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Thursday 18th October

Keynotes Day 1

McKinsey & Company Chairperson: Del Ross Senior Advisor McKinsey & Company

The Next Wave is Already Here: Understand what the Real Threats and Opportunities are for Your Business
  • How has the evolution of technology and business models impacted how you price, sell and distribute your travel product?
  • How will the collision of distribution, marketing and digital play-out?
  • What areas do you need to invest in and what partnerships do you need to create to thrive?

Wyndham Hotel Group Barry Goldstein Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer Wyndham Hotel Group

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Managing your Market Share and Consolidating with the Right Partners
  • Discuss how companies that sell more travel than other groups are looking to maintain market share and expand now that consolidation is close to complete?
  • Is the recognition of a simple name change or a signifier of evolving corporate strategy?
  • What new technologies keep the world’s biggest distributors of travel up at night?

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Is Chasing the Life Time Value Metric a Game Changer for Travel?

How can travel suppliers (passenger transport and accommodation providers) balance the 3 equally vital metrics of   life time customer value, long term brand value, and today’s sales figures?

  • How can digital drive growth for travel suppliers and how is it a different digital strategy for travel intermediaries?
  • Can non- competing travel suppliers share insights to succeed? Google is amazing as it captures the travel customer when they show intent. Can travel suppliers work together to sell more travel products when the customer is ready to buy?
  • Can suppliers ever provide a digital product so it good it drives loyalty?

Travel Corporation Dan Christian Chief Digital Officer Travel Corporation

Mozio Emre Mangir Chief Commercial Officer Mozio

Bond Brand Loyalty Morana Bakula VP Customer Experience Bond Brand Loyalty

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience and Delight Your Customers at Every Turn
  • Tap into the mobile innovation gold mine - people now want access to information on the go, at any time and any place. How can you use this data to communicate and engage?
  • Create a digital travel product led by design-thinking to enhance the user experience and drive loyalty - give your customers the experience they demand
  • Develop a holistic understanding of your customer to wow them at every interaction - from awareness to purchase to consumption, to interaction with your brand

Caesars Corporation Michael Marino SVP & Chief Experience Officer Caesars Corporation

Jet Blue Technology Ventures Christina Heggie Principal Jet Blue Technology Ventures

Hopper Scott Brodows VP - Hotel Supply Hopper

Networking and Coffee Break
Morning Track Sessions
Latest digital marketing strategies that sell Travel
New business models you need to succeed in Travel
Tech and innovation trends impacting our industry

Sholes LLC Moderator for the track: Dwight Sholes Principal Sholes LLC

Moderator for the track: John Peters President Mind Mashery

Roland Berger Moderator for the track: Joerg Esser Partner Roland Berger

Personalization in Your Marketing Strategy - Driving a 360 Degree View of Your Customer to Engage with Relevance and Drive Ancillary Revenue
  • Perfect your multi-channel engagement strategy and omnichannel approach - how can you continue to deliver on the guest experience on all fronts?
  • What is the role of personalization, particularly given the consolidation in the industry?
  • The blending of marketing + sales + CX on your overall strategy - using data more effectively to better personalize and drive loyalty in your business

Marriott Sean Brevick VP - Marketing and Digital Services Marriott

Wyndham Hotel Group Eliot HamlischVP - Worldwide Loyalty & Partnerships Wyndham Hotel Group

MyFlightSearchAbhishek MagoVP – Product & SEM MyFlightSearch

Navigate and Sift Your Way Through the Crowded Field of Distribution
  • Reducing the cost of acquisition - why channel and customer diversification is key for your strategy
  • OTA dominance vs driving direct - what role does metasearch play in this?
  • How can hoteliers and other travel suppliers recover power over their inventory - whilst still working with third party suppliers
  • Looking ahead - what will the impact of voice search be on distribution?

Wyndham Hotel Group Inderpreet Banga Senior Director, E-Distribution & Wholesale Strategy Wyndham Hotel Group

Las Vegas Sands Mark Molinari Corporate VP Revenue Management & E-Commerce Las Vegas Sands

VTrips Steve Milo CEO VTrips

Take Your Brand to The Next Level by Reimagining the Customer Journey
  • Can you deliver a Seamless Customer Experience - From Pre- Trip to Post Trip
  • The rise of UX and design led innovation - how can you develop a product that focuses on your customers’ needs?
  • What kinds of technology/innovation are brands looking at to give them a competitive edge?

Choice Hotels Bill Ramsey Senior Director - Mobile & Emerging Channels Choice Hotels

Marriott International Melanie Shintaku Director - Experience Design Marriott International

Tesla Vasily Starostenko Product Manager - Customer Acquisition Tesla

The Intersection of the World of Loyalty and Your Digital Strategy
  • The evolving loyalty landscape and the potential of digital in nurturing the life-time value of the customer
  • Are loyalty KPIs a concept of the past, or are they here to stay?
  • What is the role of data analysis and hyper-segmentation - and how can you put this insight to use and nurture your loyal customers?

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Mamie Peers VP - Digital Marketing Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Accor Hotels Siobhan Mitchell Director - Loyalty Marketing Accor Hotels

Mindtree Adnan Saulat General Manager Mindtree

Catapult Your Profits Through Industry Partnerships
  • How to get your product in front of the traveller when they want to buy - without using Google
  • Building global partnerships with innovative technology - hear first-hand how Magnuson have succeeded doing this
  • Pairing customer insight with your partnership strategy

Magnuson Hotels Thomas Magnuson CEO Magnuson Hotels Blake O’Rafferty Head of Partnerships - Americas

Building the Augmented Reality Ecosystem and Bringing it to Life
  • How can brands capitalize on AR and their app strategy?
  • Bringing AR to the masses and enabling cross platform use

Google Michael Almeraris AR/VR Head of Developer Partnerships Google

Afternoon Track Sessions
Behavioural Marketing and Maximizing Customer Insight to Redefine Your Engagement Strategy
  • Finding the algorithm to reach your customer
  • How do you use data to maximize your engagement and ensure successful retargeting?
  • What role does programmatic advertising play in retargeting?

Melia Hotels International Marco Fanton Circle by Melia - Marketing Director Melia Hotels International

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Kimpton: Localizing a Boutique Approach for Global Scale
  • What’s the right balance of big brand and boutique?
  • Learn what the modern boutique guest is looking for 
  • How can you deliver “consistent inconsistency” across the globe and maintain brand affinity?

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Connor Smith VP - Brand Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

The Future of CX When It Comes to Technology - How Does This Impact the Overall Travel Experience?
  • Balancing human authenticity with tech processes, without completely losing one or the other
  • How can the use of tech drive loyalty? Alejandra Martinez Product Performance Manager

Expedia Brandon Ehrhardt Director - Strategic Initiatives Expedia

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Artificial Intelligence in Travel - Going Beyond the Hype
  • What Are the Real, Practical Implications for Travel and Travel Marketing?
  • Who in travel has AI nailed?
  • Where is it being used to its greatest effect and what are some of the common challenges when integrating AI with existing systems?

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Utpal Kaul Head of Innovation & Incubation Strategy Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Sitel Group Gordon White General Manager - Americas Sitel Group

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Unlock the Asia Potential and Drive Growth in Your Business
  • Hear first-hand how companies like Skyscanner and MGM Resorts are working with companies like Ctrip and others!

Skyscanner Gil Harel Head of Partnerships Hotels & Content Skyscanner

MGM Resorts Stephanie Cloud Director of Travel Industry Sales MGM Resorts

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

How Can Travel Incorporate Blockchain Technology
  • Will Blockchain Reduce Costs of Distribution and How will intermediaries maintain their USP?
  • Will open blockchains work?
  • With the status quo against it what are the odds of blockchain working?

Winding Tree Pedro Renaud Anderson Founder Winding Tree

Brillembourg David D. BrillembourgCEO Brillembourg

Networking and Coffee Break
Afternoon Keynote Debates

McKinsey & Company Chairperson: Del Ross Senior Advisor McKinsey & Company

What is the Formula to Survive and Thrive as a Travel Brand in a World of Media Monopolies and All- Powerful Platforms?
  • Whilst some say Google, Amazon and Facebook have crushed innovation, we are seeing B2C travel brands grow from zero to billion-dollar TO without investing in these platforms and are crucially controlling their marketing and destiny. How? Oliver Dlouhy CEO

TravelPirates David Armstrong CEO TravelPirates

Hotelplanner Tim Hentschel CEO Hotelplanner

AI, VR, Big Data -Technology Set to Disrupt the Way You Sell Travel
  • Learn How Technology Enables Guest Insights, AI, Machine Learning, AR, blockchain? What Does It Actually Mean for Your Brand?

United Airlines Ravi Simhambhatla VP - Commercial Technology & Corporate Systems United Airlines Maryna Shumaieva Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Conversant Senior Representative Conversant

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

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Friday 19th October

Keynotes Day 2

McKinsey & Company Chairperson: Del Ross Senior Advisor McKinsey & Company

GDPR - The Regulation Set to Overhaul your Data & Marketing Strategy

Classic Hotels & Resorts Esteban Velez VP - Information Technology & Cyber Security Classic Hotels & Resorts

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Open API Partnerships Could Allow You to Sell Anything Your Travel Customer Wants and Allow You to Put Your Travel Product in Front of The Customer When They Want to Buy… All Without Investing All Your Profits into Google
  • What kinds of distribution partnerships do you need to succeed?
  • How are the business models evolving, and how do you spot the good ones?
  • Find innovative ways to diversify your revenue portfolio

Spirit Airlines Rana Ghosh Head of E-Commerce & Ancillary Revenue Spirit Airlines

Hotwire Clay Newton Director of UX Research & Content Hotwire

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

The Changing Face of P2P Travel
  • The Changing Competition in Supply - What Is the Future of The P2P travel and how will it impact Alternative Accommodation and transport Models
  • How real is the threat of P2P and will it destroy traditional industry business models?
  • How are P2P players aligning their service offering to deliver an end-to-end customer experience which delights and drives loyalty?

RedAwning Heather Richer Chief Marketing Officer RedAwning (ex-Kimpton Hotels)

Vacasa Tim Goodwin Chief Technology Officer Vacasa

GuesttoGuest Emmanuel Arnaud CEO GuesttoGuest & HomeExchange

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Networking and Coffee Break
Morning Track Sessions
Social media and Content Strategies
Revenue management and payment strategies focus
Data strategy focus
Experience Driven Travel and Your Content Marketing Strategy
  • How do you communicate the value of experiential travel to your customers?
  • The role of content marketing as a big measure for digital and UGC - how can you incorporate this into your existing strategy?
  • Stand out from the competition - How effective is customization and what kind of experience can you combine with the stay?

Palace Resorts Kathy Halpern VP - Marketing Palace Resorts

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Moving Away from The Silo-Ed Approach to Total RM - Finding Innovative Ways to Diversify Your Revenue Portfolio
  • Will Yield Management be the way forward?
  • Predicting, upselling and cross selling to drive ancillary revenues- the concept of ‘total hotel profit optimization appeal’

Accor Hotels Adam Hayashi VP - Revenue Management & Business Intelligence Accor Hotels

Avvio Rich Tuckwell President - North America Avvio

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Working Around Fragmented Booking Patterns - Data Analysis to Build A Single View of Your Customer
  • The unification, alignment, and integration of existing data sets - successfully analyze and prioritize your data to form a comprehensive strategy
  • Are we able to connect all the systems, share data and be more proactive when marketing to customers?
  • How can you put this insight to build a single view of your customer?

Margaritaville Claudia Infante Director of Revenue Strategy Margaritaville

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Afternoon Sessions
The Use of Social Content to Drive Real Results
  • Connecting with travellers where their journeys happen - from inspiration to on-trip and beyond
  • The role of influencer marketing and integrating an influencer marketing plan
  • How are travel brands transforming their relationships with customers through video, social engagement and more?

Air Canada Vacations Valerie Windsor Manager - Social Media & Content Marketing Air Canada Vacations

Condadovanderbilt Dominique Myatt Social Media Manager Condadovanderbilt

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Future Proofing your Payment Strategy
  • From taking payments over Wechat to working out ancillary commissions - payments is going to be at the core of your success
  • How do you ensure that payment technology works for you and your business?
  • What suppliers do you need to partner with to reduce the costs of sales?

Vendorcom Moderator: Paul Rodgers Chairman Vendorcom

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Customer-Centric RM in The Digital Age - Can You Truly Personalize Pricing?
  • Integrating data analytics with RM to understand consumer behaviour and support decision making
  • Develop short and long-term pricing strategies - the shift from static to dynamic pricing.

Allegiant Air Drew Wells VP - Revenue Management Allegiant Air

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Slice and Dice Your Data - Bring your data to life in a personalized way
  • Personalization through data science and the journey mapping process
  • Successfully capitalize on the trip planning process by integrating your data and connecting the dots - use this to market more effectively to customers

Amazon Eduardo Erazo Data Scientist Amazon

American Airlines Stephanie Montgomery Senior Manager - Customer Insights & Analysis American Airlines

The Continued Focus on Mobile as An Interface for Engagement
  • Mobile has fundamentally disrupted the travel sector - How can we capitalize on this data for deeper personalization?
  • The mobility of content and further integration - how does this enable a holistic end to end travel experience?
  • Social media marketing and your influencer strategy - will this be a game changer in digital marketing?

Lufthansa Systems Michael Childers Chief Consultant, Content & Media Strategy Lufthansa Systems

Twitter Erin Gilmore Head of Travel & Mobile App Partnerships Twitter

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Dynamic Tools To Get Around Pricing And Revenue Management
  • What Is the Role of Machine Learning in Discrete pricing, Merchandising and Personalization?
  • What are the legal issues of machine pricing?

NH Hotels Jose Ignacio Sanchez Butragueno VP - Revenue Strategy NH Hotels

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

How and where to Invest in Customer Intelligence
  • Build your AI strategy To Better Understand Behaviour Patterns
  • What works and what wastes money
  • How can you compete against the world’s biggest spenders on data analysis?

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Closing Keynote Session + Q&A Session

McKinsey & Company Chairperson: Del Ross Senior Advisor McKinsey & Company

What are the commercial partnerships you should be looking for within the travel Industry?
  • 4 industry legends suggest the 6 partnerships you should be leaving this event with

More speakers to be confirmed check back soon!

Close of EyeforTravel’s 20th Annual North America 2018 Summit - thank you for coming!
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