revenue streams; carve out a niche, use data to understand your target market better and mould your product around their expectations, making each experience unforgettable

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Complete speaker line-up · Programme for all sessions · Audience breakdown

Five reasons this is the travel event of the year

At EyeforTravel, we are consistently working to ensure that our conferences meet and surpass the expectations of our attendees. EyeforTravel’s Digital Strategy Summit 2019 is the only European travel event worth leaving the office for. Here’s why:

1 Custom-designed for eCommerce, Innovation, Marketing & Strategy for Hotels, OTAs and Airlines Every session and speaker has been procured solely with your development in mind. Take part in interactive sessions run by speakers who have been on the same journey as you and join engaging discussions on the industry’s most hard-hitting questions.

2 Exceptional speaker line-up With CXOs on all of our keynotes, prepare to hear from the biggest names in travel about the latest consumer trends, the future of the industry and how to safeguard your company against unprecedented challenges such as Brexit, travel bans and economic instability.

3 Practical, results-driven sessions We prepare all our speakers ahead of time, so that you get the information you want to hear. Receive practical and objective, take-away advice from the minds behind the biggest names in travel about how digital transformation can enhance your customer experience and drive profits

4 10+ hours of world-renowned networking Attend the European travel industry’s most acclaimed networking event and make invaluable partnerships to boost your CX, grow your business and make your brand stand out.

5 Save weeks of work Our two-day agenda has been constructed to ensure that your learning and development is maximised. Get an in-depth learning experience while still having enough time to network with peers and attend a smattering of social events.

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Complete speaker line-up · Programme for all sessions · Audience breakdown

The industry’s leaders under one roof, discussing the things that matter most to your company.

With 61% of the attendee list being director-level and above, EyeforTravel’s Digital Strategy Summit is the event of the year for anyone looking to hear from the minds behinds the industry’s top disruptors. Pave the way for a more efficient business plan that breeds profits and secures a golden CX.

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Download your detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up · Programme for all sessions · Audience breakdown

Join 450+ globally renowned travel executives.

Brands who attend our events include

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Complete speaker line-up · Programme for all sessions · Audience breakdown

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