What is it?

According to Hackathon.guide:

  • Hacking is creative problem solving (It does not have to be about technology)
  • A hackathon is any event of any duration where people come together to solve problems

In an effort to help push innovation in travel while promoting and nurturing talent in the industry, we want to tackle the following conundrum:

'How are travel companies going to innovate to drive business in 2018 and beyond?' That's why we've put together the Disrupt Travel Hackathon so we can bring together the brightest young talent at the industry's premier event - the Eyefortravel Europe Summit.


  • We are looking for 5 teams of 4.

They could be:

  • Interns or starters from top industry brands including airlines, hotels, OTAs, travel search, tour operators ….
  • Recent MBA or graduates in the sector. 
  • …Having said this the Hackathon is open to anyone in the industry and academics interested in innovating, problem-solving and working in teams to build great new ideas.
  • If you are not joining as a team still apply and we will try and fit you in.
  • We welcome people from any aspect of the organization (product, sales, digital, data, marketing, etc.)

What we will need you to do?

  • Create and work as an innovative independent team
  • Learn from your team mentor who will be an industry guru
  • Research and talk to over 500 experts (attendees of the EyeforTravel Europe Summit)
  • Collect your research and brain storm
  • In just three days solve a real-life issue impacting our industry
  • Present it for judgement in front of a prestigious panel of judges

The problem will be given on day 1 and then the team will present a solution on the afternoon of day 3. You will have access to the Conference for free (value over £1500.) We will ask you to wear team t-shirts, and not use this opportunity as a way to promote any products you may have.

Why do it?

  • It’s really fun@: a chance to work collaboratively with like-minded industry peers to truly create something special
  • It’s a one of a kind opportunity! Meet the C level execs of some of travel industry’s most innovative companies!
  • Enter the dragon’s den: Present and defend your ideas in front of a panel of respected industry veterans
  • Help the industry evolve: Get involved and help create a solution to a real industry problem with like-minded people
  • Build something truly great! Use the hackathon as an opportunity to test the waters with your industry ideas
  • Prizes will be given!

Who is this not for?

  • People looking for a free pass to the event. Whilst all participants of the hackathon have access to the whole conference you are not here to be a delegate and just network and seal deals. You will be expected to participate in the hack and deliver a solution. You will be identified onsite with team t-shirts and if you are found selling your own product we will throw you out!
  • Start-ups - there is a separate event at this for you here


To prove your innovation credentials against these organisations:

Hes-so-spon   Kent-Business

Any questions? Get in touch with EyeforTravel’s MD below:

Tim Gunstone

Tim Gunstone

+44 (0) 207 375 7557 (Global)